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don’t ask for nudes

a/n: i couldn’t help myself when i saw the meme… au btw!

Sakura couldn’t believe what she was reading. It was only two words. Two words that pricked her skin, especially after what had happened yesterday.

send nudes? (6:40 pm)

She had to restrain herself from crushing her own phone into tiny little pieces. She looked down and read it again, willing for an explanation to pop up under it from her own boyfriend. She hoped he was playing around—hoped it was also meant for her. It didn’t even sound like something he would type, or was he just a completely different man with her? She shook her head, determined that the two years with him wasn’t anything less than genuine love. 

Sakura had to type something, otherwise she would have no choice but to show up at his doorstep and punch the living daylights out of him.

excuse me??

are you serious right now, sasuke? (6:51 pm)

Plopping down on the couch, Sakura calmed her heart and told herself that she might be overreacting. Maybe Sasuke was just trying to lighten the mood from their fight yesterday, though he was doing a horrible job at it.

never been more serious ;)

i wanna see those curves, been missing them since tuesday… (6:52 pm)

Her stomach soured. She hadn’t seen him all Tuesday and it was what their fight was about yesterday night. Sakura admitted that him dodging her questions after last night’s dinner wasn’t something to get all pent up about, but she could tell he was lying to her. And he never lied, so why did he?

But here it was. The disgusting reason he couldn’t tell her about.

that’s funny. i don’t remember letting you see them on tuesday? (6:58 pm)

the bath house! we stopped there on our way home from the jewelers. (6:59 pm)

Jewelers? What the hell was Sasuke doing at the jewelers? Was he literally dating someone else? Was it that serious that they stopped by a jewelry store? Oh, kami. Was she the girl he was keeping the side when he got tired of his main one?

Sakura took a deep breath and slapped some sense into herself. No, they were practically together everyday—every waking moment if they could. She refused to believe he would cheat on her. That just wasn’t Sasuke.

So, what exactly was he playing at here?

oh yeah! remind me what you bought at the jewelers again? (7:01 pm)

Sakura curled and uncurled her fingers in suspension, hoping she was asking a plausible question.

tsk tsk. you’re so forgetful. are you that lazy to even remember something from two days ago?

hold on, i need to get a drink first. (7:03 pm)

She sighed in relief, but managed to hold tight for the reply. Just then a couple of knocks came from her apartment door. She held onto her phone and slowly shuffled over, eyes still glued to the screen for any incoming messages.

The series of knocks got louder. “Coming!” she called as another text came.

i’m sending you a picture (7:04 pm)

Sakura reached the door, swung it open, and gasped. “Sasuke?”

Before she could say anything else he stepped forward and wrapped his body around hers. “I’m sorry,” he breathed into her ear.

She melted against him, remembering all the reasons why she loved him and why he loved her. “I’m sorry, too,” she murmured back.

After a couple of more minutes, they finally pulled apart. Sakura’s phone buzzed in her hand. Her eyes lingered on the photo that was sent to her.

“Sasuke, where’s your phone?”

Sasuke sighed and went to the couch. “I forgot it at home today when I left for work. So, if you texted or called, that’s why I haven’t replied.”

“Oh,” was all she could say.

since you’re just lazy and not stupid, i’m assuming you’ve figured out that i’m naruto and not sasuke. sheesh i can never have any fun with you, shikamaru. anyway here’s the engagement ring sasuke bought for sakura-chan! she’s gonna love it! (7:09 pm)

And she absolutely did love it. Sakura made a mental note to tell Naruto to delete the message on Sasuke’s phone later. But first, it was a pretty good time to show some curves.

Top 10 Hip-hop albums of 2016

1. A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here, Thank You For You Service

2. Common - Black America Again

3. Smoke DZA & Pete Rock - Don’t Smoke Rock

4. Consequence - A Good Comeback Story 

5. De La Soul - And The Anonymous Nobody 

6. Torae - Entitled 

7. Run The Jewels - Run the Jewels 3

8. Skyzoo & Apollo Brown - The Easy Truth

9. DITC - DITC Studios 

10. Kendrick Lamar - Untitled Unmastered 

In Her Sister’s Shadow | Fairy Tail | Chapter 3

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It only took me one day to find the missing bracelet. Surprisingly it had fallen behind the old lady’s bed and was stuck between the bed and the wall. A super easy 7,000 Jewel made.

