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ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 2

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OMGGG I FORGOT ABOUT YOUNGER DAWN FOR A MINUTE THAT WAS AGES AGO!! Holy shit Elizabeth does look like her :O (Maybe a smaller jaw but whoa)

Dawn was heir quite a while ago now, which is weird because I was on her gen for 8 months! But I’ve been on Elizabeth’s for 7 now, so her’s is going to be much longer… I blame the BC, and the fact I’m the slowest player ever! 

I always think that Elizabeth looks a lot more like Tom because she got his eyes and nose. But sometimes I put her in Dawn, or even her grandmother Hallie’s hair and I can really see the family similarities, it’s weird! 

Why is is that when a woman is always dating men that turn out to be bat shit crazy, she is told to choose her men more wisely? Ya because these niggas came to her on day 1 and was like hey in 7 months imma cheat on you, start hitting you, kill ya dog, steal all ya money etc.
man I’m tired.

Recall - Alternate Take, Chapter 7: Conflict in the Priory

Oh look I didn’t dick about for a month this time like a dumb asshole

I figured seven chapters in would be a good time to start joint-uploading these because I’m a knuckledragging fucking idiot eh, for shits and giggles.

Here’s the link on AO3! The chapter is below the read-more, but allow me to whet your appetite with a quick little excerpt from Chapter 7 of the Bullshit Chronicles.

Amélie soon found herself in the belfry of the monastery again. It hung high above the snow-dusted soil of the courtyard, close enough to the peak to reach out and pluck the ice from its crown. The heavy bronze bell no longer tolled, having long-since resigned to swaying imperceptibly in the harshly cold wind.

It quickly became her favourite spot. The silence gave way only to the whistling gale, which itself fell upon deaf ears when she assumed meditation. Others seldom joined her here, given the temperature and the thinness of the air. She was not similarly bothered by it.

“You usually come here when you are angry.”

This time, however, it appeared she would have to entertain company.

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Honestly as much as I’ve been shitting on TF2, after playing it some more recently it’s still a really fun game. I think it’s just that after playing it for like 3-4 years it naturally got boring. Overwatch helped me take a break and now with that 7 month hiatus to vary things up, TF2 is engaging again. In terms of the gameplay that is. The devs are still dumb af and don’t know how to handle the game. I still like complaining about that a lot. Matchmaking will never be forgiven.

My 2017 resolution is to be more honest and forthcoming about the the things on my mind, so here goes.

The past 6-7 months have been complete shit (more so than the rest of the past ten years) and I am becoming so tired of picking myself up just to get knocked right back down. I understand that I haven’t always made the best choices, but it really feels like any good choices are I make are counter-acted by those around me’s inaction. And my bad choices are amplified by unforeseeable unfortunate events. This has been the past 7 months since I moved on here:
• had to wait two weeks for inspection before I could move into my bedroom
• a week in there’s a flood and we end up with a lot friends staying with us who are now occupying my bedroom i never got to move into for a month
• I sirens must of my free time cleaning the apartment I just moved into because my roommate is in denial about the roach problem.
• I develop carpal tunnel (likely stress induced) and have to take a week and some off of work at my normally steady part time job.
• I get a lot less hours at my part time because people don’t buy as much ice cream as it gets colder.
• consequently I’m late on rent and that starts the biggest stressor with my roommate because now I need to spend more time working to just catch up.
• I get strep throat because my roommate thinks being sick for a month is perfectly normally instead of getting treated for his symptoms; then judges me for taking a day of work to get treated so that I get better within a week instead of a month.
• during all of this I’m constantly dealing with my very extroverted roommate bugging me about issues like cleaning because he feels that if I’m home all day I must have time to clean, despite the fact that it’s mostly his messes, he sleeps until right before his shift everyday, which is never before noon, then usually sleeps for a few hours afterward.
(I’m too tired to finish this right now. To be continued)

Western Canada is on fire

I know I have been posting a lot about the wildfires here in Canada but this shit is scary. 

“Almost 3,000 fires have burned across the four western provinces in 2015, burning a total of 460,000 hectares so far with more than half the season to go.“

To give you a comparison, last year there was a total of 3,500 fires all season. We are only at the start of July. We have a good 3 months of this left.

“Saskatchewan officials said Saturday that 51 communities were under full or partial evacuation. More than 5,000 people are out of their homes already, and an additional 7,900 were ordered to evacuate in the north Saturday“

Thousands of people are being evacuated and this is only ONE province! There are 3 other provinces as well with thousands being evacuated. 

