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$4/h wtf? Here in Australia that's illegal. Literally does not matter what you do, you can't get anything less than $17.70/hour. And even that is likely going to get raised soon... Kinda worried about you :/

Hahah at my other job I made $7.50/hour (the state minimum wage) and after six months I got a $0.50 raise. I’m actually making more money here for $4/hour ‘cause I at least get regular hours and can’t have them pulled out from under me at a moment’s notice. When I leave camp, I’ll be lucky if I can get a job that’ll pay me $10/hour.


- На колко години си?
Замислих се..
Тук ме хвана неподготвена.
Дали бях на 17 или пък на 70.
Погледни в очите ми.
Зачервени са? Кафявото е започнало да избледнява?
Но как така?
На 17 съм и очите ми са с наситения си кафяв цвят. Нали?

За какви бръчки говориш?
Но … как така не мислиш, че са от смях?
Нали съм на 17..

Кожата ми е взела да увисва?
Но това е невъзможно, аз съм само на 17 години!
Лъжа ли?
Какво те кара да мислиш така?

Бели коси ли? За какво говориш?
Аз наскоро освежих цвета си.
На 17 съм и харесвам разнообразието!

Торбички под очите?
Не, не страдам от безсъние.
17-годишните не страдат от безсъние.

Или аз съм на 70? Малко се обърках…
Да не би да виждаш душата ми?

Roberto Cavalli // Resort 2017

Utterly obsessed with everything Roberto Cavalli right now. lol.. if only I could afford it, but for now I’ll just admire it. *heart eyes for days* *cries a little*


Kåkeren, Norway

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Hello mom! Well, I need to put out some thoughts about the last episode of SNK ... It's been some time since I read the manga, so I guess that's why the death of Nanaba shocked me again. It was so cruel and disgusting! She deserved much more ... And oh my, I was angry with Ymir, although she is one of my favorites and I understand her reasons, I could not stop thinking about how she could have helped them before. Anyway, thank you for listening.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I totally get your frustration that Ymir didn’t step in to help the Survey Corps, but I’m also hugely sympathetic. She had her reasons. I hope you don’t mind if I share them.

The first is purely practical - revealing her titan self might have resulted in her immediate death. The whole reason the 104th was quarantined with Mike’s squad was because they were looking for titan shifter traitors. Nanaba and Gelgar may have tried to kill her in the spot.

The second reason is purely of the heart - Ymir was afraid and not just because of the horde of titans on the ground below. She was about to reveal her titan form to the person she loves most and she had no idea what the reaction would be. Whether your are 17 or 70, exposing your darkest and most terrible secrets to the person you love is terrifying.

Love won out over fear. Ymir revealed herself in a last ditch attempt to save Historia’s life, and rather than be rejected Historia embraced her.

Thank you anon!


Day 1  >>  10 squats
Day 2  >>  15 squats
Day 3  >>  20 squats
Day 4  >>  25 squats
Day 5  >>  30 squats
Day 6  >>  Rest
Day 7  >>  30 squats
Day 8  >>  35 squats
Day 9  >>  40 squats
Day 10  >>  45 squats
Day 11  >>  50 squats
Day 12  >>  Rest
Day 13  >>  50 squats
Day 14  >>  55 squats
Day 15  >>  60 squats
Day 16  >>  65 squats
Day 17  >>  70 squats
Day 18  >>  Rest
Day 19  >>  70 squats
Day 20  >>  75 squats
Day 21  >>  80 squats
Day 22  >>  85 squats
Day 23  >>  90 squats
Day 24  >>  Rest
Day 25  >>  90 squats
Day 26  >>  95 squats
Day 27  >>  100 squats