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I'm interested in those kid/cartoon and anime witch shows you mentioned. (unless it's actually W.I.T.C.H which I've watched a thousand times)

It wasn’t gonna be W.I.T.C.H at all! I actually don’t recall that one, lol.

I am basically gonna stick to anime for this list, jsyk, it got way too long… There are a few specifically about witches, while some are just about magic in general. (It’s a sparse genre man.) These are ones I have personally watched, were recommended to watch, or have at the very least heard of.

I am also terrible at doing summaries but here we go!


Majo no Takkyuubin
(Kiki’s Delivery Service) - 

a more well-known movie, featuring a young witch who leaves home to a brand new city in order to do her magical training, and finds out what being a witch really means to her through her adventures

genres: adventure, comedy, drama, magic, romance, fantasy

score: 8.28 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Little Witch Academia (2013) - 

the first precursor to the anime, it shows the struggles of a human girl who desperately wants to be a witch like her idol, but has no magical talent of her own, while finding out her idol isn’t so well idolized at her magic school

this movie was only forty minutes long, and was funded by a young animators training project. due to its success, they created a kickstarter for the sequel, which then lead to the actual anime series

genres: adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, school

score: 8.00 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade
(Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade) - 

this movie continues on the story of the human witch, who is facing expulsion along with her friends, who must band together with another group of witches in order to organize their school’s annual parade

of course, it never goes that easy, lol

genres: adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, school

score: 7.92 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

TV Series

Little Witch Academia (TV) - 

the story of a human girl who gets inspired by a witch’s magical show and decides she wants to become a witch herself, and, despite the obstacles she comes to face, continues on with enthusiasm and joy

it is suggested you watch the Little Witch Academia series in order - starting with the movie “Little Witch Academia” in 2013, then “Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade” in 2015, followed by this anime

genres: adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, school

score: 7.90 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Flying Witch -

a slice of life anime about a young girl who moves in with her cousins in order to continue her witchcraft training, who experiences many new things and shows those around her the magic of, well, magic

genres: slice of life, comedy, supernatural, magic, shounen

score: 7.63 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Junketsu no Maria
(Maria the Virgin Witch) - 

the story of a witch who attempts to use her magic to avoid conflicts in the Hundred Year War, but is then forbidden to use her magic by the Archangel Michael, who warns her that her magic will be lost if she loses her virginity

genres: comedy, fantasy, historical, magic, seinen

score: 7.28 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Sugar Sugar Rune -

think of a cross between magical girls and witches, and you’ve got this anime - the story of two friends who are competing to see who will become the new Queen of the Witch World while collecting the hearts of humans

genres: fantasy, magic, shoujo

score: 7.54 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Hell there’s even witch harem anime:

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo 
(Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches) - 

basically this guy and this girl kiss accidentally, which leads them to discover they can switch bodies this way, and they join a school club full of other people whose magical abilities are awakened with a kiss

genres: harem, mystery, comedy, supernatural, romance, school, shounen

score: 7.88 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Zero no Tsukaima
(The Familiar of Zero) -

a self absorbed witch with no magical talent screws up a(nother) magical ritual - only to find out she has summoned a boy, who is to be her familiar, bearing a mark that tells of extreme power

genres: action, adventure, harem, comedy, magic, romance, ecchi, fantasy, school

score: 7.59 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

If you’ve never seen it:

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
(Puella Magi Madoka Magica) -

while the witches may not be the main focus, this anime is about a girl who is faced with the decision of becoming a magical girl in order to protect the world from evil witches, but it’s not as “magical” as it appears

this anime destroys lives - it is actually super intense and feelsy for being a “magical girl” anime

genres: drama, magic, psychological, thriller

score: 8.49 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Slightly less about witchcraft in general but:

