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BTS Reaction to you having nipple piercings

Jin: He would like that they put a bit of edge on your normal look. He wouldn’t stare at them or brag to the boys about it, he would just admire them at the right times and places.

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Yoongi: He would love them. And I mean LOVE them. He was the type to like these type of things.

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Hoseok: He would adore them and think they make you look more confident and cool. He would make sure that he compliment you whenever you wear a tank top

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Namjoon: He would lowkey live for them. He liked the way they just went with you, and your personality.

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Jimin: He would be blinded by coolness

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Taehyung: He would stare in awe. He would also ask questions about them.”What made you get them?” “When did you get them?” “Did they hurt?”

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Jungkook: He would love them so much that he would want some of his own. “Oo~ Would I look good with them?”

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