7 march 2013

Masterpost: Tom Hiddleston’s Twitter Songs of the Day

  1. Oct 19, 2011. ‘The Immortals’, Kings of Leon. 
  2. Oct 20, 2011. ‘May You Never’, John Martyn.
  3. Oct 22, 2011. ‘Use Somebody’ (Armin Van Buuren Rework), Laura Jansen.
  4. Oct 23, 2011. ‘Flashing Red Light Means Go’, The Boxer Rebellion. 
  5. Oct 24, 2011. ‘The Battle’, Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard, from Gladiator. 
  6. Oct 25, 2011. ‘Festival’, Sigur Rós. 
  7. Oct 26, 2011. ‘Holocene’, Bon Iver.
  8. Oct 27, 2011. ‘The Power of Love’, Huey Lewis & The News.
  9. Oct 28, 2011.  ‘Eternal Father, Strong to Save’, City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra & Crouch End Festival Chorus.
  10. Oct 29, 2011.  ‘Express Yourself’, by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.
  11. Oct 31, 2011.  ‘Ghostbusters’, by Ray Parker Jnr.
  12. Oct 31, 2011. “Ghost of Things to Come’, by Clint Mansell (from Requiem For A Dream). 
  13. Oct 31. 2011. ‘The Ghost of O’Donoghue’, by Johnny Flynn.  
  14. Nov 1, 2011.  ‘Look At The Sky’, by Ulrich Schnauss. 
  15. Nov 2, 2011.  ‘Grow Till Tall’, by Jónsi. 
  16. Nov 6, 2011. ‘Mr Brightside’ (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Mix), by The Killers.
  17. Nov 7, 2011. ‘The First Time’, by Matt Fischel 
  18. Nov 14, 2011. ‘A Real Hero’, by College & Electric Youth.
  19. Nov 25, 2011. ‘Once In A Lifetime’, by Talking Heads.
  20. Nov 26. 2011. ‘God Moving Over the Face of the Waters’, by Moby.
  21. Dec 3, 2011. ‘Life On Mars?’ (Live at Fashion Rocks), by David Bowie & Arcade Fire.
  22. Dec 24, 2011. ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, by Band Aid 
  23. Dec 29, 2011. ‘Generator 1st Floor’, by Freelance Whales
  24. Dec 29, 2011. ‘We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)’, by Rihanna. 
  25. Dec 31, 2011. ‘No Limit’, 2 Unlimited. 
  26. Jan 2, 2012.  ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’, by The Killers. 
  27. Jan 7, 2012. ‘Simple Twist of Fate’, by Bob Dylan. 
  28. Jan 13, 2012. ‘Friday I’m In Love’, by The Cure. 
  29. Jan 15, 2012. ‘With Or Without You’, by U2.
  30. Jan 16, 2012. ‘Skokiaan’ (South African Song), by Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars 
  31. Jan 22, 2012.  ‘Sons of Scotland’, James Horner, Braveheart.
  32. Jan 24, 2012. ‘Si tu vois ma mere’, by Sidney Bechet (Midnight in Paris) and ‘The Reunion’, by John Williams (War Horse). 
  33. Jan 27, 2012. ‘Minnesota, WI’, by Bon Iver.
  34. Jan 27, 2012. ‘Perth’, by Bon Iver.
  35. Jan 27, 2012. ‘Just Breathe’, by Pearl Jam. 
  36. Jan 29, 2012. ‘Paris’, by Groove Armada featuring Candi Staton. 
  37. Jan 30, 2012. ‘The Ghost of O'Donoghue’, by Johnny Flynn.
  38. Jan 31, 2012.  ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’, by Bonnie Raitt, covered by Bon Iver.
  39. Feb 11, 2012. ‘First Breath After Coma’, by Explosions In The Sky.
  40. Feb 12, 2012. ‘Postcard from 1952′, by Explosions In The Sky.
  41. Feb 13, 2012. ‘Be My Baby’’, by the Ronnettes
  42. Feb 26, 2012.  ‘Good Vibrations’, by Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch. 
  43. Feb 27, 2012. ‘The Mighty Rio Grande’, by This Will Destroy You. 