Fairy Tail -

a long series (almost 400 episodes) about a girl who joins the magic guild of her dreams, called “Fairy Tail,” where strength, spirit, and family are what hold the ragtag group of wizards together

starts off funny and silly but then OMG THE FEELS; also there are two seasons, the first being 175 episodes and the second, sometimes listed as “Fairy Tail (2014),” being 102 episodes long

genres: action, adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, shounen

score: 8.18 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
(The Irregular at Magic High School) -

this story follows two siblings training at a school for magic, though it is treated more like technology; she has plenty of magical potential, while he does not, though his skills and prowess lie elsewhere

genres: sci-fi, supernatural, magic, romance, school

score: 7.76 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Witch Craft Works -

the story of a high school boy who finds himself under the protection of a fire witch, trying to keep him from a mass of other witches, who wish to capture him for the power he has inside him

genres: action, fantasy, magic, seinen, supernatural

score: 7.21 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic -

a young magician offers to pay for some damages he caused by entering a nearby labyrinth, built by incredible magicians called Magi and full of wonderful treasures, which leads him on a fantastic adventure

genres: action, adventure, fantasy, magic, shounen

score: 8.23 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Rental Magica -

a boy takes over the family business - a service that sends mages and other supernatural beings out to assist people with magic - and struggles with it, due to being a coward, and dealing with those who threaten him

genres: mystery, supernatural, fantasy

score: 7.17 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Witch Hunter Robin - 

a young craft user joins a team of witch hunters, replacing one who was previously killed, to assist them on their mission of capturing witches to find out how any why they become witches in the first place

genres: action, drama, magic, mystery, police, supernatural

score: 7.35 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]


@elfshot recommends [Ultra Maniac] ; genres: magic, comedy, romance, school, shoujo.

Okay I spent two hours on this, I am done, lol.

Pacifiers On A Budget

As requested by several anons, a list of pacifiers that aren’t super expensive. I’ve also included pacifier buddies (cute stuffies that clip onto your pacis) and pacifier clips (you attach these to your pacifier then clip them on your clothes, so you don’t get your pacis dirty anymore if you drop them.)

I’ve included adult pacifiers and pacifiers designed for babies. You can use whichever you prefer, but adult ones will be more comfortable and can be used longer as a result. If you’re worried about baby ones hurting your teeth, they’re not going to mess up the alignment or anything, as long as you stop using them if your mouth, jaw, or teeth start hurting. If you want to modify a baby pacifier to have an adult nipple, I shared a guide here.

Adult Pacifiers

🍼 Black $8.99 White $7.92 Blue $7.92 Pink $7.92 Green $7.92 Orange $7.92 Yellow $8.99

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Baby Girl Pacifiers

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Baby Boy Pacifiers

🍼 Astronaut + Rocket Ship Pacifier Set $5.18

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All prices above are valid as of 09/13/2017 22:49. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


This is an image of a canon Scout, really, that’s… that’s real.

This is the last concept art before his model was created.

This image shows the Scout model has at least the width of Soldier’s for the shoulders. Soldier, the one who holds a firing rocket launcher without issue every single day taking the kickback in order to fly, and is generally shown as big rough and tough. He does have a smaller waistline, but that’s not actually condemning in and of itself, so much as Soldier seems to have a bit of padding ‘round the middle if you get what I mean.

“But he’s got such skinny arms!”

Motherfucker have you even looked at the art style. EVERYONE HAS SKINNY UPPER ARMS unless they’re portrayed as heavier in weight. See the green? That’s how much skinnier than Demo each arms are. BUT LOOK. SOLDIER’S SCRAWNY. I mean shit, his jacket falls in such a way as to show his upper arms are TEENY. Holy crap. I did not even notice until I did this. Wow. Scout’s arms just look tiny because he’s got his shirt sleeves rolled up and so there’s a sudden visual drop off. That’s it. That’s the explanation. Don’t even look at Spy, his fucking thigh gap alone… Oh, and as a reminder, all three of the aforementioned classes have been shown to have extra weight. That’s muscle AND whatever’s gathered on their arms to match their little pudge bellies. Scout’s not overly skinny, he’s just athletic fit. Those arms aren’t that twiggy despite what people think. That lady commenting on his broken arms in the comic? I’m pretty sure going off this, she’s just an unreliable narrator. He may not be some buff daddy, but wiry and/or athletic =/= weak child-like kid.