The worst part? There is so much smoke that the air quality is awful. People are being told to stay indoors, to not be active, to keep windows shut. The fact that the temperatures have been hovering around 30C (86F)and have gotten as high as 40C (104) does not help. It makes everything more dry and no one out here has air conditioning because these temperatures are nearly unheard of. 

“As St Mary’s Hospital in nearby Sechelt filled to at capacity and B.C. Emergency Health Services reported a significant spike in ambulance calls from smoke-related respiratory distress“

Now here is the really scary part. These 4 provinces total 2.9 MILLION KMsq. The total area of California? 423 THOUSAND KMsq. This means the thousands of fires are effecting a land area the size of 6 California’s! Or, an area the size of California + Nevada + Arizona + Utah + Colorado + New Mexico + Texas + Oklahoma + Kansas

I am frustrated that this is not getting more coverage on Tumblr. If fires were effecting 9 states side by side by side, EVERYONE would know about it. We are having to bring in the military to help fight the fires because we just can’t do it with the thousands of people we already have.

PLEASE spread the pictures and the coverage of the fires and PLEASE send up positive thoughts and do whatever it is you do to make it rain. We need water out here. We NEED rainfall or else we are going to lose a lot more of Canadian forests and cities to fires this year. It is NOT looking good for us. 

Niall: * stays off about zayns topic for about 7 months*

         * Follows fan after she asks him if hes grateful 4 zayn*

         * follows zayn both in niazkilam and zayn*

* was in Australia for sports stuff but got to L.A a day before Zayns bday and stayed there for days*

       * understands Zayns reasons of leaving better than anyone will ever*

       * loves and craves Zayn* 

Someone: So zialls dead right?


OCT 7 - Didn’t feel like colouring properly or refining.

Nothing’s spookier than Vampire and Demon bishounens. You have to applaud the protagonists though for putting up with their shit.

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I’m slowly being suckered into more and more otome game based animes… and the games themselves.

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So it’s #noshameday, and instead of a bunch of selfies I thought I’d instead share some images from my journey.
My name is Amanda and I have Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that attacks my brain and spine.
The first image above is the one I feel is most important. That photo was taken the day I was diagnosed, two years after the initial attack that left me unable to walk for almost two months. I would have 2 more similar attacks before that photo was taken and 2 after. On the day that photo was taken, I called out of work, cried for hours, decided I couldn’t do that to myself, and went for a long drive. I resolved with myself that day to stay positive and even through all the hard, trying shit, through all the different treatments, therapies, and screenings, I have done just that.
It has been 7 years since that photo was taken and I have gone almost 4 years now without a serious relapse since switching to the most bad ass treatment currently available. Though I do have some permanent nerve damage in my arms and legs, and even though I am in a constant struggle with fatigue, I am now living with an “invisible disease”, which has it’s highs and lows, like the whole “you don’t look sick” thing and people not understanding it takes a little more than a damn good cup of coffee to deal with fatigue. But I am living. And it is a good time to be alive.
As MS has hindered my mobility some, I often found myself dreaming about running. Running as fast as I could, until I was weightless, until my feet would leave the ground. For the first time in years I ran this past weekend, as fast as my feet could take me, until I was breathless, and I cried an ugly happy beautiful cry. I had zero shame in my tears. I will always be proud of my triumphs, regardless of how small and simple they may seem to others.
MS is a part of me, but it is not all of me. I will continue to fight it tooth and nail, and I will be proud, and positive to the end. Inside these soft, fragile bodies, we are all so much stronger than we know.

  • yg : what do u want ?
  • ppl : mmhhh, cl / 2ne1 comeback, IT'S BEEN MORE THAN 2 YEARS ??? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RUIN THE BEST GIRLGROUP THAT WAS EVER CREATED ? bigbang’s made would be GREAT i mean it was so supposed to be released like a year ago ? OR WINNER'S X ...IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A YEAR PROJECT AND WE HAD ONLY E ?????
  • yg : oh wait what about giving to ikon a comeback when they had a comeback like 5 months ago, with 10 songs + 7 MVs ???? HOLY SHIT I'M SUCH A GENIUS
ruin my rep: pt. 6

AN: HOLY FUCKING SHIT IM BACK FROM THE DEAD! i’m so so sorry for not uploadidng this even after a lot of ppl asked for it, i just didn’t have the inspiration. I PROMISE IF YOU WANT A PART 7 IT WONT TAKE MORE THN TWO MONTHS TO UPLOAD:):):) everyone has probably forgotten about this and its not too great, but i like were its going…

if you want a part 7, request in my inbox:)

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The lingering looks, sly smiles and shy words were all you and calum were sharing between each other. it’s weird, you thought. you had hated this boy just a couple of months ago and now you were starting to feel something for him, maybe. hopefully not, because that would be a mess.

