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Fight locations, ranked

IHOP parking lot: ridiculous. buffoonish. 3/10
Denny’s parking lot: has a certain dionysian flair. 6/10
Dunkin Donuts parking lot: lots of regional flavor. 7/10
The woods: nice and secluded, plenty of opportunities to use the terrain to your advantage. Just make sure to bring bug spray. 8/10
Any roof: dangerous, but points for style. 5/10
The top of any mountain: much like the woods, but with far more dramatic flair. Almost byronic. Loses points for being less practical than the other locations on this list, however. 7/10
A graveyard: disrespectful to the skeletons. 0/10
An abandoned warehouse: something of a cliche. 4/10
Any liminal space: This category includes town lines, entryways, borders, and crossroads. Is this a deeply symbolic, metaphorically charged fight? If it wasn’t before, it is now. 9/10 
Wal-Mart parking lot: Quick question, are you shitting me right now? This is the absolute worst fight location. If you have any respect at all for the noble art of throwing the fuck down, don’t get in a fight in a wal-mart parking lot. In fact, this also applies to wal-mart checkout lines, roofs, employee break rooms, corporate headquarters, and indeed any space at all associated with the walton family or the wal-mart corporation. Fuck wal-mart.  0/10
The parking lot of an abandoned Blockbuster Video: The cracked and faded blockbuster sign is a potent memento mori, inspiring a keen awareness of entropy and a sharp sense of loss in your opponent. As blockbuster is, so shall they one day be.  Are there weedy plants growing up through cracks in the pavement? Oh man, that’s even better. The perfect fight location. 10/10

Expressions of Flavor 맛을 표현하는 한국말


달다 sweet, 

맵다 spicy, 

짜다 salty, 

시다 sour, 

쓰다 bitter, 

맛있다 yummy, 

맛없다 gross.



1. 감미롭다 sweet and tasty

2. 달콤하다 slightly sweet

3. 달콤새콤하다 sweet and sour

4. 달달하다 has sweet undertones

5. 달착지근하다 has a touch of sweetness

6. 들큼하다 unpleasantly sweet

7. 들척지근하다 has a touch of unpleasant sweetness


1. 매콤하다 slightly spicy

2. 맵싸하다 spicy and pungent

3. 칼칼하다 very spicy

4. 얼큰하다 quite spicy (usually used to describe broth or soup)

5. 아리다 unpleasantly spicy

6. 얼얼하다 very spicy (lasts for a long time)

7. 화끈하다  very spicy (quickly goes away)

note: the korean language has more than 20 words to describe spiciness, these are just the more common ones. 


1. 짭짤하다 slightly spicy 

2. 짭짜름하다 has a touch of saltiness

3. 찝찔하다 has a touch of unpleasant saltiness

4. 간간하다 pleasantly salty


1. 새콤하다 slightly sour

2. 시큼하다 unpleasantly very sour

3. 시척지근하다 unpleasantly slightly sour

4. 새콤달콤하다 sweet and sour (used more than 달콤새콤하다)

5. 시디시다 very sour


1. 쌉쌀하다 slightly bitter

2. 쌉싸래하다 has a touch of bitterness

3. 쓰디쓰다 very bitter


1. 감칠맛이 나다 tasty (usually describes a savory dish)

2. 개운하다 refreshing

3. 고소하다 savory (usually describes grainy or nutty flavors)

4. 구수하다 hearty (stronger than 고소하다)

5. 꼬소름하다 quite savory

6. 느끼하다 fatty, greasy, oily (koreans often describe non-korean food to be 느끼하다)

7. 담백하다 light, clean flavor (the opposite of 느끼하다)

8. 덤덤하다 lacking flavor

9. 떫다 bitter & sour

10. 떠름하다 slightly bitter and sour

11. 밍밍하다 bland

12. 보들보들하다  soft, tender

13. 비리다 fishy

14. 비릿하다 slightly fishy

15. 살살 녹다 (verb) melts in one’s mouth

16. 삼삼하다 tasty and slightly salty

17. 슴슴하다 lacking salt 

18. 시원하다 refreshing (used more then than 개운하다)

19. 쫄깃쫄깃하다 chewy

20. 바삭바삭하다/아삭아삭하다 crunchy

21. 싱겁다 bland (used more often than 밍밍하다)

Questions that keep me up at night:

