7 exposures

Long star trails stretch across the sky above our tent in White Sands during this 7 hour long exposure on film.  This park becomes incredibly quiet at night as they close the gates completely and only the few people who are willing to backpack into the dunes get to stay in the park.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico - March 2015

Shot Notes:

Provia 100f 4x5, 75mm Super Angulon
7 hours at f8, no filters


The Iris Nebula by Don McCrady
Via Flickr:
The Iris Nebula is part of a vast complex of dust in the constellation of Cepheus. The central portion shines with the bright blue reflection of the star SAO 19158, the rest of the nebula fading to a dim brown. This image represents a total of 7 hours of exposure through separate red, green, and blue filters.

The North Celestial Tower : If you climbed to the top of this 13th century stone tower, it looks like you could reach out and touch the North Celestial Pole, the point at the center of all the star trail arcs. The well-composed image with scattered meteor streaks was recorded over a period of five and half hours as a series of 45 second long exposures spanning the dark of the night on July 7/8. The exposures were made with a digital camera fixed to a tripod near Marathon, Greece, planet Earth. Of course, the graceful star trails reflect the Earths daily rotation around its axis. By extension, the axis of rotation leads to the center of the concentric arcs in the night sky. Convenient for northern hemisphere night sky photographers and celestial navigators alike, the bright star Polaris is very close to the North Celestial Pole and so makes the short bright trail in the towers central gap. via NASA


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 If it wasn’t for the current matter at hand, she might’ve taken the time to try and wipe the smirk off his face somehow. In any other circumstance, the wolf in her would scoff, bump him off his high and mighty pedestal and tell him to shove right off.

   But no, no for whatever reason, Rose thought it best to egg him on, and now she was left squirming. Couldn’t have that, no, the blonde had some dignity left to fight for. And if he truly took some cheap thrill from watching her flush and stumble then so be it. She would get the last laugh.

   Eventually. “You’re sure about that?” Got to get that in writing next time. (Or plant her phone in her bra… oh sure NOW her brilliant ideas decide to come out and play.)

   She finally speaks up, beams with gleeful purpose. “Alright. Next time I’ll make sure to stop by the jewelers. Tell them it’s for a good cause, people are suckers for a sweet face nowadays. Might be my wolfish-like demeanor,” she grins. Rose would return them right after but that was not the point currently.

   Now her fiery jubilee fades and rears it’s head in an uglier fashion, knows its time. Rip it off like a band-aid, Tyler, don’t let him smell your fear. Jotting down a couple quick sketches in that all too familiar scripture she feels more prepared, swallows, then begins the practiced swoops and valleys of Gallifreyan, notes to be careful of his wandering eye and of any awkward chicken scratch this may produce as.

    When she’s done she’s got it hidden beneath her palm, meeting his eyes with a raised brow and a dare, which is heavily smothered by the reddening of her checks. Couldn’t look more like a deer in the headlights if she tried.