Calum, on the other hand, was completely confident in suppressing his feelings for you. maybe a couple of months ago he couldn’t have given a load of dog crap if he broke your heart, but now he would rather get the money and not totally ruin you. even though you would try to hide your small smile whenever he talked to you and your sudden insecurity around him made him appreciate you even more, you both were sure that this form of childhood love would soon pass.

“what do you want to be when you get out of here?” calum asked you one day during a lecture from your anthropology professor. you pulled your sweater sleeves so they covered your hands, (another one of your quirks that he loved about you).

“an anthropologist, smart one. why else would I take this class?” you giggled quietly, writing down whatever was on the smartboard.

“point taken,” calum chuckled.

for the rest of the day calum followed you around like a little puppy dog. you hadn’t minded at all, and once you got to your dorm you didn’t know what to do. should you invite him in? is that too much? oh god, why were you overthinking this? you were friends and nothing more. you would never be anything more than that.

“so–” you began, but once you spun around to invite him in, you stopped. you both were in very close proximity, noses nearly touching. you took a peek at his lips while he did the same with you. you knew by the way your stomach exploded inside of you that there was something about him that you were hooked on. and in your imagination, you hoped there was something about you that he was hooked on too.

once you and calum parted ways, you took a nap and calum went home and tried to drink away his thoughts about you. he could not afford to pay Luke that much money and pay for college. despite what you and the entire campus thought he wanted to graduate and have a good life.

“how can you tell he’s falling for her? what can you possibly know about falling in love, Hemmings?” calum heard a girl yell, a very familiar one to say the least. after downing his fifth shot, he continued to listen to their conversation through the thin walls.

“a lot more than you think, jaylee.” luke yelled, the sound of crashing objects clattering onto the floor followed it. “if he doesn’t go through with my bet and chooses her over the money, you don’t get the five.”

jaylee scoffed. “what the hell, dude! that wasn’t the plan! what’s your deal with y/n anyway? why do you have to hurt my best friend? its kinda a dick move!”

“look whos talking!” luke said. “she’s trying to ruin his reputation, and i don’t need that for my fraternity, alright?”

calum could feel the both of them staring each other down. “i’ll get him to forget about her, alright?” jaylee’s tone changed dramatically, almost to an evil pitch.

“why are you so desperate for this money? i could help you out you know..” luke trailed off.

“mind your business, luke. we’ll talk later.” jaylee’s footsteps padded through the hallway and out of the house.

calum didn’t really know what was gonna suck more; the fact that y/n’s best friend is in on this plan or that he was gonna be too drunk to remember anything in the morning.

drunk // j.g. part 1

“Come on Y/N please come to this party with me!” my best friend begged me. “I get it that you’re sad and all but think about it! We can just get drunk off our asses and you can forget about him” she begged. 

“Alright alright let me get ready” I agreed. I hopped in the shower and as I started to wash my body, my thoughts couldn’t help but wander to my ex. We were dating for 7 months before he broke it off with me. The more I thought about him, the sicker I felt. I later found out, that he had been screwing some other girl for the last 2 months of our “relationship”. What a piece of shit. I turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around my body. God, I could use some alcohol. I decided that this was the first time since the breakup that I was going out. I quickly blow-dried my hair and left it a curly mess. I applied some eyeliner, mascara, and some tinted lip-gloss before I got dressed.

“HEY Y/F/N WHAT SHOULD I WEAR” I yelled down the hall. 

“JUST WEAR SOMETHING CUTE BUT ALSO SLUTTY” she yelled back while laughing.

I sighed as I opened my closet to see what I could wear. I decided to wear some booty shorts that my ass peeked out of. I paired it with a loose Nirvana crop top and my solid white vans. I looked myself up and down in the mirror and I have to admit. I looked fucking good. 

