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Tomco Week 7 - Day 7: Tomco Day

Even though he was embarrassed to admit it at first, Tom remembered the exact day that he and Marco had hung out when the whole anger management graduation thing happened. Still feeling bad about lying, and wanting to do something nice, a year later Tom made a cake and showed up suddenly at Marco’s house so they could eat the dessert and spend time together.

Today is not only the one year anniversary of when “Friendenemies” aired. It’s also National Boyfriend Day. How fitting. ^^

This idea was partly inspired by a scene in OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.

Lucas x dyslexic!reader 2

You were awoken by a sharp pain in your neck. The way the sore area felt when you ran your hand over it made you think that it was bruised. The room was mostly dark, which you were actually thankful for because bright lights probably wouldn’t do anything for your aching head. There was one light right in front of you that light up the room enough for you to make out what was around you, but it was still pretty faint. Once your eyes were able to focus more, you could tell that it was a computer. You pushed yourself off of the floor and walked over to it while you were desperately trying to remember what lead to you being here. One look a the locked computer screen was all you needed to jog your memory. The name Lucas jumped at you like warning sign, and you knew that you needed to get out of here. There were metal doors on either side of the room, neither of which looked inviting, but you had to chooses one of them before Lucas came back here. You dashed to one of the doors and opened it enough to see some sort of lab area, but quickly decided that way was a bad choice when you saw Lucas standing, thankfully with his back turned to you, down a small flight of stairs. Without hesitation you went to the other door and bolted as fast as you could. It was a good thing you left when you did because soon after you were past the metal walk way that lead to a mine like area you heard a very angry, “GOD DAMMIT!” signaling that Lucas just went to look for you.

You weren’t sure where you were going. You were just trying to get as much distance between you and Lucas as physically possible. It was going to be almost impossible to find your way out considering that you struggled with directs anyway and you haven’t even been trying to figure out the direction of the path you were taking, but wandering in a mine for a few days would be way better than being stuck with Lucas. Lucas by himself was bad news, so you couldn’t even imagine what Lucas with a lab would be like. You kept running until you reached a dead end. There was a blockade of some sort that was made out of logs. There was probably a way to break off a piece or squeeze through, but you weren’t sure if there would be enough time to do either before Lucas caught up with you. There was only seconds before Lucas found you, so you had to hide quickly. There was a small structure that was supposed to stop mine cars that went down the track, but it had a big empty space so there was no way that you’d be able to hide there. Suddenly, you spotted a large bolder right behind the structure in the caved in part of the tunnel. There was enough space between it and the rocks behind it that you were able to fit where Lucas shouldn’t be able to see you. You quickly climbed the rock pile and got yourself into position before working on calming down your breathing. This whole thing would be for naught if you let heavy breathing give away your hiding spot.

Soon the sound of rapid crunching could be heard as Lucas ran on the gravely pathway that lead to the area where you were. You did your best to quiet your breathing even more than you already were in an effort to make it almost soundless. The crunching of the gravel and the sound of Lucas cussing under his breath could be heard constantly for about five minutes as he looked around the area. You were about ready to throw up because you were sure that he would find you at any minute. A wave of relief washed over you when the sound of his steps went back towards the path and eventually disappeared, signaling to you that he was gone. You crawled out of your handing spot and brushed the dust off of yourself. Lucas might be gone for right now, but there was no telling when he would come back. There was one thing that you were sure of; you were NOT going to be here when he did. Looking at the area in more detail now that you weren’t as pressed for time, you noticed that there was a gap in the log blockade that was considerably bigger that the others. That was your ticket out of here! You went to the gap and started to push yourself through. All was going well. You were going to get through here, leave Lucas behind, go find Zoe and Mia, and…and…you were stuck.

