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I think you need to read that letter again, and ask yourself why, of all the people he walked away from, did he only explain himself to one person: you.

 Emily Prentiss

Love during Loss: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Requested by: @hotchnerfuckmeup

Setting: Season 7  (actually between 6 & 7, sorry)

(Characters: None excluded Prompt?: No

Smut: Yes, if writer wants to

Reader based: Doesn’t matter They want the rest to be a surprise )

Featuring: Derek Morgan x Spencer Reid

Rating: Mature   Warnings: Hell-o Smutty smut

A/N: I got Ashley! Which is amazing and anxiety-inducing. I included Prentiss quotes instead of famous ones, because though she is not “in” this story, her absence is a force itself. I offer up this humble piece for your consumption. (I have actually not read/ written any of this ship yet.) I own none of the characters, images or *quotes*. xoxo Stu

The bright sun reflected off the passing car’s windshield. Agent Morgan caught the movement from the corner of his eye, just behind the car was the unsub high-tailing it through the graveyard. “Rossi, he’s on the move!” Derek Morgan called to the acting unit chief as he began pursuit on foot. He made it across the quiet street and managed to clear the four foot fence with ease.

The large agent’s training kicked in and he soon caught up to the fleeing suspect, dodging headstones like they were defensive linemen. “Marcus Anders, you’ve got no where to go, man.” Agent Morgan warned the fugitive. He knew Anders had entered a mausoleum near the far end of the cemetery, which was surrounded by twelve foot brick walls on this end. He just wasn’t sure which one. Morgan knew his team would be here quickly, but he didn’t want to lose the upper-hand.

He quickly ducked into the first stone building, there was no place to go but straight in and out. No unsub. The second mausoleum was sealed shut; no unsub. Morgan heard the team spread out, taking cover behind various monuments and outcroppings. He nodded to the recently returned JJ as she approached the two unchecked tombs. They approached the next one in the semi-circle together, Rossi and Reid were entering the last one simultaneously.

Derek entered as JJ covered his back, the cross shaped entryway offered no light. As their eyes adjusted, they inched through the cavernous space. In the back of the building, each corner was searched and found empty. Muffled screams froze the agents for a split second before they retreated. Once outside, the sunlight blinded them as they followed Rossi and Reid into the last tomb.

Reid was laying face down on the floor while Rossi was half seated with blood running down his face, his gun pointed firmly at Anders. Derek’s stomach pitched seeing Spencer sprawled out, not sure if he was breathing. The suspect was holding a candle stand like a baseball bat. He froze as the two remaining BAU agents entered.

“Back away from my agent, Anders!” Morgan bellowed. “Drop your weapon!”

Seeing the three aimed guns at his face, Marcus Anders conceded. The rattling of the metal candlestick reverberated through the stone space as JJ cuffed him. Derek ran to Spencer, whispering to him gently, checking his pulse. He was just unconscious, Derek thanked God, he couldn’t loose somebody else. He would not loose Reid, not after Emily.

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