7 minutes silence


There once was a young boy sitting in class reading his books as good boys do when the professor approached him and said “Hey buddy, you’re not from these parts are you?”

The boy looked up from his book and furrowed his brow at the teacher who had just adorned himself with a button saying “Deport anyone coming from countries starting with C”

At first the boy panicked, but he stayed resolute. “Yes sir, I am from the proud country of Croatia”

The teacher laughed spilling saliva all over the desk “Why did ya move here?? We dont appreciate your C kind in these parts!” The teacher knocked over a globe because he thought he saw Cambodia.

The boy stood up from his desk and put down his copy of the Holy Bible. “Professor, I have a question for you. Where do you come from?”

The teacher and all of the classmates laughed again as he answered “I moved here from Roswell”

The boy then stared deeply into the professor’s eyes not breaking his gaze for 7 minutes. Then breaking the silence, he said


The teacher panicked, charging out of the room with tears in his eyes as he immediately changed his ways and drank an entire bottle of Maple Syrup and bought a franchise of Panda Express. The entire classroom erupted with applause.

The boy’s name……….Danny DeVito

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18 years since the people of Hogwarts sacrificed themselves for the greater good. May we remember them as the people they were by raising our wands to the sky. There is going to be a 7 minute silence at 7pm in each time-zone, please join us as we pay our respects to the fallen from the Battle of Hogwarts. May we always remember May 2nd 1998