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6. What’s your favourite piece of dialogue you wrote this year?

Pickpocket Pirate Party wins for dialogue, especially Maz, I’m sorry I can’t pick just one line so here is a whole scene:

“Han Solo!”

Everyone went still, aliens and droids and the band, all staring at them. Ben swallowed, backing away. Should they run?

Han gripped his hand tight and raised his free hand disarmingly. “Maz!” he said.

An ancient alien woman approached them, picking her way through the still crowd. Ben felt her in the Force, a durasteel sheet, unyielding and giving away nothing.

“You brought your infant child to my establishment. I’m not surprised,” Maz said. She waved to the band, bracelets on her arms jingling with the movement. “Keep playing!”

The patrons all went back to their drinks, games, and chatter. Ben pulled at his dad’s hand as he took a step back. Han stood firm.

Maz adjusted her goggles and crossed her arms. “If he’s not drinking, he has to leave.”

Ben wordlessly turned to leave, relieved and hurt at the same time. Han caught him by the shoulders and whirled him to face Maz again; Ben stared at the beer-stained floor.

“Maz. Come on. It’s his birthday. I thought, what would be a nice place—“

“You’re the one who reserved the Sabacc table for a birthday?” Maz threw her wrinkled hands in the air and gestured for them to follow her further into the bar. “A Sabacc game for a three-year-old’s birthday—“

“I’m seven,” Ben corrected.

“Three, seven…Child, I once had a rash that lasted for longer than your existence. Where’s my boyfriend?” Maz barked.

7. What’s your favourite piece of description or narration?

From The stars cried out:

The cockpit started to heat up, and another alarm went off. Sweat soaked his robes, and he remembered the humid heat of Yavin 4, crunching through the leafy forest floor, even a slow pace sending droplets of sweat down his back on the hottest days. The group of young friends, led by Poe Dameron, walked to a waterfall to cool off and they laughed and splashed, but he overheard it, he heard everything even when they didn’t say it aloud: “I wish Poe hadn’t invited that weird Ben kid.”

He got out of the water and wordlessly walked away.

10. What, if anything, are you going to try to do differently in your writing in the new year?

Finishing stories before posting them LOL

No but seriously I made a lot of progress in figuring out the best process for myself this year, I want to keep working on my process and creating a routine for myself. Right now I’m at “write it in a notebook first, edit as I dictate to the computer” and that’s been a big breakthrough for me, as simple as that sounds, but making it codified as part of what I do a few days a week is the hard part. I think other aspects I’d like to fix about the writing itself will come if I can create and protect the dedicated writing time.

End of Year Fic-Writer ask meme

Movies I’ve Seen In 2012

12. McLintock! (1963)

Director: Andrew V McLaglen

Starring: John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Patrick Wayne, Chill Wills, Stephanie Powers

Plot: A cattle baron, G.W. McLintock’s wife, who he hasn’t seen in years, arrives in his town and they instantly start to conflict with each other again. He has to deal with her and her desire to take their daughter, who also arrives, back East while also dealing with crooked land-grabbing agents and the men who want to drive the Indians to poor land, as well as men competing for his daughter’s heart.

Opinion: Usually intentionally funny, comedy Westerns aren’t actually all that funny (3 Godfathers comes to mind, which was good but I wouldn’t say a comedy Western as the back cover said). However, I’d say that this was. John Wayne isn’t really suited for a comedy role, if I’m honest, but this does kinda work in a way that it is a little bizarre - which is a good thing! I especially loved the typical Western fights - e.g. the fight near the mud slide which was up there with The Undefeated’s Confederate party fight (also Andrew V McLaglen’s)! It was quite nice for Dick Van Dyke’s younger brother Jerry to turn up too! The only thing I didn’t like all that much about this was the slightly poor quality of the DVD we had, which was in the same collection as the 1930s B-movies for some reason! However, that wasn’t too distracting after a while.

7 out of 10 stars