  44. March 8, 2012. ‘I’ll Fly Away’ in a version by Gillian Welch & Alison Krauss.
  45. March 11, 2012. ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, by Simon & Garfunkel.
  46. March 12, 2012. ‘Midnight City’, by M83.
  47. March 14, 2012. ‘Big Red Machine’, by Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon. 
  48. March 27, 2012. ‘Set You Free’, by N-Trance. 
  49. April 8, 2012. ‘Love U More’, by Sunscreem.
  50. April 9, 2012. ‘Dakota’, by Stereophonics.
  51. April 11, 2012. ‘Kathy’s Song’, by Simon & Garfunkel.
  52. April 17, 2012. ‘What A Fool Believes’, by The Doobie Brothers.
  53. April 18, 2012. ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’, by Bob Dylan.
  54. April 18, 2012. ‘A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth)’ by College.
  55. April 23, 2012.  ‘Old Pine’, by Ben Howard.
  56. April 26, 2012. ‘Sweet Disposition’. by The Temper Trap.
  57. April 27, 2012. ‘Use Somebody’, by Kings of Leon.
  58. April 27, 2012. ‘Shuriken’, by Madeon. 
  59. April 27, 2012. ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Jay-Z (feat Alicia Keys)
  60. April 28, 2012. ‘Icarus’, by Madeon.
  61. April 30, 2012. ‘Fake Empire’, by The National. 
  62. May 2, 2012. ‘Lisztomania’, by Phoenix.
  63. May 3, 2012. ‘Something Good Can Work’, by Two Door Cinema Club.
  64. May 4, 2012. ‘Friday, I’m In Love’, The Cure.
  65. May 5, 2012. ‘Don’t Stop Believin’, by Journey.
  66. May 5, 2012. ‘I Was Young When I Left Home’, by Bob Dylan.
  67. May 11, 2012. ‘Pumped Up Kicks’, By Foster The People.
  68. May 13, 2012. ‘Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)’, by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition.
  69. May 15, 2012. ‘I Told You I Was Freaky’, by Flight of the Conchords.
  70. May 21, 2012. ‘Lose Yourself’, by Eminem.
  71. May 22, 2012. ‘The Mighty Rio Grande’, by This Will Destroy You.
  72. May 25, 2012. ‘Friday, I’m In Love;, by The Cure.
  73. May 31, 2012. ‘Sweet Thing’, by Van Morrison.
  74. June 4, 2012. ‘Downtown Train’, by Tom Waits.
  75. June 6, 2012. ‘Just Breathe’, by Pearl Jam.
  76. June 12, 2012. ‘Start a War’, by The National.
  77. June 14, 2012. ‘Santa Monica Dream’, by Angus & Julia Stone.
  78. June 15, 2012. ‘You’re So Cool’, Hans Zimmer from the soundtrack to True Romance. 
  79. June 16, 2012. ‘Who We Are (Original Mix)’, by Luigi Lusini. 
  80. June 17, 2012. ‘Quiet’, by This Will Destroy You.
  81. June 19, 2012. ‘Starships’, by Nicki Minaj. 
  82. June 20, 2012. ‘Minnesota, WI’, by Bon Iver.
  83. June 21, 2012. ‘A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth)’, by College.
  84. June 24, 2012. ‘Love Like A Sunset Pt 2′, by Phoenix. 
  85. June 28, 2012. ‘Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone’, by The Temptations.
  86. June 29, 2012. ‘Boogie Chillen’, by John Lee Hooker. 
  87. June 30, 2012. ‘Please Mr. Postman’, by The Marvelettes. 
  88. July 1, 2012. ‘Come Softly To Me’, by The Fleetwoods. 
  89. July 2, 2012. ‘Heatwave’, by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas 
  90. July 3, 2012. ‘Heat’, by Kronos Quartet. 
  91. July 6, 2012. ‘My Girls’, by Animal Collective.
