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Fandometrics In Depth: Overwatch Edition

One year ago today, Overwatch was released by Blizzard Entertainment. The game had an immediate and overwhelming impact on Tumblr, and the #overwatch tag was quickly flooded with animated shorts, comics, fan art, and, of course, toddler approval of Junkrat.  

To mark this anniversary of this game-to-end-all-games, we’ve analyzed millions of posts from May 23, 2016—May 18, 2017 to precisely identify the most talked about Overwatch characters and ships. Enjoy.

Overwatch is huge

During this 358 day period, the #overwatch tag alone garnered nearly 150 million engagements. It was the second most trending tag during this time. That’s trendier than every TV show and film, and even bigger, more generic tags like #GIF (No. 5) and #art (No. 7). The next highest trending video game-related tag was #Pokémon, at No. 20.

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Overwatch made its debut on the Fandometrics Video Games list on March 14th, 2016 at No. 16, more than two months before the game was even released. On May 9, 2016 Overwatch jumped a solid ten spots to No. 2. The following week, it was No. 1.  It reigned supreme until July 11th, 2016, when it was kicked out by Pokémon Go. Currently Overwatch has had a 29-week streak at No. 1, beating the previous record for time at the top of the Video Games list by two months (and counting). Undertale topped off at just 21 weeks.

Top Characters

We did a full breakdown of all 24 character’s total engagements based on class. The highlights?  Reaper had the most likes and reblogs, Junkrat had the most searches and Mercy had the most original posts. The details? Below:

Top Offense Heroes

  1. Reaper | 20.07%
  2. Tracer | 15.82%
  3. McCree | 15.08%
  4. Genji | 14.16%
  5. Sombra | 12.84%
  6. Soldier: 76 | 11.70%
  7. Pharah | 10.33%

Top Defense Heroes

  1. Junkrat | 32.36%
  2. Hanzo | 24.44%
  3. Widowmaker | 21.93%
  4. Mei | 13.71%
  5. Bastion | 4.53%
  6. Torbjörn | 3.03%

Top Tank Heroes

  1. D.Va | 39.12%
  2. Roadhog | 21.25%
  3. Zarya | 14.72%
  4. Reinhardt | 13.76%
  5. Orisa | 5.85%
  6. Winston | 5.30%

Top Support Heroes

  1. Mercy | 43.31%
  2. Zenyatta | 20.83%
  3. Lúcio | 19.22%
  4. Symmetra | 15.92%
  5. Ana | 0.73%

Top Non-Playable Characters

  1. Efi Oladele | 52.71%
  2. Athena | 18.11%
  3. Doomfist | 11.47%
  4. Tekhartha Mondatta | 10.01%
  5. Katya Volskaya | 4.61%
  6. Emily | 3.09%

Top Ships

With more than 20 characters, Overwatch fandom is rife for shipping. You can find a ship chart for just about any combination you can think of—a possible 276 unique combinations. For the sake of brevity, we highlighted just the top 10:

  1. McHanzo, McCree x Hanzo | 35.03%
  2. Reaper:76, Reaper x Soldier:76 | 17.03%
  3. Pharmercy, Pharah x Mercy | 12.69%
  4. Widowtracer, Widowmaker x Tracer | 9.08%
  5. Roadrat, Roadhog x Junkrat | 8.82%
  6. Genyatta, Genji x Zenyatta | 6.76%
  7. Gency, Genji x Mercy | 5.84%
  8. Meihem, Mei x Junkrat | 2.48%
  9. Mercykill, Mercy x Reaper | 1.17%
  10. Mercy76, Mercy x Soldier:76 | 1.10%

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Want more Overwatch?

The fan art and headcanons (Gremlin D.Va, anyone?) that people share across Tumblr are an excellent way to keep a steady stream of Overwatch flow in your dashboard:

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On the topic of top 10: what would be the top 10 reaction posts/revelations for the fans from Yuuri's tell-all book? (Among which I'm assuming are when he and Viktor got together and why he hated him so much!)

Top 10 Reaction Posts/Revelations From Yuuri’s Tell-All Book?

10) ‘Wow, they had a lot more sex than the Hollywood film lead us to believe’ referencing this and this post (which were the origins of the idea of Yuuri eventually writing a book to tell the world the truth) about the inaccurate Hollywood movie version of their lives and how different it was to the real story

9) A lot of ‘death to the conspiracy theories’ reactions because even though Viktor and Yuuri were married at this point there were still a small section of people claiming that one or other of them were blackmailed into it or that it was all publicity. After the book was released everyone was like ‘can you all just finally accept that they actually love each other now please?’

