7 miler

My First Affair

I used to work at a small PR firm in Florida. We had 5 employees and our office was this old converted 6 bedroom, 2 story house. The office had 3 full bathrooms wither showers which made it convenient to go running before or after work, shower, and change.

I convinced my boss to start training for a 15k race. He was hesitant at first, but I told him I’d train with him and make sure he was ready. Well, we started running 3-4 days a week after work. After running, we’d go inside and I’d head to the upstairs bathroom and shower. He had his own full bath attached to his office on the main floor.

Well, after 5-6 weeks we started flirting a little and we had a little playful sexual banter. One night, after a 7 miler, we got back and I went upstairs and hopped in the shower. 2 minutes later, I heard the door creek open and Brian calmly undressed, and stepped in directly behind me, pressing his cock against my ass and started massaging my breasts.

He wasted no time with light foreplay and put one hand on the top of my back and bent me over and started fucking me in the shower. Before he came, I tried pulling out, but he just kept burying himself inside of me. I turned around and told him i wasn’t on birth control and he said “good.” And proceeded to cum inside of me.

We had sex 3 more times that night before I went home to my husband. That night changed my life and started an affair lasting a year. It got me hooked on unprotected, unabashed, bareback sex.

I’m Back!

I was on vacation for about the past week but I am back in Denver and working.

I see my sister tonight, which is awesome!

Our next half marathon is in 26 days and we need to do some good work to make it more possible. Today’s goal is 2 miles, tomorrow’s goal is 3 miles, and then this weekend we want to do a 7 miler. Hopefully next weekend we can do an 8 miler, 9 miler on the 1st of April, and then the half marathon the following weekend.

We can do this!

BREAKING NEWS: I’M NOT AS OUT OF SHAPE AS I THOUGHT. I’m so happy right now. This was only my second run outside for 2014 because this winter has been an icy mess. I’ve spent the past few weeks on the treadmill and was struggling to run 5 miles, but after getting outside I now know I’m in better shape than I thought. It was still cold and so so windy, but I was so incredibly happy to be outside. It didn’t even feel hard?! Like 8:16 pace..? I’m honestly shocked. And I have sucha runners high right now, sorry guys. Just so glad I got to enjoy today and finally feel out of my “running slump”!!

here’s a little rant: A BIG FUCK YOU TO GRIMY CAT CALLERS. when running today I had middle-aged men holler at me and a group of high school boys fucking follow me for a half mile yelling “hey baby call me sometime” “damn look at that girl move those long sexy legs” IM DONE. I’m not some object or thing that you can subjugate me to this treatment. I told them all to fuck off. I can run laps around you as a do my 7 miler at 7:43 pace 🖕🏻 females (males too) you gotta stick up for yourselves