These gifs show him not only beating the shit out of a Heavy in the Meet The Scout video, but in the first gif the Heavy gets a hold on the bat, pulls it away from his neck, and Scout yanks it back with a combo of his strength and his weight. He cannot weigh as much as Sasha okay, Sasha is 331 pounds, rounding up. Scout does not weigh 300 pounds. He does however completely overpower someone who regularly lifts that much, with a single yank. That’s, what, over 300 pounds of force, and they’re both yanking in a direction that does not benefit them. Can you imagine how hard he hits with the bat? OH YEAH THE SECOND IMAGE SHOWS US THIS. APPARENTLY SO HARD THAT MISHA BENDS IN HALF BACKWARDS. What, he’s gotta be like 270? 300? Just in terms of weight let alone his muscles? And Scout flipped him backwards from a tense stomach hug position that actually meant he was resisting. Plz m8 that’s some fuckin’ force.

Not to mention in the second he jumps up a typical freighting box like 'hey just wandering up the steps here.' The most common boxcars are 10’-10" to 11’ high. That’s 11’. He just jumped 11’ feet in the air from what is barely a running start. That is give or take 5 inches a 126 Inch leap. To accomplish that you have to leave the ground at a speed of 7.92 m/s vertically no matter how much you weigh. He needed a force of 19,585 Newtons against the ground based on about a weight of 163 pounds to reach that speed assuming he bent his knees at an angle of 60 degrees, which it appears he does. Salt water crocs slam their jaws shut with 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi), or 16,460 newtons, of bite force. A 2008 computer model estimated that a 21-foot (6.5-meter) great white shark would produce nearly 4,000 psi (17,790 newtons) of bite force. A Scout kicks off casually at strengths rivaling the bite of a Great White.

Can we skip the commentary that Scout’s are weak and scrawny yet? Can we? CAN WE FUCKING MOVE ON NOW?

January 16th, 1945

Wet snow coats your boots and creeps into your last good pair of socks. Every muscle in your legs screams for relief as you sprint from Axis light machine gun fire. What will become known as the Battle of the Bulge has pushed Allied forces back across the German border and into France, as you and your squad desperately try to regain footing. Supplies and rations have been low since the start of this particular conflict, and you grasp at your chest to make sure the last spare clip you possessed was still with you. A 7.92 round whizzes past your arm. Flinching, you dive into an unoccupied trench.

Before you can regain your composure and eject the empty clip from your rifle, you are gripped by a frenzied hand. Your ears ring. Vision grows blurry. Briefly, you think this is the end as adrenaline pumps through your body. You bring the butt of your rifle to the face of your assailant with a firm thwack, knocking the figure over into the trench beside you. Without thinking, you eject an empty clip with a deafening ping and stuff a fresh one in, reemerging from the trench to fire off three rapid shots at the machine gun crew behind you. Though now nearly 60 meters off, its fire is deafening.

As you duck back down, you notice the fatigues of the man you incapacitated. A pale green with a woodland camouflage helmet and backpack. Unaware, you laid out one of your own with a swift knock aside the head. Cold blood runs through you, stopping any planning of heroic action in your brain. 

Your squad, once unbreakable and never downtrodden, had finally been brought to its knees. Once a band of sixteen was now three: Williams, missing in action, Baker, now unconscious in the trench next to you, and yourself.

Williams was no older than 17. A class clown who never grew out of it, dropped out during his junior year of high school and snuck into the army. His particular brand of comedy consisted of finding the quietest guy in the group and pestering him until he exploded. Even if you felt bad for Baker, it was hilarious at the time. It stopped whenever the first three men in your squad were struck down. He was quiet from that point on. You think the reality of the war had finally hit him, as well as the permanence of death. It really isn’t something a 17 year old should be concerned about, much less experiencing it first-hand. He’d disappeared two days ago, after your squad had been split up in the forests. You looked at deserters with a burning disdain, regardless of their reasoning. But for Williams, you could only turn a blind eye.

