WOD 7.13.2013 ~ CrossFit Total

1RM back squat
1RM press
1RM deadlift

You can only find through 3 single attempts.

In all the time I’ve been doing CrossFit, I’ve never done the total. Still haven’t.

My hip flexors were screaming on the deadlifts. I couldn’t get 185 off the ground. 185!!!

Met my friend for brunch after…now I nap!

Carry on…

see this is the worst thing with being part of fandoms, this is not the last time we’ll go through this and that scares me to the core. we’re gonna go through this many times with our own individual idols, as people and as fandoms and it’s a truth that just terrifies me. we all have so many idols and people we love and eventually, we’ll all have to go through this with them. so please, be kind and understanding to the gleeks because they’re not the only fandom that will have to go through this.