“Hey Y/N are you ready?” Y/F/N asked as she poked her head through my door. I nodded my head and started making my way to the kitchen. I grabbed 2 bottles of water so that we could try and minimize our hangovers  that we’d surely have tomorrow morning. I grabbed my keys and hopped into my car. “Who’s house are we going to anyways?” I asked her. She simply replied “Sammy’s having a party at his place tonight. So we can check it out.” I bit my lip and nodded my head as I started up the car. As I was driving to his house, I couldn’t help but wander if my ex was gonna be there. I realized that he’s out of my life and I shouldn’t care about him anymore. I was gonna have the night of my fucking life. As we turned onto Sammy’s street I noticed that there were cars everywhere. I parked my car and we made our way into his house. As we walked in, I could feel the bass of the music in my chest, it smelled like weed and booze. I looked around to notice that Y/F/N had disappeared on me. Great. I made my through the throngs of people and looked for the kitchen. When I got there, I noticed tree were tons of bottles on the counter. I grabbed the tequila and Mountain Dew and poured it into my cup. As I took a sip I felt the tequila’s slow burn as it descended down my throat. Fuck it felt so nice. I mingled and talked with a few people before sitting down on the couch. I was on my 2nd drink and I was feeling pretty buzzed. I heard someone clearing their throat next to me. I turned around and gasped at who was sitting next to me. 

“GILINSKY?? HOLY SHIT IS THAT REALLY FUCKING YOU??” I screamed as I launched myself into his arms. He laughed and spun me around. Gilinsky has been my best friend since 3rd grade and we were kind of a thing 2 years ago. But unfortunately, he had became really popular on the internet, went on tour, moved to LA. A whole bunch of crazy shit that people dreamed about doing. He was finally back! “Woah there Y/N you good?” He asked, smiling as he put me down. I noticed how his half-hooded eyelids and realized he was probably high as fuck. Same old Gilinsky. “Holy shit Gilinsky you’re back! Come upstairs with me! Tell me everything new!” I dragged him by his arm upstairs into Sammy’s room. We were both pretty fucked up and stumbled onto Sammy’s bed. We talked for what seemed like hours about LA, his music and everything new in his life. “You know Y/N.. I really fucking missed you.” He mumbled. He looked at me through his hooded and bloodshot eyes and slowly leaned in. With the tequila pumping in my vains, and before I realized what I was doing. I leaned in too. As soon as our lips touched, I felt a spark. I’m guessing he felt it too because I could have sworn I heard him moan. I felt his tongue hit my bottom lip and I immediately granted him permission. His tongue slowly made its way into my mouth, slowly exploring it. His hands went straight to my waist and neck. I let out a soft moan as the kiss started to get more aggressive. 

Welllllllll that was part 1… It’s my first imagine so idk if it’s that good or not LOL. But yeah the next part will be smut. Let me know what you guys think???

I mean what the fuck is Jaime going to do in season 7, seriously? Will he eventually be cool with what Cersei did? Will they drag this incest shit out even more? Will he leave? If so where will he go? Would Cersei let him leave? Will he meet Brienne again? Will we actually see hints of Book!Jaime? I mean fuck man I don’t need 10 months of this bullshit. 

30 Day Satan and Me fandom Challenge

Day 1- Favorite male character

Day 2- Favorite female character

Day 3- Favorite thing about the series

Day 4- Least favorite thing about the series

Day 5- Favorite ship

Day 6- Person who has the best piercings

Day 7- Favorite quote

Day 8- Character that just does not deserve the shit they go through

Day 9- Character that deserves way more shit to go through

Day 10- Favorite non-supernatural character

Day 11- Least favorite character

Day 12- A scene that makes you sad

Day 13- A scene that makes you laugh

Day 14- The first characters you shipped

Day 15- Favorite update

Day 16- Most surprising moment of the series

Day 17- Most ridiculous moment of the series

Day 18- Character you relate to most

Day 19- Character you’d want to be best friends with

Day 20- Dream cast for a movie/TV series

Day 21- A character you grew to love

Day 22- A character you don’t love anymore

Day 23- Least favorite plot line, arc, or scene

Day 24- Overall favorite scene

Day 25- A minor character you love

Day 26- A song that reminds you of the series or its characters

Day 27- Most precious cinnamon roll

Day 28- Most precious sinnamon roll

Day 29- Something you wish was in the comic but wasn’t

Day 30- How did you get into the series