Sitting underneath a large oak tree eating a small bowl of lavender ice cream I remembered that there was a note in my satchel. Reaching a hand in the black satchel bag I picked up the scribbled note from Loke. I totally forgot he had written this for me - he never leaves notes or cleans my place.

‘So what does it say?’
I thought unfolding it with a mouthful of ice cream.

-Dear Dezerea

I am sorry it had to end like this, I am really. You do mean a lot to me - that kiss was really something - wasn’t it? You looked really tired and upset by what I did - but perhaps that long travel back home didn’t help matters. I cleaned your house for you I promise I didn’t play around with your clothes - specially not the red pair of undies. You have a beautiful smile I am glad I got to see it before - well you know. Take care of Fairy Tail for me - okay? I know I won’t say those disgusting words but I will say this; I care for you.


“Damn Loke…” I sighed brushing a few tear drops away from my eyes.

Getting to my feet I went to the nearest magic shop I needed to refill some of my stuff - they don’t have magic shops in Helios so I ran out of a few things. My fingers traced over the shells of the necklace I had making me think of the person that gave them to me, I smiled at the thought. 

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Undertaker, Osiris, possibilities...

The fact that we know about Undertaker so far are: he used to be Shinigami and that he have deserted around 50 years (half a century) ago from the current time in manga and he had 7 people that he cared about enough to put their names/hair on mourning jewels. Did his desertion had something to do with queen Victoria (she came to the throne around that time) it is yet to be seen. We know that one of the people whose name and hair he keeps on mourning jewelry is Claudia Phantomhive, Ciels grandmother. We also know that he cared for Vincent so much that he even cried after him and he was willing to give his ribbon to Vincent in bonus chapter, but Vincent name isn’t on one of the 7 mourning jewels.

I’m not going to use anime canon, although Shinigami OVA (or Tale of Will the Reaper) could be close to manga canon. Still Grell doesn’t seem to be newbie and among the reason Grell doesn’t recognize Undertaker could be because his look has changed from the time he was active or even he could be among higher ups and not close to shinigami in the Collection department. There are no records in manga of how Undertaker have looked before he deserted, and we can’t really use anime look since that is the look of the legendary shinigami, and looks like he is not that legendary in manga.

I am hoping that Othello was introduced to clear at least part of Undertaker’s mystery in manga, and I hope that he will run into Undertaker soon(is).

During Campania or Ship Voyage arc (soon to be animated as the Book of Atlantis), company called “Osiris” was mentioned. We haven’t found out much about the company, but it gave me the clue that Yana knows who is Osiris.

Osiris was Egyptian god of death and underworld. One part of his myth says that he was killed by his brother Set and cut to pieces. His sister/wife Isis has collected all parts and put them back together (it was said also in some version of myth that the vital part was missing and have to be restored). Isis also have conceived Horus with Osiris, while he was still dead.

That leads to the possibility that Undertaker is partially based on Osiris. Although we have learned how Shinigami come to existence and that they used to be human, they are still dead gods. Being cut to pieces and then put back together could explain Undertakers scars, especially since they are all over his body. I am not sure that that was done with death scythe, since it is stated that death scythe is probably the only thing that can kill shinigami. To be cut to pieces without dying some other weapon is the most likely used, maybe even just regular human weapon.

Leg scars are not visible in manga, but it is presumed they exist… chest scar is visible in bonus chapter.

If he is based on Osiris possibility that he could have conceived child (children) even though already dead. Although dead should not be able to create life, Egyptian mythology give us example that it is still one of the possibility. Would that be true or not remains yet to be seen.

Undertaker might not be the legendary shinigami in manga, but he is still different then the rest of them. And even though some parts of manga have base in Christianity, Yana have also used other mythologies and references for creating her world.

Considering that Book of Atlantis anime movie is coming to Japanese theaters in January, I hope that we will get some big discovery in manga too somewhere around that time.

I am open for discussion and to other possibilities. Until it is written in manga everything is still open, and even things written in manga are open to different interpretation.


“Stressed?” He thought normally she was very content with things. “About what?”

