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Scotland…. by Scottish Dream Photography
Via Flickr:
Couldn’t believe the calm nature of the deer here. They are often fed on the Glen Etive road, but this one was so happy to just stand and pose for me.

1D Media 2016 Financials

1D Media finally filed their year end 2016 financials about six weeks late and it was pretty much what we expected. The company earned £3.4 million after taxes in 2016 from residual agreements (old merch and album sales primarily).

Interesting things to note:

  • They finally took their shareholder distributions from profits retained from the last two years in the amount of about £70 million, or £17.5 million each.

  • It appears that the possible litigation against them for nearly £25 million has not settled, so there’s a notation that the possible expense remains. We have no idea what this dispute is or why it has been on the books for 2 years now.  The potential cost to the company would be about £6 million after insurance reimbursement.

  • Finally, the financial statement has a notation that people might find unsettling when it comes to the band returning, but shouldn’t.  It says: “Future developments:  Going forward, no new income streams are anticipated. Current and projected income is from existing residual agreements.”

Please remember that financial statements are for a year. And there are no new income streams anticipated for 1D Media Limited until at least 2020, so 2+ years from the time of this filing. Indicating in the financial report when they do expect new revenue streams would be a massive flag waving over the fandom about their future plans, and that’s not how they roll. Obviously. However, I do expect The Sun to run headlines about this notation at some point soon.

Junhui: How do you always do that?

Wonwoo: Do what?

Junhui: You always make me feel better

Wonwoo: um…well, thank you

Junhui: I love you, Wonwoo

Wonwoo: I love…cake


- На колко години си?
Замислих се..
Тук ме хвана неподготвена.
Дали бях на 17 или пък на 70.
Погледни в очите ми.
Зачервени са? Кафявото е започнало да избледнява?
Но как така?
На 17 съм и очите ми са с наситения си кафяв цвят. Нали?

За какви бръчки говориш?
Но … как така не мислиш, че са от смях?
Нали съм на 17..

Кожата ми е взела да увисва?
Но това е невъзможно, аз съм само на 17 години!
Лъжа ли?
Какво те кара да мислиш така?

Бели коси ли? За какво говориш?
Аз наскоро освежих цвета си.
На 17 съм и харесвам разнообразието!

Торбички под очите?
Не, не страдам от безсъние.
17-годишните не страдат от безсъние.

Или аз съм на 70? Малко се обърках…
Да не би да виждаш душата ми?

Roberto Cavalli // Resort 2017

Utterly obsessed with everything Roberto Cavalli right now. lol.. if only I could afford it, but for now I’ll just admire it. *heart eyes for days* *cries a little*


The first feature-length film ever made was called “The Story of the Kelly Gang.” It was made in 1906, in Australia, and told the story of the local folkhero Ned Kelly, an outlaw who was captured and hanged in 1880. Originally about 70 minutes long, just 17 or so minutes remain today.