earthquake drills

SO TODAYYYYY, i had my very first earthquake drill. HAHAHAH it was fun, not really. It was during my APUSH class though, which was good cause all my frans are in that class. 

The announcement goes on “it is 10:15 so we will now begin the drill. Right now there is a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in california..blah blah" 

SEVEN POINT EIGHTT?!?!?! AHHAHAH, everyone laughed cause its not everyday you have a 7.8, silly principal. We hahd to go under our desks, but uhh i went in head first so i couldnt fit. After i started over and got  situated under the desk, they told us to get out -_____-..Then we all ahd to walk over to the tennis/basketball courts and stayed there for like 40 min. I was able to finish my physics lab wiff some other people during it. yay. AND THEN WE STARTED PLAYING GAMES AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Im actually really scared for an earthquake though. What if im walking home from school or if im in the shower..what happens there. DEATH?!!? haha

but yea..7.8..no big deal.


:33 what a goober