Please send me pictures of Karabiner 31’s! Got my FAC coming in a couple of weeks, buying reloading dies very soon and this will be my fullbore rifle, seen all the pictures on Tumblr, wondering if you lovely people had any more for me!? I’ll shout you out! 

Swiss K31

Sadly, AIM Surplus has sold out the entire stock of K31s they got within the last week.  Normally, I’d be sad, since I’m usually too broke to buy one.  But…


I don’t have receipt of it yet (that will be November break), but my shop has a steady supply of 7.5 Swiss, and I know where to get more in VT. I’ve always wanted a K31, but before I even shoot it I’m spending a week with it to learn the mechanics.  I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting experience.

Can anyone point me to a good reference video/manual for this rifle?