What I learned about 1D Today 7.17.13

Halo friends and welcome to the BEST SONG EVER EDITIONNNNNNNNNN of what i learned abt 1D.  Some things happened last night so I’m gonna touch on that before we get to current events that have happened today.

1)  Another generation was added to the sexy line of Horans ( x )

2)  Leeyum was in Londun yesterday and last night and I learned that to hang with the ‘yum ya gotta be able to drop 1.8 mil on some bubbly, feel the payne in ur pockets ( x ) ( x )

3)  Zayn was also in the UK hangin with the siblings…..and toturing fans….the norm for family outings  ( x

4)  I learned that M&G pics that are released late are the best: this pic surfaced of a M&G which includes a very unimpressed louwee and a cute shot that made ziam shippers wet their pants ( x )

5)  Louis_Tomlinson is very dedicated to his PR duties ( x )

6)  This fakey was released and i learned that trolls are fuggin excellent at photoshop.  im not even mad, im impressed ( x

7)  Harry gives us some insight to his sistahs ( x )

8)  The final step in a over-elaborate PR birthday set up was complete   ( x )

9)  This video was released and if you’ve ever question whether or not niall and Louis were affiliated with a gang fast forward to 00:12  ( and by gang i mean a fuggin adorable gang)

10)  We all lost our shit when Liams part to BSE was released, heres the video ( x )

11)  Give fangirls enough power and THEY WILL LOOSE THEIR SHIT AND LEAK EVERYTHING ( x ) ( x )

Click this link to listen to da BEST SONG EVAHHHHHHH

Click this link to download the BEST SONG EVAHHHHHH

12)  1D + little kids is hte best recipe for a heart attack ( x ) ( x ) ( x )

13)  And if you weren’t dead by the end of that, heres zayn to knock you out ( x )

14)  I also learned that one direction fans are funny little fuckers.

That’s all for today!  Stay tuned for tomorrows updates!!