Twitter Questions-July 28th 2013-Seattle (x)

2:02-The twitter question is “Who is most likely to get married first?” and Louis actually says, “Huh.” (huh in way that is like “interesting”) and then laughs. Then at 2:12 Harry looks at Louis waiting for his answer, and Louis says, “I think it’s hard to say…” but then Liam cuts him off and finishes the answer saying that any of them could just go to Vegas and get married and then he says, “Vegas is in how many weeks?” and Louis says, “Next week.” Then Harry yells something to the crowd about going to Vegas to get married and adds, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” and Liam says, “Except if you get married.” and Harry says, “Apart from marriage.” Niall then adds, “But, nothing happens when you’re under 21.”

And Harry freaking Styles says very quietly, “You can get married.” and then he says it a bit louder but still quietly, “You can still get married Niall.” And someone says, “This is true.”

I don’t know, I just thought it was sweet. There was something about his tone and the fact he said it so quietly.


5 Seconds of Summer - Try Hard - 7.28.13 - Seattle

I zoomed in on Ashton’s drumming face for your pleasure


One Direction - I Would - 7.28.13 - Seattle


Teenage Dirtbag and Rock Me-July 28th 2013-Seattle (x)

4:30-Harry walks over to put his “Kanye” sign in a safe place.

4:33-Louis stops Harry as he is walking, and they whisper, and Harry has the biggest smile on his face about whatever Louis is whispering to him.

5:25-Liam is reading signs and he sees one and says, “There is Harry there in a mankini. Or is that Louis? Louis or Harry? It’s Louis, isn’t it?” Harry decides to answer him then and says, “It’s you.” Liam, “Is that me?!” Harry, “It’s you.” And apparently it was him. LMAO!

6:27-Louis is carrying Harry’s “Kanye” sign and it looks like he is trying to put it in a higher, safer place for him, while Harry entertains the crowd. Aww! (Not that it did any good because both Zayn and Liam ended up messing with it after he put it there.)

6:40-Harry is repeating the joke the person in the audience is saying, and he says, “It’s a great one.” and Louis looks over and nods.