7 miler

tuesday trot


the road to new york

An easy 7 miler on a cool comfortable cloudy fall-like day, would have been great for tomorrow’s 5k but it’s supposed to warm up again by race time.  Feeling more recovered than the past few days, looking forward to a restful evening and sleep before tomorrow - another road race party in the neighborhood.  

anonymous asked:

what does recovery look like for you

I’ve been waiting for a specific moment to happen to answer this because truthfully, I didnt really know and it changes every day.

But today at work my boss came over to me and said
“Hey Caity, I know you’re so healthy but we brought in donuts.. do you want one?.”

And I so badly wanted to say no but I so badly wanted to eat a donut.

So I said yes and she looked so surprised and happy that I said yes and let me tell ya it WAS TO DIE FOR.

I also thought about only eating half of it and saving it for my mom. Also said screw it and ate the whole thing and that’s what fueled my 7 miler for the day and it was fast and great.


4 miles this morning 🙇🏽‍♀️🐮🌼
It was actually chilly and I had goosebumps the first half mile of my run. It was a good run. Half a mile from the finish, my left hamstring started hurting and I had to push for it. My legs were more tired today and it was early so they weren’t quite awake so this run didn’t ebb and flow the same way as my 7 miler on Saturday did, I had to fight against my legs a little bit and encourage them to keep going. Such a good run, I’m truly blessed to be able to run everyday. ❤

I like this picture even though it’s blurry.  I was caught by surprise, but I still look happy.  Which I was: my calf felt better, there was a breeze, and I was in the middle of a great 7 miler!  My calf is black and blue from the Graston scraping my PT did, but I think it will improve even more when that subsides. He confirmed what the doctor said about what the problem was, which is good!  

I spent the day reading Dante’s Inferno and watching Netflix, which was very relaxing.  I also did an hour of core and yoga (which felt GREAT), and stretched/rolled my calves and my feet a ton.  Tomorrow should be a fantastic day: long run and brunch with a great friend,  and my dad is coming home to help us move!

BREAKING NEWS: I’M NOT AS OUT OF SHAPE AS I THOUGHT. I’m so happy right now. This was only my second run outside for 2014 because this winter has been an icy mess. I’ve spent the past few weeks on the treadmill and was struggling to run 5 miles, but after getting outside I now know I’m in better shape than I thought. It was still cold and so so windy, but I was so incredibly happy to be outside. It didn’t even feel hard?! Like 8:16 pace..? I’m honestly shocked. And I have sucha runners high right now, sorry guys. Just so glad I got to enjoy today and finally feel out of my “running slump”!!

here’s a little rant: A BIG FUCK YOU TO GRIMY CAT CALLERS. when running today I had middle-aged men holler at me and a group of high school boys fucking follow me for a half mile yelling “hey baby call me sometime” “damn look at that girl move those long sexy legs” IM DONE. I’m not some object or thing that you can subjugate me to this treatment. I told them all to fuck off. I can run laps around you as a do my 7 miler at 7:43 pace 🖕🏻 females (males too) you gotta stick up for yourselves

5 years ago today, on 22 February 2009, it was a Sunday, was a dark brown, almost black, colt born. 
His sire was the great Dansili, and his dam was All My Loving, a daughter of Champion Miler and 7 times Leading Sire Saddler’s Wells.

The little dark brown colt got the name Thomas Chippendale and went out to be a great race horse.
Trained by Sir Henry Cecil, owned by Sir Robert Ogden, ridden by Tom Queally, Johnny Murtagh and one time by Paul Hanagan, and cared for by his beloved groom Luis Villarroel (photo), Thomas Chippendale broke his maiden in his second start, in October 2011. At the age of three he won two races, including the King George VII Stakes.
In 2013, as a four year old, he ran second to Al Kazeem in the Gordon Richard Stakes, and second in the Buckhounds Stakes to Ektihaam
However, he would win his last race, while running his heart out and beating his “half brother” Dandino in the 2013 Hardwicke Stakes.

Happy Birthday Chip! <3
We will remember you as the great horse you where, and not the tragic ending. 

(Note: Dandino is out of Generous Diana, but I like to call him and Chip (and The Fugue, out of Twyla Tharp) “halfsiblings” because they look a lot like eachother and have the same sire.)
- I don’t know who the owner of this photo is, but all credits goes to the owner!