You totally misjudged the width of the gap, and now you were stuck with half of your body on one side and the other half on the side you started on. “Okay…” You sigh to yourself in an effort to keep yourself calm. All you needed to do was wiggle around a little bit and you would eventually work your way the rest of the way through. “Well, I’ll be a sonava bitch! How’d ya suppose this happened?” An all too familiar drawl called from behind you. Crap! You were too occupied with getting yourself unstuck that you hadn’t even heard Lucas walk back up behind you. Not, that it would have mattered. You wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere anyways. “You caught me. Good for you.” You say in an extremely deadpan voice. Honestly, you should be more frightened right now, but your most prevalent feeling was regret for how stupid you were. Not to mention, even though Lucas had found you, you were still stuck and it would take him a bit to get you out of where you were. Sure, he could just kill you while you were immobile, but that seem a little too bland for him. He likes to have a lot of pizzaz to his murders.

“Soooooo~ What'cha doin’?” Lucas said in a smug sing song voice as he leaned his back against the blockade. “Really?” was all you felt like responding with. He let out a laugh that let you know that he thought this was one of the funniest things he had seen in awhile. “Wait! Wait! Hold on! I got the best idea!” he almost wheezed between laughs as he pushed himself off the blockade and started to head back up the path. “Don’t you go nowhere now.” he called back to you in a teasing tone before he left. Well, he gave you one instruction, so of course you were going to do the opposite. You wiggled used your hands to push as hard as you could, but it seemed liked you were going nowhere. You kept trying and trying until you actually started to ware yourself out. How did you keep getting yourself into these kind of situations? The next thing you knew, you heard Lucas walking up to you, shortly followed by him sitting down on your legs and something being placed on you. The slight clicking that you heard next let you know exactly what he was doing. “Are you really using me as a computer desk?” You question as you try to turn your neck enough to look at him, and failing horribly. “Yeah,” he started with a slight laugh before his tone turned extremely serious, “and I suggest that you don’t be movin’ around too much, ‘cus if you break my computer then it will NOT be good for your general wellbein’.”

After awhile and well after your legs had fallen asleep, he asked you a question. You decided to just answer it because you didn’t have anything else you were able to do at the moment. “Hey, how do you spell the words belief and ruffle?” He asked in a tone that was trying to sound innocent, but you knew better. “B-e-l-e-i-f and r-u-f-f-e-l. Why?” You respond. Lucas answered with another question. “You’re dyslexic, ain’t ya?” You were confused on how he could jump to a conclusion like that. Even though he was right, there was no way that simply spelling, or misspelling based on his response, a few words could tell him. Lucas picked up on your confusion, and gave you an explanation. “Back in the barn I noticed that you had trouble with numbers, and you also seemed to have trouble keepin’ your left n’ right straight. Just now you had trouble spellin’ some words. All I had'ta do was look up those symptoms and I got the answer. Ain’t the internet a wonderful thing?” He ended with a chuckle. You forgot that he was actually really smart, like engineering trophies in his room smart, because most of the time you just saw the eccentric guy that makes death traps side.

“Welp, suppose we better get'cha outta there. Can’t really play games with you all stuck and such.” Lucas sighed as he sat his computer a ways to the side and stood up. You suddenly felt a firm grasp on your hips and heard Lucas chuckle, “Parden the intrusion.” before you were being pulled towards him. Apparently you were more stuck than you thought because Lucas had to actually use one of his legs to push off of one of the logs. When he did manage to get you out, he was pulling so hard that it sent the two of you flying backwards. You landed in his lap and he caught himself on his elbows, thankful that he had his hoodie on so he didn’t cut them on the gravel floor. “Hello there.” Lucas said with a mischievous grin as you looked over to him. It was then that it occurred to you that this was only the second time that you had actually seen him in person, and you defiantly weren’t this close the first time. Your face started to get a red tint when you realized that you thought he was actually an attractive guy. That was something you never thought you would think about someone that sent you through death traps and kidnapped you. This new feeling was not okay, but you would have to try your hardest to remind yourself of that.

Lucas Baker x dyslexic!reader

You hated everything that was going on. It had been a long day for you; a long day that you wouldn’t have wished on your worst enemy. You were driving down a road in the parish of Dulvey while you were traveling to go check out a job opportunity a few states over. The fact that you were on that road in the first place was the first bad sign of the day because it was nowhere near where you were supposed to be, and you knew it. The gps on your phone wasn’t working either. You had apparently strayed so far into practically desolate swampland that you didn’t have poor reception, you had basically no reception at all. Things were made worse when you ran out of gas. You were so busy trying to figure out where you were and how to get back to where you needed to be that you hadn’t been paying attention to the decreasing meter. You walked for about twenty minutes farther down the road when you saw a dirt path. Not seeing a end to the paved road anytime soon, you chose to take the dirt one. It had to lead to a house or something right? You were so happy when it did. Little did you know that a few hours of a walk on a hot Louisiana road would be light years better than what awaited you in that house.

