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My friend: Hey what happened on PLL tonight?

Me: Bitch you missed it! Emily, Alison, and Paige are all working at the school, Idk where the hell lil Sabrina went but anyways bitch, Alison’s back on her same old high school bullshit acting like she didn’t have her tongue down Emily’s throat all cuddled up sleeping with her on the couch and shit, Paige is acting like she’s over Emily and trying to be lowkey and shit. So they had a meeting and bitch Alison WENT IN on Paige the second she said “Emily and I…” and bitch Paige wasn’t backing down but she wasn’t landing as hard as Ali so then Emily had to step in like stop fighting over me in school again! Then Emison broke up their non-relationship AGAIN bitch, and Paige tried to talk some sense into Emily for always falling face first into Alison’s lap… I mean trap, how she’s always “the victim” and Em’s always being “Captain Save-a-Hoe”. 

My friend: But like, what happened with the rest of the show? What about A.D.? And all the shit that’s been going on? Who’s alive, who’s dead???

Me: Bitch I don’t know!! I was too busy trying to keep up with Em’s love triangle!


Teal’c entrusting his son to Jack | 7x04 Orpheus

Medical stuff

I’ve been having a more than normal amount of medical problems the past 6 years or so. A lot of asthma attacks, sinus infections, and upper respiratory infections. I also have major depressive disorder with anxiety and chronic fatigue. I’ve gained weight fairly quickly in the past 7 years, after I stopped purging meals. I had gallstones a few years ago. I’ve had autoimmune hives for the past 7 months that showed up for the first time ever when I got extra sick. My medical doctors have been zero help. They fat shame me, don’t listen, and send me on my way. My therapist was very concerned about my health and asked her naturopath friend if there’s anything I could try. (She’s good people.) The first thing the naturopath suggested is that I might have low stomach acid and I should take this supplement to increase my stomach acid. Since I’m on prednisone right now, I can’t do that unless I want to risk getting an ulcer. No thank you. But I did a bunch of Googling about low stomach acid. I found out some very interesting things. Low stomach acid is linked to asthma (check), allergies (check), autoimmune disorders (check), fatigue (check), mood disorders (check), constant hunger (check), compromised immune system (check), indigestion (check), poop troubles (check), etc. (Fun fact: you need the proper pH balance to create amino acids that produce serotonin. Low stomach acid? Hello, Depression.) The pH level of your stomach acid does so many things. It’s amazing. Not only does it break down your food so you can absorb it, it also triggers other organs to function, like your gallbladder and the closing of the sphincter to your esophagus. (Fun fact: heartburn is when the sphincter between your stomach and esophagus stays open and stomach acid gets pushed up into your esophagus by gas. Low stomach acid doesn’t have the proper pH to trigger the closing of the sphincter, so using antacids only makes the problem worse.) Without the proper pH, your stomach can’t break down foods, absorb protein or other nutrients, and causes all sorts of problems. With everything I’ve read, it really does seem like this is the problem I’m having. And if I’m malnourished, it makes sense why I’ve gained weight so fast and have an extremely hard time losing it, if any at all. I didn’t even know this was a thing. Who knew stomach acid was so important to your health? Also, why isn’t this something medical doctors test? All my blood tests were inside the “normal” box so they said I was fine when I clearly wasn’t. I still have 36 hours until I can try the supplement and see if it works, if this is really the problem. I can’t help but get hopeful about it. I finally feel like I can have some answers. Years and years of trying and failing and I’m so close to having a real answer.

me when finals
  • Me: wow finals are coming up i should really start studying
  • Me: hey i've always wanted to watch this show maybe i should watch
  • Me: *watches whole show*
  • Me: hey i've always wanted to watch this other show maybe i should watch
  • Me: *watches whole show*
  • Me: hey i've always wanted to watch this sh