  92. July 12, 2012. ‘One More Time’, by Daft Punk.
  93. July 13, 2012. ‘Baba O'Riley’, by The Who. 
  94. July 20, 2012. ‘The Mighty Rio Grande’, by This Will Destroy You. 
  95. July 21, 2012. ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’, by The National. 
  96. July 28, 2012. ‘Homeward Bound’, by Simon & Garfunkel
  97. Aug 2, 2012. ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’, by U2 (“Live” if you can find it, from RATTLE & HUM).
  98. Aug 13, 2012. ‘Love Train’, by The O’Jays. 
  99. Aug 14, 2012. ‘Best of my Love’, by The Emotions.
  100. Aug 15, 2012. ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’, by Prince.
  101. Aug 21, 2012. ‘Heart Shaped Stone’, by Freddie Stevenson. 
  102. Aug 22, 2012. ‘Love Like A Sunset, Pt. 1′, by Phoenix.
  103. Aug 26, 2012. ‘Holocene’, by Bon Iver.
  104. Aug 31, 2012. ‘Friday I’m In Love’, by The Cure.
  105. Sept 6, 2012. ‘Santa Monica Dream’, by Angus & Julia Stone. 
  106. Sept 8, 2012. ‘Perfect Day’, by Lou Reed.
  107. Sept 9, 2012. ‘Postcard from 1952′, by Explosions in The Sky. 
  108. Sept 11, 2012. ‘Go Do’, by Jonsi. 
  109. Sept 16, 2012. ‘With or Without You’, by U2 (Alucard & Sean Tyas Remix). 
  110. Sept 26, 2012. ‘I Will Wait’, by Mumford & Sons.
  111. Oct 2, 2012. ‘Let’s Stay Together’, by Al Green.
  112. Oct 18, 2012. ‘Lemonworld’, by The National.
  113. Oct 24, 2012. ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’, by Bon Iver.
  114. Oct 27, 2012. ‘The Mighty Rio Grande’, by This Will Destroy You. 
  115. Nov 5, 2012. ‘My Tears Are Becoming a Sea’, by M83.
  116. Nov 8, 2012. ‘U Can’t Touch This’, by MC Hammer. 
  117. Nov 21, 2012. ‘Once There Was a Hushpuppy’, by Dan Romer & Behn Zeitlin.
  118. Nov 22, 2012. ‘One Love / People Get Ready’, by Bob Marley.
  119. Nov 23, 2012. ‘Brooklyn Sound’, by Silicon. 
  120. Nov 25, 2012. ‘The Bathtub (feat. The Lost Bayou Ramblers)’, by Dan Romer and Behn Zeitlin. 
  121. Dec 2, 2012. ‘The Bathtub’, Dan Romer and Lost Bayou Ramlers
  122. Dec 20, 2012. ‘Once In A Lifetime’, by Talking Heads. 
  123. Dec 30, 2012. ‘Grow Till Tall’, by Jónsi.
  124. Jan 6, 2013. ‘Intro (feat. Zola Jesus)’, by M83.
  125. Jan 10, 2013. ‘Got My Mind Set On You’, by George Harrison.
  126. Jan 13. 2013. ‘Outro’, by M83. 
  127. Jan 16, 2013. ‘Elegy’, by Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy.
  128. Jan 20, 2013. ‘Below My Feet’, by Mumford & Sons.
  129. Feb 9, 2013. ‘Celebration’. Kool & the Gang. 
  130. Feb 13, 2013. The Mighty Rio Grande’ by This Will Destroy You. 
  131. Feb 15, 2013. ‘[Untitled Track] *3′, by Sigur Rós, 
  132. March 7, 2013. ‘Seven Seas of Rhye’, by Queen
  133. March 8, 2013. ‘Last Known Surroundings’, by Explosions In The Sky.
  134. March 11, 2013. ‘Somebody To Love’, Queen. 
  135. April 2, 2013. ‘Harder Than You Think’, by Public Enemy.
  136. May 28, 2013. ‘Contact’, Daft Punk. 
  137. Sept 7, 2013. ‘Parasol’, by Jonquil.
  138. Oct. 2, 2013. ‘Rafstraumur’, by Sigur Rós.
  139. Jan 1, 2014. "Lost In Music" by Sister Sledge.
  140. Feb 11, 2014. ‘Outro’, by M83.
  141. July 11, 2015. ‘Get Down Saturday Night’ by Oliver Cheatham.
  142. Sept 29, 2016. ‘00000 Million’ by Bon Iver.