She sighed- looking rather exhausted when she did it. Eyes were a little hollower than usual as she lifted up her hand to rub her smarting fingers together lightly.  “Yeah- that, it’s not surprising that I’d say over money, is it?”

Half the guild usually heard her complaining about Rent all the time anyway. So most could assume it was that. And sure- at the moment, her rent WAS due… yesterday. (She’d pay it tomorrow!) - but right now, she just.. felt really sore. 

     “It’s a lot harder to collect 7 million Jewel than it is to spend 70
      thousand. The amount of jobs I’ve been taking recently as just
      making me really tired.”

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RULES: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten mutuals.

1. Summer Shandy - TFB

2. One Step Closer - U2

3. Scandal - Queen

4. Dopamine - Bliss n Eso (feat. Thief)

5. The Buzz - Hermitude / Mataya and Young Trapz

6. Sleep Like a Baby Tonight - U2

7. The Family Jewels - Marina and the Diamonds

8. Old Fitzroy - Missy Higgins

9. Neon Tiger - The Killers

10. Bring the Noize - M.I.A.

I tag: @wetookachonce @joan-of-school-mark @amarmeme @jahaliel if you wanna have a go :)

EDIT because i forgot @the-girl-who-runs-away ! my newest mutual ! 

10/10 Would Love Again

Tagged By @kangofu-cb to name 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people to do the same

1) Gundam Wing - Duo Maxwell (feel like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but I drove this bus too!)

2) Ronin Warriors - Ryou Sanada

3) Voltron - Keith (Both Defender of the Universe and Legendary Defender)

4) Cyborg 009 - Joe Shimamura, 009

5) Ghost in the Shell - Major Motoko Kusanagi

6) Sailor Moon - Sailor Pluto

7) The Dark Jewels Trilogy - Saeton SaDiablo and his sons, Daemon Sadi and Lucivar (But if I had to pick one, Saetan)

8) Final Fantasy 7 - Tifa Lockhart

9) Final Fantasy 10 - Lulu

10) Harry Potter - Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood

Premium Quest: Belle & Beast Illust Ver / All-in-One quest

May 1 - 7

Get 1400 extra jewels and 7 copies of the new medal for completing the quest challenges.

  • Ability name: Noble Hearts
  • Description: [Whole] Remove enemy de/buffs. +4 STR for 1 turn. 5 attacks.
  • AG cost: 2
  • Guilt tier: 5

Special Ultra-Growth & Evolution & Skill Growth & Munny Quest

This quest gives exactly what the title says: Evolution medals, Experience medals, skill experience, Chip medals, Dale medals, and Moogle medals. The amount given is higher than the usual premium quests.

Sunday Olicity Fic Rec

I’m back bitches! Any of you following my blog will probably know I’ve been dealing with some health stuff the past several weeks (I use “dealing with” loosely…more like complaining and whining), so there’s been no rec post. But fear not! Today’s post is extra long to make up for the lack of post the past few weeks. If you’re interested in previous recs, you can find them here: (x) (x) (x)

Let’s start with the episode tags:

A Girl Ought to Have a Sense of Humor by @theshipsfirstmate
First off, @theshipsfirstmate is an excellent writer. From the Sight of the Sun Series to Slave to the Wires and all of her excellent episode tags and drabbles, truly I recommend it all. But what I love about this little piece is the focus on Felicity, and that beautiful line from Oliver “You don’t have to be funny for me. You know that, right?” from 4.13. This is olicity at their best and damn, I love it.

Collection to Be Named Later: Chapter 84 and Walking on Stilts at the Edge of Your Mind both by @machawicket
The first drabble is written before 4.15 aired as a spec tag, and the second after. Chapter 84 is a little view into Oliver’s potential heartbreak. Frankly, I’m neither that interested nor sympathetic to Oliver at the moment, but somehow Macha always finds a way to make me feel the things I don’t want to feel. (Jerk.) Walking on Stilts is 100% about my darling heartbroken cupcake. It’s the fic she deserves after that episode (and this poorly written plot device arc). I felt utterly destroyed the first time I read it sooooo here you go.