Baker was the old soul of the group. 31 years old as of last November, he was the eldest. Tough talker when he spoke, hard drinker when he could, a real man’s man. He’d sworn up and down at Williams after his constant teasing and goading, but in private, admitted to you that he was the closest thing he think he’d ever have to a son. He was a charming guy, with hopes and aspirations that he mostly kept to himself. More than a few times you saw him dole out sage-like wisdom to the men in your squad regarding issues back home, or just life in general. He’d seen and been through quite a lot, as you learned over the last year. He wasn’t convinced he’d make it out of Germany in anything bigger than a coffee can, and confided in you to take care of Williams, if and when you got back stateside.

As you flipped him over, your worst fears came to light. A red pool had formed over Baker’s chest, dampening his uniform where a round had struck him before you arrived, directly through his right lung. Your eyes darted to the bruise now adorning his temple where your Garand’s butt struck it, then his chest, then back to the bruise. His eyes, now glossy and lifeless, burned holes into your mind. Anger welled in your very being, as you shook him, shouting his name into the cold, German night. No response. 

This was Hell. You weren’t a believer before, but you are now. Hell wasn’t a place of fire and brimstone, a place where sinners are lashed for eternity for committing humanity’s greatest sins. It was here on Earth, on the border of these godforsaken countries, between living to see 14 of your brothers die at the hands of an uncaring, unwavering enemy, and surrender. This was your own personal Hell.

Just behind where Baker used to stand, you notice a curve in the trench, snaking back into the woods. Your last chance, even if you felt you should just climb above into no man’s land, and face the embrace of death waiting for you. After a deep breath, you ready your rifle and approach, two figures round the corner and obstruct your view, stopping you dead, as you hear words that shake you to your very core:

“Peter, piper, picka, pan, Dan is the man wi-


Tank “Maus”, Germany

Maus (the first option)
superheavy tank
Combat weight, t 188,9
Layout scheme
the compartment in the front, engine in the back, in the middle of combat
Crew. 6
Years of production
The number of issued, 2 PCs.
Length, mm 9030
Length with gun forward, mm 10200
Width, mm 3670
Height mm 3660
Ground clearance, mm 500
Armor type
cast steel, rolled face-hardened
Forehead housing (top), mm/deg. 200 / 55°
Forehead body (bottom), mm/deg. 200 / 35°
The Board body (top), mm/deg. 185 / 0°
The side of the hull (bottom) mm/deg. 105+80 / 0°
Feed the body (top), mm/deg. 160 / 35°
Feed the body (bottom), mm/deg. 160 / 30°
The bottom, 55-105 mm
The roof, mm 50-105
Forehead tower mm/deg. 220 / 0°-50°[2]
The mantlet, mm/deg. 240
Board tower mm/deg. 210 / 30°
Cutting feed, mm/deg. 210 / 15°
The roof of the tower, 65 mm
The caliber and brand of gun 128mm KwK-44 L/55, 75-mm KwK-40
Barrel length, caliber
55 for 128-mm
36,6 75 mm
Gun ammunition
61 × 128 mm
200 × 75-mm
Machine guns 1 × 7.92 mm MG-42
Engine type
12-cylinder gasoline liquid-cooled turbocharged
Engine power, h. p. 1080 (first instance) or 1250 (a second instance)
Speed on highway, km/h 20
The cross-country speed, km/h 18
Cruising on the highway, km 160
Cruising over rough terrain, km 62
Specific power, HP/t
5,7 (first instance) or 6.6 (second copy)
Suspension type
interlocked in pairs on vertical springs
Specific ground pressure, kg/cm2 and 1.6

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Any hcs about charlotte nailing science class?

