July 19th, 2012

Today, was actually better than I expected. My alarm woke me up at 6 and  just snoozed it and went back to sleep. Then my mom woke up me up at 7:10 and I got ready for volunteering today. Got to the school at 8 and Brian took me to the office and showed me how to make copies and such and taking attendance. What was the most tedious and time consuming part of the day was staying in the office and peeling sticker labels off and putting them on these course assessment sheets for every student. There was so many for each period for each teacher. omg. It took me like about 2 hours or something to finish the whole thing with the help of others. I got free pizza and soda though. Yay for free food. lol. Then I got home and took a 4 hour nap. Yeah. Time to get choreographing for choreo day on Saturday..Contemp tomorrow! excited! Brandi Chun is teaching. yay! okay now to go choreograph. 

Thursday Night Raw | 7.19.12 | Match Card
  • Dark Match: Melina VS Jillian Burchill
  • Dark Match: Kharma VS Chameleon
  • Jake Carter VS Dolph Ziggler
  • Damien Sandow VS Zack Ryder
  • Caylee Turner VS Audrey Marie
  • Cody Rhodes and Dean Ambrose VS Briley Pierce and Brad Maddox
  • Natalya VS Angela Fong
  • Alberto Del Rio VS Alex Riley

Card subject to change.


pretty good day! only 2 hours of school since there was the carnival afterwards. took the ch. 15 partner test. got 1 wrong, but we can still get 100% after test corrections! then went to get food and went shopping!! got a cute dress, but it’s strapless and i usually don’t like strapless dresses but oh well it’s still cute. LOOL. tomorrow will be a good day too; potluck and no test!

Alberto Del Rio VS Alex Riley | RAW | 7.19.12

After coming back from commercial break, RAW showed a recap of the brawl that took place between Alberto and Dean, a heated rivalry in the making. Michael Cole informs the viewers that Alberto is cashing in his rematch clause against Dean and will be fighting him for the WWE Championship in the next PPV in a sanctioned one-on-one match. Alex Riley is shown, already in the ring. Lilian Garcia introduces Ricardo Rodgriguez. Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer was still in pain from Dean’s attack on him two Sundays ago. He wore a neckbrace to signify where he was hurt.

As Alberto’s entrance theme hit, Ricardo tried his best to announce. “Damas y caballeros, les presento al hombre que fue robado injustamente de su Campeonato de la WWE! Él es un hombre honesto y un luchador justo! Él es la esencia de la excelencia y el orgullo de México! Él es ALBERTOOOO DELLLL RRRRRRIIIIIIOOOOOO!” Alberto wasn’t all smiles when he came out in a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, valued at $230,000. He was still furious with what happened at the PPV and was looking for the next poor sucker to take his frustration out on. When he came into the ring, he stood at the corner, staring at Riley from afar. When the referee rang the bell, it was as if something snapped in Alberto.

Instead of the usual circling around the ring lock-up ceremony, Alberto immediately went on the offensive and took down Riley with a spear. He went mad and started throwing punches to his skull. The referee scolded him and tried pulling him away from Riley. Alberto took a few deep breaths and put his hands in the air. He extended his hand out for Riley to accept so he can pull him back up to his feet. Riley was a little suspicious. “Come on, let’s do this!” Alberto was heard shouting. Alex reluctantly accepted his offer of help and made sure to ready his body for an attack but to his surprise, Alberto played it fair and didn’t do anything.

Finally, the two started circling around each other, locking up to the start of a competitive match. Del Rio was working on Riley’s left arm throughout the match. There was a glimmer of hope for Riley when he stopped Alberto’s momentum in one of the corners of the ring but Alberto eventually extinguished his fire and continued his dominance. Towards the end of the match, Alberto was going for the Cross Armbreaker. A slew of boos from the crowd alarmed Del Rio. He turned around and saw Dean Ambrose marching down the ramp with a steel chair in hand. Alberto pushed Riley away and turned around to face Dean. Ricardo, not wanting to be involved with the superstar again, decided to run to where the commentators were. Dean slipped into the ring with the chair in hand and Del Rio went for the preemptive strike but Dean ducked and decked Alex with a chairshot, causing the disqualification.

“Here is your winner via disqualification, Alex Riley!” Lilian announced at ringside. Alberto was furious with the loss and was confused by Dean’s actions. Dean lifted the chair over his head to hit Alex once again. Alberto went over to Dean to confront him, saving Riley by stopping him from hitting Riley with the chair. He tried to wrestle the control away from Dean but he got hit with a steel chair to his gut. Dean slammed him down with a chair to his back after he had reeled over. Alberto dropped down to the mat, face-first. Dean stood over him proudly, tilting his head to the side and smirking at the violence he had just caused. The referees came to the aid of both Riley and Alberto and tried restraining Dean from the scene before he cause any more trouble. RAW ended with Dean standing tall over two fallen superstars.

Backstage | RAW | 7.19.12

As the cameras moved backstage to show Alberto heading towards the ring for the main vent. However as Alberto was walking something off camera seemed to catch his gaze and he pause before a sneer over took his face. Slowly the camera panned over to show Dean Ambrose standing there his title draped over his shoulder and an amused look on his face.

Turning Alberto detoured from heading to the ring to move over to Dean where the champion’s mouth twitched up into an amused smirk before the two traded insults for a few moments the tension clearly strong between the pair. “Don’t worry Al, I’m taking grate care of my title.”

It was as if a switch had flipped and suddenly Alberto surged forward slamming his body into Dean’s sending the champion back into the wall his head smacking against it and then tumbling to the ground. Alberto began to lay kicks into Dean before the champ managed to scramble away from the assault. As he climbed to his feet Alberto caught sight of the title and reached down to pick it up and waited, payback clearly on his mind. As soon as Dean turned around Alberto moved forward again and slammed the title into Dean’s head as the champ dropped Alberto dropped the title on his chest before leaning down. “Enjoy MY title, while you still have it.”

As referees converged on the scene Ricardo hurried over to Alberto’s side snickering at Dean before the pair headed off camera once again heading for the ring. As the camera turned to zoom in on the fallen Dean he was slowly coming to and shoving the referee’s away from him as TNR headed to a commercial break, the main event on the way.