Long story short, you ended up going to another house near there when it looked like no one was home. While at the other house, you found a woman named Mia locked in a room in the basement. You got the chain off of the cell door that she was in so she and you could get out of there, but you didn’t get very far. Mia and you only made it a few rooms over from where you set her free when you heard her scream at someone. “DADDY! NO!” You heard right before you felt a hand forcefully turn you around. It was a man that at first glance looked somewhere in his mid-fifties. “Heh, welcome to the family!” Was all he said before his fist met your face, knocking you unconscious.

That’s how this whole thing started. And since then you had seen more things than you’ll probably not want to remember, but absolutely would. The worst being having to fight monstrous versions of Jack, the man that had knocked you out earlier, and his wife Marguerite. The close second was all of those foul smelling, mold monsters that you had to fight. You had the worst time getting away from them because of how large and unfamiliar that house you were in was. There was always the underlying problem that you might mix up directions and specific routes that you would have to take to get to certain places, but it worsened when you were under pressure. And, giant monsters or crazed, murderous parental figures hunting you down is one of the worst forms of pressure that you could put on someone. Yeah, there were some hand drawn maps that you found along the way, but sometimes trying to figure those out just made your head hurt worse than those head-butts Jack gave you. The older house that you found Margurete in was a little better because it was smaller, but you still got turned around once or twice. Thankfully, you had left the two houses(hopefully for good) and the barn that you were currently in was much easier to navigate.

Aside from all of the tripwires and the mold monsters, you were doing okay. Everything was basically straight halls, so getting turned around or struggling with direction wasn’t as much of a deal here. The main problem was the person you were in here to get to: Lucas. He was the son to the crazy couple and brother to that Zoe lady that has been helping you. You would have liked to skip seeing him all together if you could, but you had seen him take Mia and he also had told you via phone that he had Zoe. You needed to get Zoe if you wanted to get out of here because she knew her way around and could help you, and it just didn’t seem right to leave Mia. If you were going to get one why not help the other if you could?

You had just beaten the, “fat man,” as Lucas called it, and saw the charred remains of who you could only assume was the guy from the last vhs you saw holding a sign that said “Your Next” and the code you needed. After being sure that you memorized the numbers, you walked down the stairs, and found yourself right in front of the room with the number pad. “Okay, 1480.” You told yourself mentally as you typed and entered it in. Nothing. Huffing, you tried it again. Once more, nothing. You were about to yell at the fact that Lucas gave you a wrong password when you thought of something. A quick trip back up the stairs and another look at the sign later you were back at the number pad to type in 1408. “Oowee! You ain’t too good with numbers, are ya?” You heard Lucas jeer over a speaker. “What makes you say that?” You respond, not wanting to admit anything to him. “Well, I noticed that you didn’t catch a single thing when I was thrown’ fake codes at ya earlier. Not to mention, ya had'ta go back and look at the right one just now.” He laughed with clear amusement for your trouble in his voice. You just pouted in response, finding no amusement whatsoever in the situation.

“Anyways,” he continued, “this right here is a test of skill. I don’t want any cheatn’, so~ that shit your carryn’; get rid of it!” It didn’t seem like you had much of a choice, so you begrudgingly did what you were told. You tried to sneak your pocketknife in, but apparently whatever camera he was watching you with could see that you did. “Hey, now! Don’t think I didn’t see that! Put that knife in the box with the rest of it!” Lucas said in a scolding manner. “Ugh! Fine!” you huffed as you took the knife from your pocket and put it in the box before walking to the door. “Your lucky I think ya cute, or else we’d have a problem.” he snorted over the speaker as the door opened. You walked into the dark room and started to look around before the sound of the door slamming and locking behind you caught your attention. Before you could see what closed it, however, something was put over the grate on the door casing the little light that you had from the other room to be blocked off leaving you in total darkness.