LoT tags:

All I Have Left by writergirl75
Ok, I’m going to preface this with two things: 1) I love writergirl75′s work so much. If anyone knows who she is and if she has a tumblr, please let me know! 2) Read anything she’s written. Seriously. It’s all A+ work. Now, this fic is going to be 3 chapters and only the first is up. So far, I’m not seeing the promised fluff only the warned about angst. And oh my, the angst. This fic has stayed with me since I read it - I’m seriously bothered by the possibility of this as any kind of future for olicity (or Oliver and Felicity separately). It’s absolutely tragic. Again, because it’s writergirl75, the writing if fantastic. Let me know if it bothers you, too. I’m kind of hoping I’m not the only weirdo who feels AFFECTED by this. 

Straight in a Straight Line by @callistawolf
Phew. Slightly less angst-filled, with a very nice fluff ending. I’ll take it! I really love that people are writing episode tags for Oliver’s appearance in LoT (spoiler alert? idk I don’t watch the show). I personally am very confused about these timelines and possible futures and whatnot. But what I like about this fic is how true to form Oliver is, and the idea that Felicity can and will be successful in any future regardless. 

Fluff drabbles:

“I’m not drunk I’m just intoxicated by you.” Olicity Flash Fic Prompt by @storyteller0311
Short and sweet pre-olicity fluffiness. Makes me smile. She’s also created these awesome journal entries: (x) (x) (x) based on the premise of Oliver writing in his journal to Felicity. (Just kill me…)

Olicity: Random Bits of Fluff by @jsevick
Well, fluff is in the name so….OMG I love all of this. And just as an aside, I recommend to you anything written by @jsevick. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you’re going to want to head over to her AO3 and try not to pass out from squeeing. 


Cogs in a Machine by @writewithurheart
olicity!steampunk AU?! Hell, yes. Thank you. Honestly though, this is really adorable. I’m so in awe of AU writers and their uncanny ability to build worlds. 

Just Something About You (Olicity On Shots) Chapter 2: Queen of Thieves by @spaztronautwriter
I am a complete sucker for anything in the thief/jewel heist/spy/assassin AU genre. This is only a one shot, but I’m seriously hoping @spaztronautwriter decides to play a bit more in this verse because it’s soooooooo good. Also, I just love any fic that lets Oliver stick it to Cooper. 

Blind Item by @darlinginmyway
No island, but still our favorite cast of characters (including Slade in a role I just LOVE). Felicity is fantastic as always. Tommy is alive! And Oliver is clueless Ollie until thankfully he isn’t. BLESS.

Curiosity Killed The Cat by @thatmasquedgirl
I am absolutely obsessed with this fic! It’s kind of like a sci-fi things-that-go-bump-in-the-night vigilante version of The Shaggy Dog but with cats? I think I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: no one writes AUs like @thatmasquedgirl. It takes some sort of genius to create all these verses while still incorporating key elements of characterization and canon. It’s simply mind-blowing.

You Have (Not) Failed This ‘Verse by @so-caffeinated
This is a very simple rec: if you aren’t reading this fic, then I have no idea what you’re doing with your life. That’s it. But honestly…it’s an Arrow/Firefly crossover AU that is so much more than an Arrow/Firefly crossover AU. The last few chapters especially, in an arc that was so unexpectedly emotional and moving…I just…don’t really have the words. Read it. Come tell me what you thought…maybe you’ll have the words (doubt it). 

Throwback Rec:

Dimsum After Fisticuffs, Chapter 7: The Family Jewels by @mysterioustwinkiepeas
This isn’t an old fic, but it wasn’t written or updated within the past few weeks (which is usually what I try and rec), hence it’s inclusion as the throwback rec. A few weeks ago, an anon asked @mysterioustwinkiepeas to talk about this fic in depth, which of course lead me to a re-read. I love this work. I’m not a big fan of kid!fic in general, but this is EXACTLY what should have happened with the Oliver/kid saga. Felicity is remarkable in all the ways you would expect and then some. Oliver is Oliver but here, he’s actually trying (unlike in canon blah blah grrr). It’s just so good and honestly, leaves me a bit sad that it didn’t happen this way. 

Happy reading!

Ty (du-og-meg)'s 50 Favorite Albums of 2014

In all honesty this list probably wont be too different from the other ones being put out, but I’m posting in anyways because why not. It’s probably missing a few albums that I’m forgetting, but I think everything I really enjoyed this year is listed. I don’t really have any captions for most of these.

