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Find what? -  The spark. The missing - the piece, that fit. That made me fit because you didn’t want - I can’t. Not with you looking. I dreamed of killing you. I think they were dreams. So weak. Did you make me weak? Thinking of you? Hauling myself, and spilling useless buckets of salt over your- ending. Angel, he should’ve warned me. Makes a good show of forgetting, but it’s here. In me. All the time. The spark. I wanted to give you what you deserve. And I got it. They put the spark in me, and now all it does is burn. -   Your soul.


Toby & Banga!, Goldendoodle & Peekapoo (7 & 9 y/o), The Wag Brigade at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA • “Their purpose is to de-stress and elevate the passenger experience. A lot of people can’t bring their dogs when they travel. Toby and Banga! are two of 25 dogs and one pig in the Wag Brigade program. We’re introdicing a mini horse this week named Cocoa; she’s 120lbs.” • “Toby is self-appointed janetorial staff and snack police. He makes sure there are no crumbs and that nobody boards without snacks. Banga!’s two favorite things are car rides and the beach.” #wagbrigade

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Name: Maddy

Nicknames: sexy (as like a joke between my guy friends)

o   Gender: Female

o  Star Sign: Gemini Cancer cusp

o   Height: 5′4

o   Sexuality: Hetero

o   Hogwarts House: Griffyndor

o   Favorite Animal: cat

o   Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7

o   Doggie or Kittie Person: I love both but I prefer cats

o   Blankets You Sleep With: a deep emerald comforter 

o   Dream Trip: Paris or Japan

o   Dream Job: actress

o   When I made this Blog: No idea xD

o   Followers: 1,289

o   Why I Made a Tumblr: I really loved Diabolik Lovers so I just made a Tumblr to reblog about it

o   Reasons for the URL: idk

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In today’s episode of the clock-verse we meet Orion’s sister and damn she takes no hostages


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So, I have finally finished with the final edits and drawings of the Cactus!RFA. I hope you all like it! And it if it become a little bit demanding, I will consider doing the minor trio~! Have a great day! Please ask before reposting and tell me where it will be reposted as well!

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someone tomorrow: bru-

bruno mars? peter gene hernandez? born october 8th 1985? my lil dad? lil father? lil man? whom i love with his whole 3'2 tall ass? whom i would die for? n take a 24k gold bullet for? every day? For 24 days? Every day week month year and century?

sousuke is jealous and actually crying inside because makoto spends more time looking at his figurine than him