1. What’s Harry’s album cover art going to look like?

2. What’s his first single going to sound like?

3. What’s his music videos going to look like?

4. What do his new tattoos actually look like?

5. Is he going to die in Dunkirk?

6. Am I going to have to sue Chris Nolan for killing Harry in Dunkirk?

7. Whats his favorite flavor smoothie?

8. Does he prefer back massages or head rubs?

9. What’s his guilty pleasure song?

10. What does he clean first in the shower?

11. How does he take his tea?

12. How does he take his coffee?

13. Is he a moaner or a grunter when masturbating?

14. What’s his masturbating strategy?

15. Does he have names of his future kids picked out?

16. Does he like his balls played with?

17. What technique does he use on his hair, or is he a wash and go kind of guy?

18. Does he dance in the shower?

19. Is he a cat or dog kind of guy?

20. Does he know when the Infinity video is getting released?

“Come Dine With Me” competition!

For a lovable anon. Where I am from we actually don’t have “Come Dine With Me” show but we have similar “Tables set!” (Wikipedia says “Spread!“ but let me tell you that’s some ugly translation) For those of you who don’t know this show at all: You gather 5 amateur cooks and each day one of them hosts a dinner for everyone. Their rivals give them points (1-10) and after five days the person who has the most points wins some prize, usually money. The dinner consists of appetizer/soup, main dish, dessert, and an activity. (Yes, I know that it is usually appetizer followed by soup but listen, I’ve just came up with 20*3 unique meals and 20 activities. And speaking for myself, I have problem to fit into myself a dinner consisting of two dishes, so 4 feels too many.)
I had our leaders randomly (I used dice) sorted into groups of 5, so we will have 4 winners in the end.


Vol’jin: Raptor egg soup, tiger-burger with mashed potatoes, exotic fruit salad with ice cream, and bone carving.
Spring rolls, beef goulash, 7 flavors rainbow pudding, and candle making.
Garlic spread and spicy bread, scrambled eggs with sour cream and gammon, caramel cream puffs, and make-your-own-firework with later firework display.
Spring carp soup, clefthoof kabob, Terokkar pine-nut cake, and Hine’n’Seek with his 37 ghost children (unintended).
Tartare, slow cooked turkey with dumpling, various cupcakes, and cupcakes decorating.

Winner: Vol’jin. Warchief, more like Warchef.


Falstad: Open (vegetarian) sandwiches, escalope of three meats with baby carrot, macaroon, and playing darts.
Sweet corn seeds in spice, chicken tikka masala in flatbread, grilled fruit, and painting on leather.
Spicy cinnamon rolls, sweet rice with pineapple and crunchy chicken bits, mascarpone cheese cakes, and beauty makeover.
Small fruitcakes, jungle stew with bread, ice cream, and ice cream making.
Creamy tomato soup, trout a la creme, tiramisu, and mini golf.

Winner: Gallywix. If you bitch about people’s cooking, you better be a good cook yourself, that’s his motto.


Sylvanas: Mushroom cake, roasted lamb with stuffing-cooked-aside, olives and creme cheese in spring onion (presented as eyeballs), and mirror labyrinth.
Especially spicy devil clams, saffron-and-curry rice with sweet deer, various baked cheeses with cranberry sauce, and fire dancing.
Ramen, noodles of thousand flavors and grilled vegetable, sweet rice cakes and Hearthstone tournament.
Thin mint-and-chocolate cookies, hare stew with potatoes and homemade cornbread, small grilled cheeseburgers, and ale tasting.
Sweet-and-sour chili soup, crispy breaded chicken strips with orange sauce, vegetable sushi rolls, and painting on silk shirts.

Winner: Lor’themar. The sweet victory was worth staying sober for five days straight.


Anduin: Creamy fish soup, potato pancakes with beef, cheese fondue, and 5-man version of Jihui.
Onion soup, pork tenderloin with pasta and spinach sauce, blueberry cheesecake, and opening champagne with a sword.
Homemade pates with dwarven shortbread, sweet dumblings with strawberry stuffing, chocolate-vanilla butter roll, and visiting her lava-heated glasshouse.
Radish salad with sour goat cheese, skewered warp stalker bits and exotic fruit, open sandwich (danish style), and pearl-hunt diving.
Lady Deathwhisper:
Gazpacho, risotto with four meats, frozen cream puff ball surprise (varying flavor and a nut inside), and ice sculpting.

Varian: Hold on, hold on. Lady Deathwhisper? What is she doing here?
Lady Deathwhisper:
You see, there was one competitor needed for this group and the Lich King thought the Scourge should be… More positively represented.
Lady Deathwhisper:
And Kel’thuzad is a miserable cook, so…

Winner: Anduin. The living proof that less sometimes means more and simple and traditional is always good.

