70 300mm lens

susurrantsoul  asked:

your dogs and photography are gorgeous! could i ask what camera you use?


Most of the pictures on my blog were taken with my older camera, a Nikon D3000 (which I bought new when I got it back in… 2010 I think?). I just had a kit lens and a “macro” (wasn’t really a macro) back then. My more recent ones were taken with a used Nikon D7200 I bought off ebay. Most of them were taken using a 70-300mm lens I got off ebay, too (a bit before I got the camera), but some are still taken with my kit lens.

5 Tricks from Professionals to Help You Do Better Wildlife Photography
The most important thing is to capture that special moment, so don’t miss it by changing lenses. It’s better to pick two lenses to work with, and have each mounted on its own camera body. Then, when you need to switch, you simply put down one camera, pick up the other, and you’ll be ready to shoot in less than one second. I usually use one camera with a 70-300mm lens, and the other with a 400mm lens.


Some photos I took while in Monterey over the weekend!

We went out with Princess Monterey and found this little juvenile going crazy! There were at least 5 other adults in the same area (near Moss Landing, where the big trench thing starts) but they just minded their own business, while this little girl checked out some of the boats hanging around and breached/chin slapped just about every 5 minutes for the whole hour that we were with her!

Photos taken with Canon t3i/70-300mm lens