7 year anniversary

Exactly 7 years from tomorrow, the most important man in my life passed away..

You know, when you passed away, someone told me that after the first year you get used to the pain.. and the years flow by without you noticing. Well, I’m still waiting for that to happen because I think back and its still as fresh as the first day.. I still remember the last day I saw you, and as you walked away in your uniform at the airport, you looked back and flashed that beautiful smile of yours.. and you have no idea how much I wish I would’ve known that that was the last chance I would get to say the things I didn’t say. To tell you that you were not only my dad, but you were my best friend. My hero.. You saw the world in my eyes and I saw the world in yours.. You might not have been the best husband in the world, but you were the best dad that a girl could ever possibly ask for. YOU were, and still are, everything to me and I promise that that will never change. I’m so sorry for all the things I didn’t say and I would give anything to know that you forgive me.. I love you more than words can explain and I will never ever stop missing you Dad.
Rest in peace Daddy.. <3 

My tumblr turns 7 today
  • So I just got an e-mail, it's my tumblr blog's 7 year anniversary 7๏ธโƒฃ
  • (Sidenote: It's also my father's 47th birthday today, who is probably the biggest Jonerys shipper in our family. Yes, probably even bigger than me๐Ÿ˜‚)
  • I think it's rather fitting since Season 7 of Thrones is on it's way. โš”๏ธ
  • This number has a very special place in my heart.
  • I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your amazing support and for believing in this humble Thrones blog. ๐ŸŽŠ
  • Thank you all for being so freakin' awesome and for helping me share my love for Jonerys and all things ASOIAF. ๐ŸŽ‰
  • I'd also like to thank the amazing crew @jonerysnetwork whose creativity and restless passion inspire me every day. You know who you are ! โค
  • Dracarys motherfucker ! ๐Ÿ”ฅ
  • Thanks for liking, commenting and following @sleeplessme
  • Here's to 7 more ! ๐Ÿท

Roosterteeth | 7 Years [13 Years Anniversary]

I’m aware a lot of people use this song to the actual ages of the people in the video however what I have done is the ages to the company ages.

In 2016, Roosterteeth will be 13 years old.
So in 2010, Roosterteeth was 7 years old and in 2014 it was 11. Since they haven’t reached 20 years old yet I just put any clip in, especially newer ones.

There is a little number in the bottom left corner at the beginning highlighting the change between 2010 and 2014 (I was surprised which content is almost 2 years old!)


뭐라 해도 나에겐 삶의 everything

No matter what, you’re my life’s everything

여전히 내 삶의 everything

Still, you’re my life’s everything

벌써 몇 년이야? 7 years with SHINee.

linny postwar headcanons for @rravencclaw and @hpfemsecretsanta . I had a ton of fun with this! it’s a little chaotic, but i hope you like it! it’s not really a reflective post-war thing. i just wanted them to be happy. 