SELF-PROJECTION HERE I FUCKING COME (humblebrag i ended chemistry with a 99 A final average suck my dick)

-There’s this game that they play every week on the SmartBoard in class where you’re given a name of five elements on the periodic table and you have to find them in as short of time as possible.
-Charlotte kicks ASS at that game. They play with the 32 most common elements, and she always shaves down her time. 8.29 seconds. 8.14 seconds. 7.92 seconds. She’s unstoppable.
-Marvin, always the competitor of the group, is right behind her. His record is 8.02 seconds.
-One day, he’s feeling PISSED because she just keeps winning. So he raises his hand all sweet and all and asks, “Ms. Green, Charlotte obviously needs a handicap. She needs to do all 114 elements.”
-You know when she agrees, there’s a simultaneous comedic gasp among the entire class. “What?!” they’re muttering. “ALL 114??? We’re still in the first semester!”
-Charlotte, being the BADASS SHE IS, just shrugs and says “ok.”
-The entire class begins chanting “Char-lotte. Char-lotte. cHARLOTTE. CHARLOTTE!” over and over again, banging their fists on the tables.
-She starts the board up.
-7.45 seconds.
-The entire class is cheering, papers are being thrown, Cordelia has run up to the front of the class to give her a kiss, and Ms. Green is applauding.
-And Marvin is standing there at his desk, his face red and full of embarrassment.
-Charlotte walks back to her desk, but not before pointing at Marvin and saying “Your turn.”
-He sits down in defeat.


Tank Renault FT of the Finnish army, captured by the Soviets in the winter of 1939/40 G.
French training officers by the cannon of the tank Renault FT (with cast turret, in the “native” French tri-color camouflage color) from the 1st tank regiment of the Polish army. Belarus, 1919
The tanks Renault FT of the Lithuanian army, rearmed with 7.92-mm MG.08.
Tank Mk V “General Balodis”, which received a proper name in honor of the Minister of war of Latvia, General J. Balodis.

Bomber killer

An Me 410B-(1 or 2)/U4 ‘Hornisse’ (Hornet) heavy fighter-bomber from either II or III./ZG26 “Horst Wessel” being moved to a hangar. Location unknown, most probably Germany, circa 1944.

This particular Me 410 was the Zerstörer (destroyer) version, armed with a 50 mm BK 5 cannon, plus, in this case two 20 mm MG 151 cannons on the nose. Other combinations included several 7.92 mm MG 17 and a pair of 30 mm cannons instead of the 50 mm gun.

For a while, during early 1944, the Me 410 achieved some great successes against unescorted Allied bomber formations, but the heavy and underpowered Me 410 was no match for real fighters. Once the P-38 Lightning, the Mustang, and Thunderbolt showed up, the Me 410 days were numbered. After a series of very costly encounters they were removed from anti-bomber duties.

Note the 5 ‘kill’ rings on the gun barrel.

Original’s source unknown

(Colour and text by Rui Candeias)

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Do the FAL

The easy route here would be making fun of the vaguely racist Rhodesian circle-jerk that follows this gun everywhere, but that’s a problem with the fanbase instead of the firearm.

Let’s start with the rifle’s origins: the FAL was originally developed right after World War II and was designed around Germany’s intermediate 7.92 Kurz round. After some testing and experimentation the Brits settled on a new .280 British round, which provided better performance than the classic .303 British with less recoil. The Americans, being American, refused to settle for anything under .30 caliber (because sometimes that whole “overcompensation” thing isn’t just a joke) and forced NATO into standardizing on the full-size 7.62x51. This means that instead of being a proper assault rifle the FAL instead became a battle rifle, with all the drawbacks that come with it - higher recoil, heavier ammo, and lower magazine capacity per size. The excess recoil from the larger round was so bad that many countries simply gave up when it came to full-auto with the FAL.

Oh, and just to top it off - even after forcing NATO into using the 7.62 FAL the U.S. still wouldn’t adopt it and chose the M14 platform instead, meaning the FAL lost to a glorified WW II rifle.

