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hi, do you know if seb speaks any other language than romanian and english?

hello anon :) I’ll let Seb answer directly to your question since a fan asked him how many languages he knows during the panel he did with Mackie for WWCC in Chicago

Seb’s answer was: “I used to speak 3 at one point but I don’t anymore, I really don’t. I just speak Romanian and English and I can understand German a little bit”.

The question also came up in this interview (@00:38) where he gives a similar answer in regard to his knowledge of German and says he still speaks Romanian fluently thanks to his mom. There’s also the GQ Romania interview where talking about leaving Romania he said:

The biggest change was the language barrier. When I moved to Vienna, I had to learn German. Then, when I was 12, we moved to the USA and I had to change the languages again. I couldn’t have learnt so fast if it weren’t for my stepfather who is of American origins. It was really difficult for me in high school only because I had an accent. I remember that there was a year during which I spoke English defensively – even with my mother who continued to speak to me in Romanian. It was a great effort for me because I just wanted to be like all children and to lose my accent.

I tried to think about all the instances where he’s been asked about knowing other languages and these are all the ones I can think of at the moment. 

Bonus though I’m sure everyone and their mothers have listened to these ad nauseam: in these two videos you can actually listen to Seb speaking in Romanian and German


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This is basically a 24/7 loop of my mind

INFJ Problem: Phases

Am I the only INFJ who is almost constantly going through some sort of phase of obsession?

I’m not talking about like phases as in pretending to be someone/something you’re not for a while and then dropping it.

I mean, like this eternal loop that I get stuck in where I extensively and strictly ONLY read about/watch/research/do one thing. Only taking breaks to deal with real-life responsibilities and whatnot. For example: right now it’s cooking/food (including shows and reading recipes and buying groceries). Sometimes it’s Harry Potter. Sometimes it’s MBTI. Sometimes it’s Star Wars. Sometimes it’s Game of Thrones. Sometimes it’s social justice. Etc etc etc.

And it’s also not like these things are constantly changing. It’s usually the same 5 or 6 or 7 things that eventually loop back around that I obsess over. I also feel like INTJs are prone to this sort of thing.

Thoughts, anyone?