1. what color are your sheets?
2. least favorite vegetable?
3. shrek one or shrek two?
4. favorite underwear brand?
5. slushy vs. smoothie?
6. favorite ramen flavor?
7. do you sleep with the door open or closed?
8. would you rather be buried or cremated?
9. mustard vs. ketchup?
10. one animal you do not like?
11. your favorite country?
12. one limb you could live without?
13. what you want your headstone to say?
14. bees vs. spiders?
15. your least appealing feature?
16. favorite type of cheese?
17. do you like the smell of wet dog?
18. your worst fear?
19. one thing you’d never want your parents to know?
20. flip flops vs. trainers?
21. broccoli vs cauliflower? 
22. unlucky number? 
23. favorite finger?
24. a job you’d never want? 
25. favorite type of dog?
26. what is your favorite expletive (swear word)?
27. favorite age you’ve been so far?
28. where is your nearest 7-11?
29. what was the last lie you told?
30. what’s one thing that will always cheer you up? 

Some oddly specific OC asks

1. Who is their favorite blood relative? Why?
2. If their home was burning and they had one minute to get out, what item(s) would they grab?
3. Your OC was caught stealing. What were they trying to take, and from where?
4. What would be their online username? (If it was available)
5. They just had the most stressful day imaginable. What comfort food do they instinctively reach for?
6. Are they more awake at 10am or 10pm?
7. What flavors would best suit their personality?
8. What meme(s) would they absolutely obsessively love?
9. Would they take $1000 cash, or an item of their choice worth $1000?
10. They are shown all 800+ Pokemon. Which one would THEY choose as their fave (not just based on if it suits them or not)?
11. What anime would they like enough to watch the whole thing?
12. Their [preferred music listening service] switches to a vaporwave playlist. Do they unironically dig it, or stare at the screen confused/repulsed before changing it?
13. Wed/Bed/Behead with their 3 closest friends.
14. Favorite holiday? How do they prepare for it/spend it/recover from it?
16. What would they put inside a sub/sandwich?
17. What would their internet search history consist of?
18. Someone bought them an Etsy gift card. What do they end up getting?
19. What text post/tweet sums up their personality the best? (If you can find one)
20. What kind of books would be on their bookshelf? How many books would there be?
21. They somehow find themselves shopping in a 24h Walmart at 3am. Why are they there, what do they do, and how fast do they leave?
22. They somehow find themselves in a McDonalds drive-thru at 3am. Why are they there, who are they with, and what do they order?
23. They have started a… very unusual collection. What are they collecting?
24. There is a big exam happening tomorrow. Do they pull an all-nighter, get a good night’s sleep and look over their notes in the morning, or say eff it and don’t study at all?
25. If you’ve drawn your OC, how would they feel about the most recent pic you’ve drawn of them?

Best friend challenge

Name your best friend’s:
1. Middle name
2. Favorite food
3. Favorite holiday
4. Favorite number
5. Favorite song
6. Favorite book
7. Favorite ice cream flavor
8. List three items that he/she always carries with him/her?
9. List three things you would never fail to find in his/her refrigerator
10. What are his/her three favorite movies of all time?
11. If you were ordering a pizza for him/her, which toppings would he/she want?
12. On a free day, he/she generally: a) Sleeps late b) Gets up at a normal time c) Gets up earlier
More Questions
13. How and when did you meet?
14. Favorite inside joke?
15. What’s your favorite memory together?
16. Describe each other in one word.
17. What does he/she likes and dislikes?
18. What are his/her strengths and weaknesses?
19. What was your first impression of him/her?
20. Post a picture of you and your best friend


Grilling chicken thighs and Stone Hop Revolver IPA. I like dark beers but this beer is killer flavor and 7.7%. plus my wooden robot glass for coming in second in my 5k last year makes it taste better…😋🍺🍺🍺💕👍


