7 mph

Workout Log 4-12-17

Oh, man. I need new compression pants. They kept wanting to fall down this morning and it turns out it’s really hard to pull your pants up while running on a treadmill. I have pants that fit and all, but I really, really like running in these.

So, you’ve probably already figured out I did cardio this morning. I’m probably just going to make this a cardio-heavy week because come tomorrow we’re going to be gearing up to leave state anyway and head to my sister’s house for the holiday weekend. Our gym doesn’t participate in Indiana, so I’m just going to be running on the riverwalk by my mom’s house if it’s not too flooded. 

I don’t have anything major to really report this morning. 5 mph pace, 7 mph bursts; yadda, yadda. 

Playlist Picks: Another contender for “it’s catchy, sue me” is Britney Spear’s Toxic. Every time you hear that guitar riff and that string sting it’s “oh, yeah.” Maybe this is a bit too much of a ballad for a workout, but I adore this song which is why I don’t care it’s a moderate tempo. Breaking Benjamin’s Forget It. I feel like they were pretty big when I was still in high school, and I still overall really enjoy the album this was one.

Sweaty, barely lit gym selfie. My hair looks like crap and I actually love that. 

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i agree with you on the highway thing, but people who've recently been in wrecks also tend to drive a little slower in general. I used to speed around 7 mph over the speed limit, but now i'm super cautious and kind of scared of everything

i literally totaled my car last week and still 1. drive 5 over the limit as God Himself intended (Ezekiel 23:19-21) and 2. firmly believe that anyone who refuses to switch lanes when someone is riding their ass out of spite/some sense of Moral Superiority are dumbasses. it costs you nothing other than having to make the long climb down off your high horse and improves traffic flow for all parties involved

Workout Log 3-23-17

Man, I don’t know what it was about today–but, cardio. Status: Slayed. Maybe it’s because I slept like an absolute rock? Maybe I hit some sort of exact sliver of time for ingesting my fruit and water beforehand? I dunno. Could be all the carbohydrates I ate yesterday! Dunno. Column A, Column B. There’s also the chance that I’m just getting better. Oh, gosh. I should just let myself have this victory. Why, yes. I don’t mind if I do! I did it, after all. 

But, I’m comfortably holding a steady 5 mph pace this morning (up from 4.5 mph in previous weeks) and getting my bursts up to 7 mph (up from 6.0 and 6.5 mph in previous weeks) and wasn’t even entering peak heart zone this morning. I was thinking, “Holy crap, I can still breathe?” I did stick a little walk cycle in, but damn. Not bad for a chick who couldn’t jog 30 seconds straight 18 months ago!

Playlist Picks: Rick Jame’s Super Freak,” tell me that bass line doesn’t make you want to dance! I wouldn’t believe you if you said no. And, Nu Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait.” As much as I wanted to bust moves out on the treadmill, that’s how you get permanent brain damage, I gather. 

Now that I’m home I can actually dance to this music!


Not my daily check in, just a gym check in.

I decided to go to our public, all ages allowed gym (it will be referred to as the rec from here on out). Selfie #1 is a very accurate depiction of me waiting for all the little boys (seven, eight years old) to clear out of the locker room so I could change from my work clothes to my gym clothes. Needless to say, I was livid.

There’s this post floating around Tumblr that’s like “Fit isn’t always pretty” or something like that. So I wanted to prove it right. And oh boy did I. I was sweating so much my glasses were sliding off my face. But! I ran 1.5 miles (after my like 4.5 of walking at work) at 5.5 mph and another ½ mile at 7 mph (I was really feeling it my dudes). After I finished my run, I hit the weights. It is, after all, leg day. So I figured I could bless your eyes with the view I have from the standard leg press machine at the rec. I had a nice, light day hitting all of my muscles and stretching them out. I did some shoulders too, only to discover that my shoulder wasn’t feeling it. At all.

As I was leaving the upstairs portion of the rec (don’t ask), these two girls started sniggering at me. It just made me angry, instead of hurting my feelings like it used to. So I took a deep breath, reminded myself that I’m not hitting the gym to make others happy, and kept on walking. But THEN there were a couple girls doing physical therapy exercises together (I’m assuming the one is recovering from a knee injury and her friend was there for moral support), and they literally said “God. Why do they even let people like HER in?” And I just… Okay. I smiled at them and went downstairs, heading for the locker room to change. So basically that bottom selfie is my “uh, okay sure I don’t belong here”/after workout selfie.

The thing is, I would’ve locked myself in a bathroom stall and bawled my eyes out had I overheard that at pretty much any time before this last month or so. It would’ve destroyed me to the point of not returning to the gym. But it doesn’t anymore, because I understand. I know that judgments like those come from minds of weakness and those who are scared. It’s just one of those things that really bothers you. After spending time in the 24 hour, adult only gym, it’s really disheartening to go to my public gym and find the rude people. I honestly thought it’d be the other way around.

