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Pillow Talk #6: Magic ~

PS: This PT inspired a whole fanfic that will try and fix season 7′s mess. Soon to be published in about a week.

His chick had worked magic on him tonight. 

Just half an hour ago, he had been the most tired he has ever felt, but the second her lips moved in that slow and soft way of hers to tell him she wanted him, all of it was gone and his desire for her had worked them out nicely to the point he couldn’t stop smiling.

Jackie was panting beside him, sweating even if she would never admit it, and Hyde looked at her. Her perfect hair was also a mess, but the wide of her smile took his attention immediately and he had to roll over, kiss her and breathe her in again.

“You know, people it’s going to notice we aren’t up there…” He said, carefully lying over her without letting his whole weight crush her. “Not that I care, but… I thought you liked that stuff.”

“Oh, I do!” Her hands went to his cheeks, and she caressed his face softly. Hyde closed his eyes, knowing he was smiling as she kept loving him tender. “But I like it more here. Don’t you?”

“Way better than anywhere else.”

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things I wish we’d seen instead of the garbage season 7/8 gave us (feel free to add on!):

  • Dramatic kisses. If you say you don’t want to see Jackie and Hyde kiss in the rain Notebook-style then you’re probably lying.
  • More storylines featuring the Red/Kitty and Jackie/Hyde dynamic/parallels.
  • Hyde and Jackie interacting with Betsy (I mean, c’mon. Give me Hyde smiling softly while Jackie makes stupid faces at/plays with Betsy. GIVE IT TO ME)
  • Declarations of love, preferably not induced by a prior screw-up
  • That deleted scene in which Hyde feD JACKIE MARSHMALLOWS I MEAN WTF
  • Cuddles
  • Actual footage of them having proper conversations with each other
  • A proposal
  • More dancing
  • I have a dire need to see Hyde give Jackie a piggy-back?
  • More…. kissing..? Where did it all go???
  • Hyde and Eric talking about their respective relationships & supporting each other
  • Jackie and Hyde still being completely and utterly in love with each other like the dorks they are ???!!!

jupiterhyde  asked:

What do you think of the flow chart scene? Many things Jackie says or does in season 7 seems odd and plain wrong to me. I don't like that Hyde was trying to talk about a bad time he was having and she cuts him off for sex. Doesn't sound so much like her to me. What do you think?

You know, this is curious because everyone in the fandom likes this scene. I’m not particullary fond of it, I also don’t hate it. It made me laugh the first time I saw it, but the more I see it, the more I’m with you. It’s weird for her to act like that.

We know, after years and years of characterization, that Jackie is interested in people’s feelings, more like, she’s interested in the people she loves’ feelings. And when it comes to Hyde, she kills and dies for him to open up. 

So for her to shut him up, ignoring him while he’s trying to tell her something that is bothering him, it’s pretty awful and another proof that the writting in season 7 is sloppy, bad and just terrible for the characters. It was like the warning of what was coming with season 8

What do I think? Awful writing, man. That’s not Jackie.

I believe they would so leave any reunion/party to have fun of their own, but man. So, for me it may had gone like this:

She interrumpts him with her flow chart thing, of course she does, and he gets the hint right away as we see. And once he’s more relaxed post-orgasm, she would ask him about it, and he would understand she did that to relax him.

You know how she tells him before that if he’s happy, she is too? My bet is that she would understand why he is so unhappy working at the office, and would try to assure him things will get better, but deep down will also know maybe that’s not for him, maybe she should support him in another way by telling him he should be out of there.

But there’s this– she really wanted him to meet W. B. before knowing he has money. And for me that means she wants this chance for him at having one of his bological parents to actually love him and have a family, and she sees him having this job as a chance to keep/try at a close relationship with his new found family.

Not to mention, an stable job would eventually assure him a better life and chances. He may not be rich, but as long as he can make it in a decent way, in a way he deserves, she’s happy. If she gets to be included in the deal, so be it. But ultimately, she cares first for him, even when she’s trying to hide that in the shallow mask of ‘I want to be your trophy wife’ Hyde knows it’s false.

Of course, eventually, he gets the store and is so much better. 


