7 hours okay

you are not obligated to
  • be someone’s counselor and help them with all their problems if its bad for your mental health
  • be there for someone 24/7
  • remain friends with someone who emotionally drains you
  • maintain negative relationships because you’ve been close for so long, because you’re related, or anything else
  • do anything that makes you unhappy or puts your health at risk

Second part of this

My best friend told me that my handwriting is really ugly ,so i apologize for that !

Note : My best friend is a super cool and supportive person,she just thinks my handwriting is bad ~

Irene’s dragon form looks suspiciously like the dragon that killed Natsu and his parents 400 years ago…

Or maybe I should go to sleep because all dragons are starting to look alike…

Edit: Aaaaaand this is why I shouldn’t post things so late at night, lol.


Feliz cumpleaños Capitán, siempre en nuestros almas, siempre en la campo, siempre en nuestros corazones, siempre llevaras un brazalete de Capitán.


Band Of Brothers 15th Anniversary

Episode 3. CARENTAN
[16 Sep. 2001]


Thank you guys for making my 2014 so much better than 2013. I hope the coming year will be full of happiness and cute puppies for you all. This is my first follow forever so sorry if i missed anyone! Creds to the coolest Amanda for taking the time to make this amazing gifset for my peasant self. 

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shoutout to the gayforjennanetwork people for being cool and rad

1. I’d steal your shirts and you’d find out by looking at my latest post on Instagram because I’d be out with my friends. 
2. The couch would be small; for the soul purpose of us having to cuddle on it to fit. 
3. There’s always going to be food due to the fact that we get hungry every 2 hours. 
4. You’re gonna cook all the time though. I’m sorry. But I can’t work anything but a toaster.
5. I’ll be flooding you with kisses all the time because I really wouldn’t be able to take how cute you are especially when I make fun of you. 
6. I’ll be taking photos all the time and I’d stay up fixing them and I’d want you to stay up with me because I don’t like being alone after hours. 
7. Okay so maybe I wouldn’t force you to stay up with me. But I’d always be beside you after hours. 
8. Movie marathons with matching sweatpants and really ugly bad dancing to 80’s music in the living room like no one’s watching. 
9. Hot angry aggressive but kinky sex in the shower, on the bed, in the closet, on the dining table. 
10. I’ll always remind you how much I love you. Even in the middle of a fight. I’ll always tell you.
—  Living With Me, Probably. 
Me all day today..
  • Someone: Hows your day?!
  • Someone: What do you want for lunch?
  • Someone: Do you like my new shoes?
  • Someone: Okay but... Can you-
giving all my love

Clarke and Lexa are young, in love and getting married. If only the universe would play fair.


Lexa is emo af, Clarke is almost as emo and their friends are determined to get them married, no matter what.

@decalexas finally finished finals and I told her I’d write her this when she was done soooo it’s all her fault

read on ao3. 5.7k words. e rating.

7 hours, 40 minutes

“Okay, Lexa I need you to not freak out.”

“What’s wrong Raven?” Her voice is gravelly and rough and she regrets not accepting Anya’s offer to let her stay in the bed when her back groans in protest as she sits up. The spare blankets fall around her waist, pooling there when she swings her legs off the couch and rubs a hand over her face. Eyes dart to the clock on the LED screen of the microwave across the room but without her glasses it’s nothing but a blur. “Is it Clarke? Is she okay?”

“Yeah, yeah she’s fine. Still sleeping.”

“I’m not surprised,” squinting, she peers through the gap in the curtains, “the sun is barely even up, what time is it?”

“It’s 6:20,” Raven sounds harried and anxious and Lexa feels worry curdle in the pit of her stomach.

“What is it? What’s happened?”

Raven swallows audibly on the other end of the line. “There… may have been a small fire at Redmond Centre.”

A beat of silence passes between them. Lexa flounders, mouth gaping, staring unseeingly at the soothing watercolour on the wall across from the couch.


“You’re telling me that my wedding venue has burnt down?”

More silence.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

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Why I am failing in pretty much every subject
  • me: yeh I should probably get some revision in before I go back to school
  • guitar:
  • me: no not now
  • guitar: :(
  • me: stop it
  • guitar: :( :(
  • me: oh okay then *7 hours later* okay I should probably get some revision in before I go back to school