7 layer cookies

Meet Our Seven Layer Stoner Magic Bars - which have so much goodness in them, they qualify as a dessert.

These Bars, Maynnnnn - what can we say,, Seven Layers and Cannabutter, yeah

We give you our delicious seven layer bar with a twist, when we add Cannacoconut butter instead of regular butter. so you know a cookie this rich is gonna be overkill. 

We top our sweet buttery cookie with our freshly made Caramel, Two Kinds of Chocolate, Fresh Toasted Coconut and This Seasons’ Georgia Pecans. More goodness than the law in most states allows,, OOOO, OOOOO

They’re Medicated and in this years Stoner Snack Box - so Holla At Ya Momma if you want some delicious medicated edible goodness that you can say No Im Not Sharing to anybody who asks.  and you don’t need to explain why.

These bars are like eating SEX,, with weed. lolll

more on them later this weekend - but order now to be assured of getting them before our cut off date of Devember 15th, 2016.

Yes they are available in pans of 4 for $25.00 or 8 for $45.00 (shipping additional)

these bars are one of the four special signature treats in This years Stoner Snack Box. Get It Before Its Gone —–