  • ginny always felt strange about her relationships during her earlier hogwarts years
  • especially her relationship with harry 
  • But she decided maybe it was just her imagination, and played the role of the Chosen One’s Girlfriend well
  • I mean, she did like Harry a lot
  • maybe just not how you were supposed to like your boyfriend
  • but she kept it up
  • then came her 6th year and the battle of hogwarts
  • she didn’t really have time for feelings because honestly there was so much happening and she just hoped her family would be alright
  • the summer before 7th year, ginny was so relieved when harry pulled her aside and said he didn’t have the space for a relationship
  • she felt so free and she was happy that neither harry nor her had been hurt
  • ginny spent her 7th year mostly with luna and neville
  • especially luna
  • luna was like a gorgeous fairy
  • she was intelligent and kind and amazing
  • and the war had made ginny appreciate her even more
  • she imagined losing luna and it cut through her like a sharp knife
  • ginny could listen to luna talk for hours
  • and she did
  • regularly 
  • because what good was studying if you could be listening to the cheerful voice of Luna Lovegood?
  • ginny gets even more into quidditch during her 7th year, if that was possible
  • luna goes to all of her matches and practices, cheering loudly from the stands
  • ginny even manages to convince McGonagall to let her commentate another time
  • luna focuses only on what ginny is doing and claims she’s “really the most talented quidditch player ever and she’s also got really shiny hair”
  • ginny almost falls off her broom at that
  • luna is not allowed to commentate again
  • ginny, luna, and neville study together occasionally 
  • but ginny and luna often get sidetracked
  • to which neville shakes his head and rolls his eyes and gives ginny a knowing look
  • ginny doesn’t know why he does that
  • or maybe she does
  • she just doesn’t think about it too much
  • life during their last year at hogwarts continues on like this
  • pleasant and light
  • trying to escape the war through friendship 
  • but all the while ginny feels as if something besides the past haunts her
  • one day in the spring, ginny spots two fifth year girls walking together down the corridor
  • they’re holding hands
  • ginny watches as one of the girls shifts slightly and kisses the other one on the cheek
  • and just like that
  • it hits ginny square in the chest
  • maybe she … likes luna?
  • dissimilar to the way she likes other people
  • in a softer way
  • in a romantic, toe-curling, cheeks-blushing, heart-aching kind of way
  • in a way she’s never liked anyone before
  • maybe she’s always liked luna
  • that seems right to ginny at that moment
  • she’s liked luna since the instant they met
  • suddenly ginny feels much calmer
  • calmer than she’s ever felt
  • she knows exactly what she’s going to do
  • for she is a gryffindor. brave and bold
  • and she’s waited a painfully long time for something to feel so right
  • she’s not going to wait any longer
  • so, for better or for worse, she marches her way down to the grounds
  • somehow she knows exactly where luna will be
  • like magic
  • a different kind than the one she is used to
  • it’s a beautiful magic
  • ginny walks her way over to the greenhouses
  • she finds luna leaning against one of them, reading a book and winding her long, blonde hair around her finger
  • ginny stops for a second just to take this girl in
  • this amazing, wonderful girl
  • she takes a deep breath
  • then she calls out a greeting to luna
  • walks right up to her
  • and just kisses her
  • luna doesn’t even act surprised
  • she just melts right into the kiss
  • she drops her book and slowly brings her arms up around ginny’s neck, curling her fingers gently into ginny’s hair
  • the two girls just stand there kissing near a greenhouse
  • for an eternity or a minute
  • no one could say for sure
  • when the kiss breaks, their faces stay close together
  • ginny has tears in her eyes
  • “woah”
  • “uh-huh”
  • luna can’t keep herself from smiling
  • she’s been waiting for ginny to kiss her for years
  • it’s even better than she’d imagined
  • after a few seconds, luna reaches down and grabs ginny’s hand
  • they walk back up to the castle together
  • and just like that
  • they’re girlfriends
  • they graduate hogwarts together
  • move into a little flat not far from The Burrow
  • luna decorates it with flowers 
  • ginny populates it with quidditch memorabilia and comfy cushions
  • luna writes for the quibbler and ginny plays quidditch
  • they spend their lazy days sitting out on their tiny balcony
  • luna paints portraits of ginny
  • and ginny tells luna stories and asks her questions and tries to distract her with kisses
  • they’ve never been more in love
  • they get married on a hilltop in springtime
  • on the 7 year anniversary of their relationship
  • they invite only family and close friends
  • the ceremony is short and sweet
  • followed by hours upon hours of dancing
  • until the sun finally sets on two impossibly in love young women
  • despite the horrors of the past
  • they’re happy

I don’t think I ever formally mentioned it here, but Val and I got engaged at the beginning of February, just before the 7 year anniversary of our moving in together! We have no immediate plans to get married, but we have rings, and I feel pretty damn great about it.

Regrettably, a certain awful little individual enjoys licking my engagement ring.

my terrible friend… please don’t