PzKpfw V Panther (SdKfz 171) Ausf. G – Cutaway Illustration

1 - L/70 75 mm cannon :: 2 - 7.92 mm MG 34 co-axial machine gun :: 3 - 7.92 mm MG 34 machine gun :: 4 - Ventilator :: 5 - Commander’s cuppola/hatch :: 6 - Cannon bed :: 7 - TZF 12a telescopic sight :: 8 - Load/escape hatch :: 9 - Commander’s microphone and headphones :: 10 - Radio operator’s hatch :: 11 - Turret rotation mechanism :: 12 - Elevation wheel :: 13 - Engine fan :: 14 - Entry for refrigeration air :: 15 - 75 mm ammunition :: 16 - Elevation compensation mechanism :: 17 - Cannon compensation mechanism :: 18 - Container for 75 mm fired shells sheats :: 19 - Maybach engine :: 20 - Cannon cleaning equipment :: 21 - Replacement tracks :: 22 - Machine gun ammunition :: 23 - Gunner’s seat :: 24 - Radio operator’s seat :: 25 - Instruments panel :: 26 - Container for 7.92 mm fired shells sheats :: 27 - Hydraulic rotation mechanism :: 28 - Compressor :: 29 - Brake control :: 30 - Steering lever :: 31 - Driver’s seat :: 32 - Machine gun firing pedal :: 33 - Refrigeration duct for brake :: 34 - Gearbox :: 35 - Brake :: 36 - Oil pump :: 37 - Batteries :: 38 - Transmission final gear :: 39 - Drive sprocket :: 40 - Return roller :: 41 - Suspension top :: 42 - Shock absorber :: 43 - Suspension bearing for oscillating arm :: 44 - Suspension crank arm :: 45 - Interspersed wheels :: 46 - Idler :: 47 - Torsion bar suspension

Sniper Rifles of the World War II

Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz

- Country: Germany.
- Period of activity: 1934.
- Dimensions: Overall length: 1110mm. Canyon: 600mm.
- Size: 7.92mm x 57 (8 x 57 mm versions shooter).
- Initial speed: 745 m / s.

In 1934 the German army was looking for a compact and universal indestructible weapon to equip all their bodies. This task was entrusted to Sauer and Mauser companies, whichever is the latter model, called KAR 98K.

This rifle repeated manual measuring 1110 mm and weighed 3.8 kg without ammunition, also had an adjustable height of 50 rising 50 m, starting at 100 and ending at 2 Km. The charger was five cartridges that could be made one one or all five at once using a comb.

Undoubtedly the most remarkable feature was its sliding KAR 98K rotating shutter (lock) and long barrel (600 mm), which provided high precision over long distances, which is why it was used by snipers.

Visors such as ZF41 1.5x or 4x Ajack were mainly used. The only feature that distinguished them from other KAR 98K rifles was his highest caliber; 8 x 57 x 7.92 instead of 57, and using selected ammunition.

Gewehr 43

- Country: Germany.
- Period of activity: 1943.
- Dimensions: Overall length: 1117mm. Canyon: 545mm.
- Size: 7.92mm x 52.
- Initial speed: 776 m / s.

The Gewehr was the only German semi-automatic rifle produced on a large scale. Conspicuous by its robustness, reliability and precision, although this last feature you exceeded bolt-action rifles. He used the powerful cartridge 7.92 x 57 Mauser in packs ten bullets.

Its most notable feature was its operation for recovery of gases that gave him a rate of more than repeated manual fire rifles. Some models were equipped for precision shooting with 1.5x ZF4 viewer.

Springfield M1903

- Country: United States.
- Activity period: 1903-1957.
- Dimensions: Overall length: 1140mm.
- Size: 30-06 Springfield.
- Initial speed: 732 m / s.

American rifle repeated manual. Features include his long-barreled 610 mm two grooves, which gave him a muzzle velocity of 732 m / s. Food was similar to the Mauser; She is using a comb five cartridges that are introduced through the bolt.

