70 210mm


“Liquid Gold”

My GSD-Girl Pepper loves lakes so much. Just had to wait for sunset.

By the way… gear is not everything. Those pictures (being 3 years old already) were taken with a very old Canon 40D and the 70-210mm f3,5 :)


手持ちのレンズ色々試して見たけど、CanonのFD 70-210mm F4がマクロ域もあって割りと玉ボケ綺麗に出るんで使ってみた。



Stray cat by Yunhyok Choi

‘Unkwon passenger’ This picture has been taken on the train. The beautiful light coming through the train window and the young girl’s nice hair, that’s the reason why i took this photo. . PHOTO © HAMMADI CHAKOUATH/THE GYPSY 2014

My name is Hammadi. I’m a self-made photographer from Belgium originally from Morocco. I started photography two years ago but i’ve always been a photography enthusiast. Black & White photography is to my licking but i also make on stand colour. I like to shoot people, different faces and everyday life.

Using both cameras Sony-nex 5 and Sony nex-7 and Canon analog lenses: 24mm 50mm 35-105mm 70-210mm 85-300mm and a Suntop 28-200mm as i said in my blog (http://hammadichakouath.tumblr.com/) and shoot usually in manual mode.

If you need any further information, please ask.