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What other manga/anime/comics etc do you enjoy?

Let’s seeee…I’m going to go with stuff that’s more current because if not I’ll list off old shows from when I was a wee teen and that was many many years ago…

D gray man (another series prone to hiatuses), Boku No Hero Academia, Wild Adapter, 7 deadly sins, Noragami

Tiger and Bunny, Mob Psycho 100, Kill la Kill, Gurren Laggan, Yuri on Ice, Baccano, Bungou Stray Dogs, Death Parade

TV Shows:
Voltron; Legendary Defender, Young Justice (S1 anyway…), Steven Universe

Pokeymans, Fire Emblem (Only played Fates), Bravely Default


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The 7 deadly sins are honestly the key to a happy life.

1. Gluttony - Eat something good. Cake is good, try frowning while eating cake.

2. Lust - Sex releases all kinds of endorphin’s which are your brain’s natural anti-depressants. 

3. Greed - For the love of god look out for yourself for once. Quit trying to please everyone. 

4. Envy - Look up to successful people. Strive everyday to be a little better. Want more for yourself.

5. Anger - Cut poisonous people out of your life and never look back. Do it now, show no mercy.

6. Pride - Have some damn self esteem once in a while. Put on something that makes you feel snazzy and go walk around downtown. 

7. Sloth - Take a break. Make time to relax and quit being a ball of stress.


“Humans are remarkably complex. Their emotions are more bewildering than I thought.” -Gowther

Lust: You are eternally condemned by lost generations. However, you hold use for more than merely sexual desire. For example, a desire for life. A lust for something bigger and more meaningful than oneself, or just something small with little meaning: how their skin feels against another. You are moreso people’s salvation than condemnation. You hold the key to life in many respects. Lust is not sinful, it is the essence of passion.

Gluttony: You want more. So much more for yourself. Many will say you are gluttonous, but is not a negative in all respects. The need to engulf the world whole, to consume everything, to try it all, holds a necessary level of passion. Never allow the jeers of others to make you think you are wrong for your insatiable hunger. Gluttony is not sinful, it is a need for something more.

Greed: Oh, so you want it all? Where’s the problem with that? You want the best of the goods in this world, and you are willing to make it happen. Ambition tucks you in at night, allowing your rest to fall in real luxury. Take it all. The world is your oyster, it revolves around you. If they whisper and gossip of your greed, tell them yes. Be not ashamed of your want. Greed is not sinful, it provides you with a much stronger drive than the best of them.

Sloth: It is time to rest, my dear. You are one that needs the world to move a little slower to keep your head on straight. You need to rest, to sleep, to simply be tired at times and let yourself relax. There’s nothing wrong with breathing the air of a sleepy calmness. It’s smart to stand back and avoid action at times. While others push you to fight, stand firm. Sloth is not sinful, it simply requires a different type of atmosphere.

Wrath: You are angry. Be mad. Be livid. Be rightous. They will tell you that you are too loud, too aggressive, too upsetting; ignore their words. Become the voice you’ve always needed to hear. That anger gives you the voice of change. Do not tread lightly; change the world. Wrath is not sinful, it is a call to make tides to change this state of being.

Envy: You see what everyone else has and you want it. One cannot take issue with the desire to have what another does. They will tell you it’s unhealthy, but a set of goals can be derived from those with a life filled with many pleasures. You will strive to have the best, because you see the sheer quality of life given. Envy is not sinful, it is a way of viewing another’s fortune as a personal opportunity.

Pride: You brag about the things you have accomplished, and you value your reputation. They believe it to be annoying, unnecessary in a way, but they don’t truly understand. You take great pleasure in knowing how you’ve made yourself. You strive to find that which you can accomplish with your own two hands. You know these achievements are great things, your very own, worth every moment of joy. Pride isn’t sinful, it is confidence in yourself.

—  The 7 Deadly Sins may very well be virtues

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