But regardless. I ran out my frustrations and lifted away my anxieties. Here’s to my Daily-Do’s for holding me accountable!

he tastes of asphalt and gunpowder.

It’s hard to remember small beginnings when you’ve created an empire.

(or, an instrumental, slightly narrative, aesthetic playlist for seven men who appeared without a trace)


1. Kavinsky Pacific Coast Highway | 2. Nightstop LA Heat | 3. Lazer Hawk King Of The Streets | 4. Tokyo Rose Midnight Chase | 5. Perturbator Electric Dreams | 6. Garth Knight 88 MPH | 7. Night Runner The Driver | 8. Judge Bitch Workin’ Out In Jeans | 9. Stellar Dreams High End | 10. The Outrunners Diamonds | 11. Compilerbau Gone Bad | 12. College Divided Loyalty | 13. Cougar Synth Can’t Touch My Sneakers | 14. Perturbator Fantasy (ft. Dream Koala) | 15. Scattle Flatline | 16. Miami Nights 1984 Mn84 Theme | 17. Cougar Synth Afterglow | 18. Mitch Murder Remember When

a list of emotions

wet sand

wet sand but coarser than above

wet sand but red. sometimes crunchy

crumbling sandstone indispersed with glass shards

wild, impotent undirectable rage

same as above, but sexual


horrible crushing void in chest

dry sand directed at face at 7 billion mph

quiet cafe

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what's an amphicar?

Oh man, you don’t know how long I have been waiting for an ask like this so I can nerd out.

Amphicars are basically small, amphibious cars that were made in Germany in the 1960s. The well-known model, the Amphicar Model 770 had about three thousand made I think?? It was called the 770 because it could do 70 mph on land and 7 knots (around 8 mph) in the water. 

But due to some problems, some of them flooded and sank, so now there’s only around 500 or less left. Disney bought a bunch of them a while back and there’s tours you can go on in them at Disney World.

I like them a lot because it’s such a cool concept for a car to go in the water. Plus, they are absolutely adorable.

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what's your workout routine :)

OMG okay so this may be a little long so bear with me

  1. i work out everyday for 30-45 minutes (you burn more calories in the first 30 minutes of your workout plus thats all i really have time for) 
  2. on tuesdays + thursdays i will do some sort of disc exercise (yoga, kickboxing,weights,etc.)
  3. everyday besides that i will run on the treadmil (FOR BEGINNERS: start small. 2-3 incline by going 2-4mph. i would do this for about 4 months or so, but every two months after i started working on my speed i would change the speed or inclination a bit. FOR INTERMEDIATES: an inclination is fine but i do 4-5 for a little challenge and 5 mph. i would do this for 6 months FOR EXPERTS: go ham. but also be careful. i go to the top inclination 12 at 6-7 mph)
  4. DRINK WATER!!!! halfway through my workout i refill my water bottle. nike bottles are best because i can pour the water into my mouth and keep going
  5. BRING A TOWEL!!! you will sweat. alot. so keep that in mind on how you dress for this
  6. after a while change up your routine!! your muscles will get too used to your old routine after 2 weeks once you get to the end of you intermediate skill
  7. DONT PUSH YOURSELF TOO HARD if you feel yourself getting sick stop. imediately. you can always work out another time
  8. set a day where you do half as much as you usually do to not stress your muscles
  9. have a day where you dont workout at all to relax your muscles
  10. ALWAYS TAKE BREAKS!!!! i usually break at the half mark of my workout which would usually be at the 15 min mark

The next portion of the “Matt meets my Tumblr friends” weekend started with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and a guided tour of local streets courtesy of Stefanie.

The next day we got to meet Lu who most definitely likes ear scratching (hers, not mine). Lu has some pretty sweet views of Manhattan.

After Matt and I viewed the 9/11 museum Stefanie gave us a convertible ride through Times Square en route to the USS Intrepid museum.

When I first saw the Prius squad car I thought “can they really catch bad guys in that thing?”

Yes. Because the average vehicle speed in Manhattan is about 7 MPH which even a Prius can attain.


Why hello there speed work, (kind of) nice to see you again!

I decided last night that I was going to use my office gym after work to do some speed work. I knew the weather was going to be crappy so running outside wasn’t really an option. Also,
that way when I’m done I can go home and eat dinner and relax right away!

I did 6x400 tonight with 400 recovery and a 1 mile warm up/cool down. I did the first two repeats at 7 mph, the second two at 7.1, and the final two at 7.2.

These felt tough, but good! It’s nice to remind myself that I can run fast when I want to. I definitely could have done more tonight, but I also don’t want to jump right back into long speed work. And I’m not marathon training right now, so I can give myself a break!

I have my eyes on a “Gingerbread Pursuit” 4 mile race on December 12 in Fort Wayne. I’ve never run a 4 mile race so an automatic PR, right? ;) it seems like it could be fun though! I’m waiting to sign up just in case something comes up, but more than likely I’ll be running it. I’m going to be training for it for the next 4 weeks anyway! Something to motivate me :)

Happy Tuesday!