1. Black Messiah by D'angelo
Definitely worth the almost 15 year wait.

2. Nikki Nack by tUnE-yArDs
Would recommend seeing them live if you haven’t already.

3. St. Vincent by St. Vincent
At first I wasn’t so sure about this album, but it’s really grown on me.

4. Lone by Ai Aso
A very simple, beautiful, and understated album. 

5. To Be Kind by Swans
Not much more to say about this album than what’s already been said.

6. Syro by Aphex Twin

7. Run the Jewels 2 by Run the Jewels

8. Zentropy by Frankie Cosmos
This album is high up on my list because it really touched me in a special way, more of a personal favorite than anything else.

9. LP1 by FKA twigs

10. Too Bright by Perfume Genius

11. pom pom by Ariel Pink
I hate Ariel Pink, but I can’t deny my love for his music.

12. You’re Dead! by Flying Lotus
The vinyl version of this album is expensive and flows badly but the music is fantastic nonetheless.

13. Ruins by Grouper
Listen closely or you might miss the best parts of this album.

14. Familiars by The Antlers
Again, really more of a personal favorite. 15. Mr Twin Sister by Mr Twin Sister
Much better than their debut in my opinion.

16. Broke With Expensive Taste by Azealia Banks
This was an album I didn’t really expect to like as much as I did, eagerly awaiting a physical release.

17. Benji by Sun Kil Moon

18. LOSE by Cymbals Eat Guitars
Easily one of the most underrated albums of the year.

19. Lost in the Dream by The War On Drugs

20. Sea When Absent by A Sunny Day In Glasgow

21. Burn Your Fire For No Witness by Angel Olsen

22. Our Love by Caribou

23. Lese Majesty by Shabazz Palaces

24. I Never Learn by Lykke Li

25. In Conflict by Owen Pallett
Another album that really grew on me, didn’t like it as much as I do now when I first listened to it.

26. The Powers That B Disc 1 by Death Grips

27. Are We There by Sharon Van Etten

28. Angel Guts: Red Classroom by Xiu Xiu
+ Unclouded Sky 

29. Plowing Into the Field of Love by Iceage

30. Say Yes to Love by Perfect Pussy
All I can say is wish it were longer.

31. Bestial Burden by Pharmakon

32. Xen by Arca

33. More Than Any Other Day by Ought

34. Deep Fantasy by White Lung

35. Present Tense by Wild Beasts

36. Here and Nowhere Else by Cloud Nothings

37. Home, Like Noplace Is There by The Hotelier

38. Piñata by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

39. Alvvays by Alvvays

40. What Am I Going to Do With Everything I Know by The Weather Station
There were a number of very short, very quiet albums that I loved this year. This is one of them.

41. DSU by Alex G

42. Mr. Noah EP
Really looking forward to Panda’s new album this month.

43. Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me!

44. A U R O R A by Ben Frost

45. Heartleap by Vashti Bunyan

46. Rips by Ex Hex

47. La Isla Bonita by Deerhoof

48. Sunbathing Animal by Parquet Courts

49. Pillar Point by Pillar Point
Saw them open for of Montreal, this album is definitely worth checking out.

50. They Want My Soul by Spoon

That concludes my list, hope you enjoyed!

oddlyfamiliar  asked:

10, 31, and 40 for the fic asks meme :)

*side note: most of these fic recs are olicity, unless otherwise stated

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?


I don’t know if anyone does it better than @machawicket, let’s be honest:
Deceive, Inveigle, and Obfuscate
Little Black Dresses and King Sized Messes

31. Do you read AUs?

DO I READ AUs?????

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Is the sky blue?

Does Oliver Queen love Felicity Smoak? (the answer is yes, although apparently don’t ask Andrew Kreisberg …hahahahaahah asshole)

Hell yes, I read AUs. I LOVE THEM.

Originally posted by piratevanrock

SOUL MATES AUs (I’m not kidding on this one, I don’t think anyone loves them as much as I do). This one, ugh universe forgive me, it’s so good I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it: Darling heart, I loved you from the start (But you’ll never know what a fool I’ve been) by @sarcasticfina

I am also totally in love with the FiCoN ‘verse by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated (Julianna Queen Defense Squad reporting for service!), and You Have Not Failed This ‘Verse (also by Janis) is one of my favorite works ever, across all fandoms. It’s brilliant and also FIREFLY

Originally posted by nose-drip

It feels like an olicity fandom rite of passage to have read the Legacy verse by @ash818, but you can’t talk about AUs without this monster of a work.