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donthavescissors1989  asked:

Hey! Do you know if there's any fics that are like a rewrite of Jackie and Hyde's season 7 'reunion'? I've read some really good ones set around that time but a lot of them go into AU territory. I just think a well-written reunion where Jackie and Hyde actually talked would have been so beneficial to them and I would love to see it done properly. One of the reasons I love your comics but that's still far away in comic-time, haha. Thanks in advance! :)

Hi! I searched through 2225 That ‘70s Show story summaries for you (no lie), and I found a few stories that seem to fit the bill. I haven’t read these fics yet, so I can’t vouch for their quality. (Also, thank you for your kind words about Those ‘70s Comics!)

1) The Question by screwtherulesihavmoney

Summary: Set during the Season 7 finale. What if Kelso hadn’t been in Chicago when Hyde came to propose?

Rated: T

2) How It Should Have Happened by Cap1bara 

Summary: This is a story about how the author believes how Steven seeing Jackie in Chicago should’ve gone in the season 7 finale.

Rated: K

3) Laughter and Love by bookinspired 

Summary: Hyde follows Jackie to Chicago with the intention to bring her back to Point Place and maybe ass-kicking along the way. Mainly funny, some heartfelt scenes throughout. 

Rated: M

4) Old Times by rosepainter123 

Summary: Hyde goes to get Jackie from Chicago. In fear of being the on-and-off again couple of the gang, they return to secretive make-out sessions, but they get trapped in the cabin with a special guest. T-for mild sexual themes, and language

Rated: T

As a bonus, here are some J/H stories that explore the S7 finale a bit differently. Again, I haven’t read these yet, so I can’t vouch for their quality.

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supernannygirl704things replied to your postSo…i can’t get this au outta my head and i just…

Aww this sounds really cute. Some of my favorite stories have included Jackie working with Red and his shop too. It should have happened that way on the show.


Jackie would had known what is like to work in place she likes and being a better employee, while Hyde learned to be the boss and have certain responsibilities. 

All the while they bonded with their new family: he with his biological father, she with her future in-laws, because the experience and better writing in season 7, like being Betsy’s godparents, having the future talk without ooc Hyde, their jobs and bondings with the adults, would had made them realize they were ready for the next step, even if they didn’t get married right away.

Hyde would had proposed at the end of the season and maybe their story would had ended in them moving in together and engaged.

JDNFIENIFFNRI, so many damn ways of writing that damn season better and so little time to write fanfics!!!!!!

katennara  asked:

and an easy one so you don't die, hyde x jackie

What can I say about them that I have already not yelled before? This game is supposed to be an honest opinion on the couples, so let me say this: they are wonderful when done respectfully of the characters, and what the writers did to them by the end of the show, starting for some episodes of season 6, going through almost all of season 7, and finally going to the crap that was season 8, it’s horrible.

The Hyde and Jackie we are shown for most of season 7 is a really unhealthy couple. By this time of the show, the writers didn’t know what else to do with anyone. The three couples of the show were in a very weird state: Eric had left Donna at the altar, Hyde had started to fear growing up and stopped being cominted to Jackie, Red and Kitty had been suffering out of character crap since season 5 that were never adressed.

I tend to put more attention to Hyde and Jackie, and I found their drama exhausting. I honestly dont’ want them together like that. Hyde broke a promise to Jackie and when she confroted him for that, he treates her like shit and acts like a child. It’s awful to watch, and the way the writers kept making it impossible for them to go back to their right characterization only made the journey even more painful.

That said, I love the building of the ship since season 1. I love that we got to see the first trases of characterization from both when they share a moment in Prom Night. We see Hyde literally stoping being an asshole to help somoene in need, even we he openly dislikes Jackie. While we get to see Jackie vulnerable and capable of learning in this same episode.

Every scene they share after that, even if it’s teasing, is new information for the watcher and not only that, but growth. Hell, we even knew Jackie’s middle name and got the first clue of Hyde’s (step)father thanks to an interaction between them in the same episode. It may be coincidence, but seeing it as a whole, it’s something amazing to notice.

This is a couple that literally went from dislike each other deeply, to tolerate the other, to friends, to literal lovers, to each other’s The One. The chemistry between them is attractive to the point I have met people whos started to watch the show because they liked, they started to ship, Hyde and Jackie thanks to gifsets on tumblr. 

And the actors gave us many precious little things to cherish, the way they decided to play their characters while they were together alos added more to the deepening of the ship. Both characters grow with the other, they became better versions of themselves and the should had ended up together. It was the right thing to do.