7.08 Right Turn or Left for Dead

anonymous asked:

what scene do u think roday does his best acting in psych

ok so a few that stand out:

  • an evening with mr yang (3.16) - “i’m nobody’s puppet! okay? i’m done.”
  • murder? anyone? anyone? …bueller? (3.02) - “the truth is, abigail, i think i liked you too much… and somewhere in the back of my head, i knew what that night might mean and even how my life could be different now if i hadn’t let you walk away.”
  • ghosts (3.01) - “he left us. he left you. he ended up with the house and he left you, by yourself, to pick up the pieces.”
  • deez nups (7.07) - “this whole thing started because my ass was on the line - self-preservation, jules, you gotta understand that; i didn’t have a choice.”
  • you can’t handle this episode (4.10) - “well, i would have said that’s not very fair because psych is here and gus is here. and what am i supposed to do in uganda for six months, or longer?”
  • gus walks into a bank (3.08) - “isn’t the ‘timbre of my voice’ telling you why?”
  • gus walks into a bank (3.08) - “i know you don’t like my methods! i know you don’t like me!”
  • black and tan: a crime of fashion (2.15) - “i can’t deal with this right now.” “well, shawn you have to.” “look, i don’t care what you do! okay, i don’t care!” 
  • santabarbaratown 2 (7.01) - not really any line specifically but just him breaking into the guy’s house and smashing all his stuff… damn…
  • last night gus (6.02) - “that you could make a child think that you have given them and ice cream cone without giving them the cone! and then watch them skip off into a beautiful meadow, licking nothing but air! imagine that!”
  • pilot (1.01) - “don’t you trivialize police work.” “i think you’re doing a bang up job of that all by yourself.”
  • right turn or left for dead (7.08) - the whole thing is just… so well-executed… the way he lets you see how shawn idealizes things compared to the reality he faces and the fact he has trouble differentiating between the two… ugh…

anyways ig its kinda obvious that i like season 3
sorry i love shawn and roday is so good at making him so… good.

thank you for this question!! i love it!