70 210mm


“Liquid Gold”

My GSD-Girl Pepper loves lakes so much. Just had to wait for sunset.

By the way… gear is not everything. Those pictures (being 3 years old already) were taken with a very old Canon 40D and the 70-210mm f3,5 :)

‘Unkwon passenger’ This picture has been taken on the train. The beautiful light coming through the train window and the young girl’s nice hair, that’s the reason why i took this photo. . PHOTO © HAMMADI CHAKOUATH/THE GYPSY 2014

My name is Hammadi. I’m a self-made photographer from Belgium originally from Morocco. I started photography two years ago but i’ve always been a photography enthusiast. Black & White photography is to my licking but i also make on stand colour. I like to shoot people, different faces and everyday life.

Using both cameras Sony-nex 5 and Sony nex-7 and Canon analog lenses: 24mm 50mm 35-105mm 70-210mm 85-300mm and a Suntop 28-200mm as i said in my blog (http://hammadichakouath.tumblr.com/) and shoot usually in manual mode.

If you need any further information, please ask.


La belle vie (an easy life). Liège 9/5/2014

These photographs are not edited

Camera Sony Alpha 7 & Canon analog lens FD 70-210mm 



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