After a moment of silence, Lucas’s voice came through a speaker once more, “Alrighty, sweetheart! This is a test of your listenin’ skills. Ya see, this room is full of mouse traps except for a certain path. All you have to do is step where I tell ya, and you’ll be fine.” You weren’t sure if you should play this trust game with Lucas. After all, you were wearing some pretty thick boots that would probably keep your toes from breaking if you hit some mouse traps, so you could just find your own way through. “Oh, somethin’ you should know ‘bout the traps: most of them are normal ol’ mouse catchers, buuuuuuut some of them are-shall we say-enhanced.” Based on the multiple explosions you saw in the rest of the barn, you decided that you really didn’t want to know what the enhanced traps were, leaving you no choice but to go where Lucas told you and hope he didn’t purposely lead you to your early death.

“Okie dokie! The first thing you need to is turn around the opposite way that you are now.” You gave a shaky sigh as you did as Lucas instructed. He must have a night vision camera or something if he knew which way you were facing. “The next thing is to take two small steps forward, turn and take a step to the left.” Bracing yourself, and hoping that the steps you took were small enough, you started to move. One, two forward-so far so good- and one to the left- SNAP!! “What the hell is wrong with you? I said to the left!” Lucas questioned over the speaker. Based on his reaction and the fact that you felt the recently activated mouse trap on your boot, you had gone right instead. Taking a few steps to the actual left and removing the trap from your person, you waited for Lucas’s next instructions. This went one for a little bit longer, and thankfully you didn’t get any more of the directions confused. Towards the end you were getting kind of flustered because of being in the darkness for so long and the fact that you weren’t sure if he was actual going to lead you to safety or not, so a lot of your choices were lucky guesses.

You were extremely relieved when you heard Lucas tell you, “Last thing I’m gonna help you with: there’s a door to your right leading to another room. Now, somewhere in that room is a flash light. If you can find that, then you can use it to get to the end of the maze.” Great now all you had to do was get in that room and find the light. He said it was to the right. Stopping, you had to be sure that you went the correct way. There was no doubt in your mind that Lucas would put a lot of the extra deadly traps right by that door. “Okay, time to use a cheat.” You mumbled to yourself as you held the thumb and the pointer finger of both of your hands in front of your face. Wait, it was pitch black in here, you couldn’t see your hands! The idea was to see which one had the L shape facing the right way to determine left, but not only could you not see your hands, you also, under the stress you were in, were blanking out on which way the L was supposed to go. “What are you doin’?!” Lucas practically yelled, causing you to jump out of your skin. “I-I’m thinking you.” You yelled back. “About what? What could you possibly need ta think about?” He responded in an annoyed tone. Not answering, you decided to just take a step to the side and hope that it was the right way.

Thankfully, it was, and you went into the next room. At the end of the room, which had no traps in it, much to your delight, there was a small table that had the flash light on it. Shining the light onto the previous room that you were in, you realized that not only was this the place you had seen on the vhs that you watched earlier except with a bunch of mouse traps and no clown, but also that you were lucky the trap you set off at the beginning was a regular one and not one of the ones that you now saw had razor blades and broken glass glued to them. Using the light, you made your way to through this room and into the one that used to have an exploding cake in it. When you got there, the overhead lights turned on. You looked around to see a mostly empty room, except for a note on the wall by the doorway you just came through. It read, “Congratulatoins on getting thruogh the maze! I’ve got a graet surqrise for you!”

Suddenly you felt a sharp pain in your neck. You yelped and looked over to see a hand pull a now empty syringe out of you before you were turned around. Lucas threw the needle behind him and kneeled down to your height as you started to sink onto the floor. “Wha- What did you do to me?” You questioned him as your head started to get foggy and you limbs started to feel heavy. “Don’t you worry none. I just gave ya somethin’ to help you fall asleep. You must be tired after all ya’ve been through, right?” He responded with a twisted grin on his face. You wanted to say something back to him, but you were already too far out of it. “You’re just too much fun to get rid of. Besides, I think I’m startn’ to really like you, so we need ta get ta know each other better.” You wanted to yell, or punch him, or something but you were unable to. The last thing you saw before you passed out was his twisted smile as you heard him laugh, “We’re gonna have so much fun!”