If you’re looking for sci-fi/fantasy AUs, @alexiablackbriar13 is your writer. Start with Little Bird Blue.

College AU you asked? Oh-ho-ho…here: Something Like Fate series by @hannasus (I have yet to read Into You Like a Train, but it’s top of my list. I’m going to recommend it regardless because I just know it’s good.)

This falls into AU category for canon-divergence, but fuck me guys this is so gorgeous: Between the Shadow and the Soul by @apinknightmare

Movie AU? How about Speed but with super sexy cop Oliver Queen and the bravest genius to ever ride a bus Felicity Smoak? Velocity by @machawicket

I don’t think anyone writes suspense quite like @supersillyanddorky06 does - I’m in so deep for The Predator  it’s not even funny at this point.

My favorite AUs, far and away, category of their own, are written by @thatmasquedgirl. Masque is the AU queen. Bow to her. Her work is brilliant and I will READ IT ALL.Find her on AO3 here: (x)  Just, read all of the things. I’ve made it a goal for my fandom life to read everything she’s written. I don’t even think I’m halfway through yet, but I’ll get there. May I suggest you start with Deathstroke!Felicity (trust me on this one).

Originally posted by gwenfckay

40. Do you like fluff?

Oh yes, very much.

Originally posted by thatonegirlamy6

I’m selective about it for sure, but when fluff is good it’s so good.

This Feels Like Falling In Love by @sophie1973 - it’s AU and maybe the sweetest kid!fic in existence 

Text message fics? Why yes, please and thank you. Also, DOG BLANKET.
The Unbearable Hotness of Being by @machawicket (not sure if you’re sensing a theme here or not, but I am a Macha fangirl full stop. I love everything she writes, even when she kills my faves - which she does, so read those tags).


So, I tend to like some realism in my fluff…maybe that makes it less fluffy? Not sure. But this is an absolute favorite of mine: A man no longer what he was (nor yet the thing he planned) by @ash818 - chapter 12, Nightmares (NSFW)

Now for tiva, I tend to like fluff when it feels real because they are the least fluffy ship I have ever shipped. They are a ship of pain and I LOVE IT (except for canon. I hate canon. Canon can die on a hill for all I care). So fluffy tiva can feel OOC to me depending. I’m selective on that one.

Tiva writers I will always read no matter what they write: @sharilynn87, @quotelation, @perfectblue (Kate has written some works that just FUCK ME UP in the best ways possible), @easylion, and @mcgeekle.

Originally posted by theessentialshandbook

Bawson is delightful in that the writing is SO GOOD from literally everyone and if you’re really determined, you could read everything labeled Ginny Baker/Mike Lawson on AO3 to catch up (you can, I did).

Originally posted by scandamonium

But here are some of my favorites just because:

I’m all in for The Littlest Padre series by @magicinhermadness. Papa!Mike kills me every damn time and OMG Tillie Baker-Lawson shut the front door I love her to pieces.

Originally posted by magicinhermadness

I’m also completely in love with and died a little over Raise My Glass ‘Cause Otherwise I’m Dead by @theshipsfirstmate (who incidentally is also one of my favorite olicity writers and the fact that she’s now writing bawson is KILLING ME IN THE BEST WAY DAMN IT).

This little ficlet from @darlinginmyway is like, everything I want from fanfiction…feels real and lived in but also sexy and funny and I WANT IT. Probably goes without saying, but I rec literally every single thing Jen has written for bawson (and olicity too, just saying). 

Cuter than cute drabble, Sweater Weather by @lawofavgs (another read all the things recommendation)

Is it weird I’m rec’ing your own work in this ask @oddlyfamiliar? Ahahah oh well. I just want to wrap myself up in bawson feels. I can’t help it. The people need to know of this goodness (x)! I’m also obsessed with your series: Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too 

my darling Erica, @sadlymylifeisno80smovie also wrote this bawson delightful sweetness that makes me want to cry a little: Ruin 

So yeah, yup, This is an extremely long answer because I am a wordy bitch with opinions and things.

Thanks for the ask!