8) ‘Phichit/Chris are the best bros ever’ because Yuuri talked to them both to get an outside perspective when he was writing and everyone who read the book could see how vital they both were for support and friendship and also how much crap they had to suffer through while Viktor and Yuuri got their shit together. After the book was released they posted a selfie together on Instagram with the hashtag #longsufferingBFFs which started trending

7) A reaction from Clara_M @Katsukidon aka the person who saw them on a date in chapter 9 that can basically be summed up with ‘I TOLD YOU AND NONE OF YOU BELIEVED ME WHO’S LAUGHING NOW HUH’

6) A big discussion about anxiety both in sport and in normal life that Yuuri’s book prompted because he was very honest with his emotions and motivations and it was quite a shock for a lot of people to learn that someone so successful still felt like he wasn’t worthy a lot of the time in both his professional and private life


4) A multitude of reactions to the reveal of how the rivalry started, most of them being along the lines of ‘FINALLY WE KNOW’ and jokes about Viktor accidentally creating his own supervillain, comic book style. This is where the ‘creating your own Katsuki’ meme came from.

3) A line that someone tweeted and then became very popular saying ‘I can’t believe Nikiforov got fucked over in his home country and fucked in Katsuki’s’ referencing the fact that Yuuri first beat Viktor in Sochi, Russia and first slept with Viktor in Saitama, Japan.

2) I can’t believe Nikiforov and Katsuki spent 4+ years sneaking in and out of each other’s hotel rooms and no-one ever noticed (this one is actually wrong, quite a few people noticed but they were all people who were bound by confidentiality not to say anything)



BAU Ladies + The Seven Heavenly Virtues


The track reigns following its overnight arrival.

After months of speculation, One Direction’s Harry Styles has gone solo, and his debut single “Sign of the Times” powered to the top of the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart Friday morning (April 7).

The Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart measures the real-time acceleration of conversation around artists and their music on Twitter.

Styles’ single first appeared on the chart at No. 1 around 5 a.m. ET Friday after its release at midnight ET. He announced the single’s release date on March 25 via a TV ad in the U.K. which revealed the singer in a cloud of smoke with the date “April 7” at the end. Styles confirmed on Twitter that April 7 would be the release date of his single.

Styles has not yet announced a release date for his forthcoming album, but will be performing on Saturday Night Live on April 15. - Billboard

This whole album is finna piss me off. I mean we already have 3 songs from her claiming she was wronged by kimye and the media or whatever and there’s a “witch hunt” after her when THEY LITERALLY DID NOTHING BUT CALL HER OUT 👏🏽ON 👏🏽HER 👏🏽SHIT👏🏽

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I miss when this B was gone for like 2 years

And Swifties bet not come at me and say “well just don’t listen and stop complaining” when y’all are the ones who blast that shit 24/7, trend it on every SM site, and brag about it nonstop to the point everyone is basically forced to listen

Fast & Furious and Fast & Furious 7

2001 and 2015

I’ve been posting a lot of random stuff lately. But I really had to post this. This is for all the fans of the Fast & Furious franchise and Paul Walker.

Drarry facts

1. Harry loves stargazing. Hence they go on a stargazing date every week. Draco loves it because he can see Harry get excited and see that the boy who was there before the war was still there, just hiding.

2. Draco is amazed by rollercoasters. They do scare the shit out of him, but the thrill makes him go back again and again.

3. Draco couldn’t stop smiling when they went to Disneyland.

4. Draco loves Polaroids. Harry has stuck them all over the house - random shots of house parties, Luna and Ginny painting Draco’s nails, Hermione throwing up after too much vodka, Draco’s attempt at making a cake non magically - it’s all up on the walls.

5. In the last year of Hogwarts, Draco dyed his hair black. Luna magically painted tattoos on him and Harry got him a leather jacket. He looked nothing less than a rockstar.

6. Dean has a Instagram page dedicated to Hogwarts gossip. He keeps clicking candid moments of Draco and Harry, of them staring at each other from across the room, or holding hands and posts them on the page. Draco and Harry never complain. They oblige even, by kissing each other on the mouth.
It was trending everywhere.

7. After a drunk night at Luna’s place, harry and Draco got matching tattoos. Harry has the snitch on his ankle with D.M written on it and Draco has it on his arm, with H.P written on it.

8. They went to Hawaii because Draco found the name funny. He nearly got them caught by summoning the mermaids by the beach.

9. Draco always sleeps on the left side of the bed.

10. They have decided to be in love forever.

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