Harmony Korine’s Golden Rules

1. Acid casualties make good moviemakers.

2. If you have a missing hand it is good to use your stumped wrist as a tripod.

3. Never let a leper serve you coffee during the shoot.

4. If one of your actors is ugly then you should at least make sure they have all their teeth.

5. Impotent producers are usually spunky. I like to work with producers who shoot blanks.

6. If your entire crew is gay then your film will be gay flavored.

7. Make sure the script is over 10 pages long.

8. It’s good to hire at least two handicaps.

9. Make sure the DP is a Communist.

10. Don’t jerk off for the six weeks leading up to principal photography. It’s very good for your overall vision.

11. Make sure the gaffer isn’t addicted to opiates.

What’s the ultimate funk song you guys wrote together?One of my favorites is “Ice Cream Castles.” Back then, of course, we had women on the brain 24/7 – the different flavors – and that’s kind of how that happened. And at that time, there were groups like the Fixx, the Cure doing those haunting, melodic songs and we wanted to do one of our own. And by the end of the song, it kind of turns a corner from being a pop song and starts to get funky. I like that part because back in the day, it was all about the uptempo – the funkier the better. I lived for being in the studio, putting together those grooves.

And you were cool with the Joni Mitchell lyric as the title?I wasn’t as infatuated with her [as Prince] was. As matter of fact, I didn’t really get it [laughs]. No disrespect to her. I’d try and listen, and I’d be like, “Dude, I don’t get it.” It just wasn’t my thing.

—  Morris Day, Rolling Stone, April 2017
Food Survey

1.     How do you feel about golden oreos?

2.     What is your favorite dessert topping?

3.     What is your favorite flavor/brand of bubble gum?

4.     Favorite cheese?

5.     Favorite Lunch Meat?

6.     Favorite ice cream flavor?

7.     Best looking food?

8.     Best food to put cheese on?

9.     Best sexual food?

10.   Best tasting drink in the summer?

11.   Best tasting drink in winter?

12.   Best food for a night out with friends?

13.   Best foods to eat with a roll?

14.   Messiest food, in your opinion?

15.   Easist food to prepare?

16.   Cheapest food you ever ate?

17.   Most expensive food you ever ate?

18.   Stinkiest food you ever ate?

19.   Favorite dipping sauce?

20.   Best pizza topping?

21.   Favorite potato chip flavor?

22.   Most toxic substance you ever ate?

23.   Most calories you ate in one meal?

24.   Favorite soda?

25.   Favorite flavor of juice?

26.   Favorite Vegetable?

27.   Favorite fruit?

28.   Worst canned food?

29.   Best side dish?

30.   Worst fast food restuarant?

31.   Best restaurant?

32.   Best smelling food?

33.   Favorite appetizer?

34.   Favorite cookie flavor?

35.   Favorite cake flavor?

36.   Favorite pie flavor?

37.   Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?

38.   Ketchup or Mustard?

39.   Best food to have on a date?

40.   Most share-able food?

aaronmnrd-120516archive  asked:

Damn, I've already read all your posts on your 'the dream pack' tag (several times) and I'm always craving for more!! So I guess this is a "please post more headcanons about the dream pack" ask. About the characters themselves or the pairings, safe for work or not. I do not care, just moooooore! *feel the craving about these canonically forgotten raven boys*

oh man yeah i love these boys a lot a LOT ok, here’s one headcanon per boy

  • skov gets stoned by himself after school one friday when the whole pack is hanging out at k’s house and preparing for a weekend of partying and he’s just… he’s so handsy and pliable, basically acting like a puppy; swan doesn’t call him perrito for nothing. he all but melts when swan kisses him. he keeps pulling away to make little sounds of contentment and is kinda laughing all breathy and swan’s grinning this secret grin that he saves just for skov because just can’t believe this hella blazed frat boy nerd is his
  • prokopenko suggests that the whole pack go to a super scary haunted maze around halloween time. the maze is in complete darkness and proko ends up getting legitimately so scared… he hides behind k for as much of the maze as possible and is gripping k’s hand so tight that kavinsky complains about not being able to feel his fingers haha (but lowkey k doesn’t mind it at all, and he kisses proko in the safe late-night shadows of his bedroom later to remind him that not all darkness is bad, let’s be honest with ourselves)
  • swan stays after school to watch skov’s soccer practice and brings him a gatorade from the 7-11, blue glacier flavor because it matches skov’s hair, and skov drinks the whole thing and bitches about his legs being sore and swan just picks him up bridal-style and places him nicely in the backseat of his car and blasts the aircon for him on the drive to k’s
  • jiang drunkenly makes pb&j sandwiches for everyone who is still lingering at k’s house when it’s like three in the morning after one of k’s legendary parties and they become like, well-known among aglionby as the best pb&j sandwiches ever (probably because everyone eating them was under the influence of one substance or another, but hey). even declan catches wind of it and demands jiang make him one the next time they hang out