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Glee episode 4X15 “Girls (and Boys) on Film original airdate - March 7, 2013

anonymous asked:

I agree so much with your post! Thank you! I also think Dan really does praise Phil often so I don’t get why people used to say he was so mean to him or whatever? I guess people just didn’t understand they were joking with each other. Idk but I think it has always been obvious how much he cares for Phil.

Yeah I agree. Especially these days when Dan makes it 8000% clear to everyone. But I think a lot of this idea came to fruition in relation to the tenseness of late 2012. It’s the time when he could most easily be accused of insulting Phil or just generally appearing standoffish on camera. I think people did sense that there was something a bit ‘off’ as a result of all the drama that went down. Yet even through that time period, the admiration and fondness was still palpable in my opinion. Just in a far more subdued way. He was still ready to jump to defense mode at the thought of anyone misreading his behavior as him “thinking less” of Phil. 

For example, (this) vyou clip of Dan. It may actually be the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but my god it’s almost unnerving to watch. It somehow manages to make me feel guilty as hell even though he wasn’t even talking to me lol. He has that sort of quiet but intense anger, like a parent scolding a child. To me, this is almost the embodiment of 2012 Dan’s online demeanor when interacting with fans. This was actually posted March 7 2013, but it was still soon enough after the late 2012 drama that I consider it to be in the same time period. Even right in the midst of his prime anti-shipping,“we’re two separate people,” overtly trying to distance himself from Phil when on camera phase, he was still not afraid to display such a strong protective instinct over his friendship with Phil. This question and the claim being made very clearly bothered him. Immensely. I don’t know if we’ve ever had another example of this kind of anger from Dan? But it’s apparent how much the idea of someone thinking he disliked or mistreated Phil struck a nerve with him. He clearly takes great offense to that and almost views the idea as so ridiculous or absurd that he can’t understand why anyone could possibly think that way.

While I do understand how some might have gotten that impression during that time period, I tend to agree that it has always been obvious how much Dan cares. I just think some people used to misinterpret their banter and playfulness with each other as rudeness. I guess those who might be more unfamiliar with Dan and Phil could watch and interpret it in the wrong way? To me, it’s more than apparent that they would never in a million years intend to harm one another. But perhaps that depends on having had the full context and a particular sense of humor. Either way, Dan was definitely not amused with the idea of anyone assuming he thought less of Phil. Quite interesting and telling to see that sort of protective response from him.


#RA 31 Day Challenge - Day 25

25. Favourite pics of him (not a character)?

OMG, what to choose this time round? I could easily post a thousand.

But since this challenge is all about favourites and being able to make that difficult choice every day of the 31, I did it again and chose pics of a single event on 7 March 2013: Richard walking to BBC Radio for an interview.
These stick in my mind because he looks sooo damn good, utterly relaxed and blissfully happy.

Don’t you agree?

There is also a yummmmy short video of this ‘happy walk’ on YouTube:

I can’t understand this mixing religion with politics, it’s- you know, for these people who are so nailed to the constitution and our forefathers- our forefathers said “separate church and state”, yet we still have a court system that says “in god we trust” over the judge, and you swear to god on the holy bible- one, ONE religion- to tell the truth. That is effing cuh-RAZY to me! I can’t get my head around it, and I feel like everybody just accepts it like “ah, that’s just the way it is”. I mean, it’s WRONG, it doesn’t include me, so if I go to testify in a court case, does that mean I can lie? How ‘bout you just tell the truth because that’s the right thing to do, and it’s not that you’re going to go to hell, necessarily, unless you believe in hell.
—  Sarah Silverman, on The JV Club with Janet Varney, March 7, 2013