It was used during World War II by American snipers; for these versions “blind”, the telescope of 2.5x signing Weaver, called 330C and powerful 8x Unertl was used.

Later, during the Korean War this viewer was replaced by the M84 in better performance.

Enfield nº4 MKI (T)

- Country: England.
- Period of activity: 1939.
- Dimensions: Overall length: 1129mm. Canyon: 640mm.
- Caliber: .303 (7.7mm)
- Initial speed: 751 m / s.

Considered one of the best bolt-action rifles of WWII, the Enfield No. 4 MK I (T) was conspicuous by its extreme reliability, easy maintenance and excellent accuracy. Like other Enfield sniper rifles it was also used by sharpshooters.

The models used for this purpose had the designation “T” and differed from the rest of Enfield rifles that their reposamejillas could be adjusted to suit the shooter. Chargers used cartridges and rode ten visors Aldis. Among the visors used include Model No. 32 of 4x

Tokarev SVT 40

- Country: Soviet Union.
- Dimensions: Overall length: 1220mm. Canyon: 625mm.
- Size: 7.62 mm
- Initial speed: 830 m / s.

Soviet semi-automatic rifle with a magazine capacity ten cartridges. The Tokarev rifle was not very appreciated by the Soviet snipers by some of its flaws: from 200 m accuracy was not very good, while shooting the sharp flash of the muzzle betrayed the position of the shooter, and the effect kick it prevented making a second shot on the target if the first one was wrong. These problems meant that in October 1941 the Tokarev was removed from the production line. Such rifle was used with the PU scope .42 3.5x.

Mosin Nagant

- Country: Soviet Union.
- Dimensions: Overall length: 1220mm. Canyon: 620mm.
- Size: 7.62 mm
- Initial speed: 865 m / s.

Soviet rifle manual action, charger and five cartridges. The models used by Soviet snipers were selected among the most accurate, the barrel was of high quality, not mounted bayonet and had the bolt upright unlike other rifles in which this was in a horizontal position, this was due it looks hindered the path of the bolt, also happened with the loading rifle cartridge had to take place in cartridge it looks prevented since entering the traditional comb. These versions were available 3 models viewer; PE 31 and PE 31/37 both 4x and 3.5x PU 42.

Type 97

- Country: Japan.
- Dimensions: Overall length: 1280mm.
- Period of activity: 1937 - 1945
- Size: 6.5 mm

Japanese manual action rifle with a capacity of five cartridges and charger 2.5telescopic sight increases. Type 97 sniper rifles rode a folding leg version under the barrel to increase accuracy in shooting also another feature to note it is that the bolt is located on the left side unlike other rifles of WWII.


Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. C

It was an attempt to redesign the Panzer I for use in reconnaissance and airborne operations, with a new suspension, powerplant, and increased armor. weighed 8 Metric Tons and its dimensions were: length 4.19 m, 1.92 m wide and 1.94 high. Its maximum speed reached 79 km / h and had a range of 300 km. As weapons EW141 automatic cannon used a 20 mm along with a 7.92 mm MG34. The shield was 30 mm in the front, 20 mm on the sides and the rear and 10 mm at the top and bottom, with little inclination. 40 units were manufactured by Krauss-Maffei between July and December 1942.


The MG 42 (shortened from German: Maschinengewehr 42, or “machine gun 42”) is a 7.92×57mm Mauser general purpose machine gun designed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by the Wehrmacht during the second half of World War II. Intended to replace the more expensive and time-consuming to manufacture frontline MG 34, it ended up produced side by side until the end of the war.

The MG 42 has a proven record of reliability, durability, simplicity, and ease of operation, but is most notable for its ability to produce a high volume of suppressive fire. The MG 42 had one of the highest average cyclic rate of any single-barreled man-portable machine gun: between 1,200 and 1,500 rpm, which results in a distinctive muzzle report.