My Favourite everyday Tops

A mix of Maxis Match and new mesh cute tops I frequently use. Thanks to the amazing creators below:

(From left to right, then down and left to right again) 

Top 1 (X) by Chisami (comes in 6 variations)

Top 2 (X) by MissParaply (comes in 38 swatches)

Top 3 (X) by OranosTR (comes in 12 colours)

Top 4 (X) by EllieSimple (comes in 18 swatches)

Top 5 (X) by Vintagesimy (comes in 20 different patterns)

Top 6 (X) by OranosTR (comes in 14 colours)

Top 7 (X) by NolanSims (comes in 12 patterns)

Top 8 (X) by Pixelsimdreams (comes in 16 colours)

Top 9 (X) by BluebellSimmer (comes in 23 swatches)

Top 10 (X) by NolanSims (comes in 15 swatches)

♥  ————————🌸—————————  ♥

Model: Teagan Tigerleaf

Sim downoladable from The Gallery under isleroux

♥  ————————🌸—————————  ♥

Hair by PixelSimDreams

Eyes and lashes by Kijiko

Lips by ScreamingMustard

Choker by SLYD


Meta: The colour on Garnet’s visor represents which traits of Ruby’s or Sapphire’s is currently more prominent / who’s in control more. Depending on who’s currently more in control through the visor colour, it gives us a glimpse from the outside on Ruby and Sapphire’s characters. Which we need more of. Because they are adorable cutie pies.

*proceeds to analyze the colour of her visor in every episode*

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