Lucas x dyslexic!reader 4

You and Lucas sat there for an awkward moment. It was awkward for you anyways; Lucas was probably loving every minute if it. “My, my, my, my, my! You are really tryin’ to give me a workout, ain’t cha?” Lucas chuckled as he rested his chin on your shoulder. You stiffened your back at the action causing him to tighten his hold on you. “Well, you’d be able ta move if I could trust ya. Seein’ as I can’t, you getta stay like this awhile.” He almost giggled in your ear. Considering that Lucas was beyond furious only moments ago, the fact that he was giddy now made you extremely nervous. His mood swings were one of the most daunting thins about him. There was no telling whether he was actually happy or if he was gleefully planning your demise. Either way you felt it wouldn’t end well for you. “I still haven’t decided, ya know.” Lucas mumbled as he nuzzled his nose onto the area of your neck that was right behind your ear. “Decided what?” You question him with a shaky voice. He gave a soft laugh causing a puff of air to brush against your neck before he responded, “What I’m gonna do with ya.” You tensed up even more which caused another giggle to leave him. Lucas sat there with you in his death grip as he was trying to find a way to get you to cooperate with him better. While he was thinking he hummed a little, and since his chin was still on your shoulder you could feel the vibrations of the hums causing you to shiver a bit in his hold.

“That’s perfect!” Lucas suddenly exclaimed as he stood up and pulled you along to where he was going. On the way he grabbed the chair that he had sat you on when he first brought you to this area. Lucas put the chair down and sat you so that you were facing the wall. “Stay there, and no peeking~” he said in a very sing-song voice before going to get something on one of the tables behind you. By this point you knew that you couldn’t outrun him to one of the doors, so that wasn’t going to happen. You also decided not to look behind you, not because you were excited to follow Lucas’s orders, but because you were positive that you didn’t even want to know what he had planned for you. Whatever it was you could only hope that it was over with quickly, and you wouldn’t have to go through too much more. Suddenly you felt something go around your neck, just as you were sure that the was going to strangle you, there was a click and whatever it was seemed to be not getting tighter. You moved your hands up to see if you could actually tell wha it was that he put on your neck. You were pretty certain that you knew what it was, but before you could be certain, Lucas stepped in front of you and started to tell you what his plans for you were. “Bet'cha wanna know what I just did right?” He giggled and his face showed a smile that matched it. “It’s a collar! Just for you!” He said excitedly. “Yay…I’m so happy….” you responded very deadpan as you fidgeted with the new accessory.

Lucas started pout for a moment because you didn’t seem to react the way he wanted you to, but brushed it off and kept going. “You don’t know the half of it, ya lucky little thing, you! Not only will it keep you from gettin’ away from me, but- hear me out- we’re also gonna use it for a little game I just thought of. A special one, made for my new favorite someone.” Lucas kneeled down so that he was on your eye level, and moved his face much closer to yours. “Ya know who that is?” He asked in a playful tone. “Absolutely no idea.” You responded pointedly. Suddenly you felt what seemed to be a strong pinch on your neck followed by a burning sensation causing you to wince. “No more of that attitude, smart ass.” Lucas scolded as he held up a little remote in his hands. A shock collar, huh? Well this was an easy problem to fix. All you had to do was take it off. Lucas might shock you a few more times while you were trying, but it wasn’t like your hands were tied or anything.

You started fumbling with the clasp, trying to unhook it, but Lucas wasn’t going to let that happen. “Oh, no ya don’t!” He huffed as he shocked you a few more times. When that didn’t deter you from your task, he decided to use a different strategy. Lucas grabbed your hands, pinned them behind your back with one of his, and sat in your lap preventing you from struggling as much. Aside from him sitting on your lap being awkward, it kind of hurt. He wasn’t relatively heavy, but his butt was extremely boney. Who would have thought? “Now, about that game I thought of; it’s easy.” He said with a chuckle partly due to the anticipation of what was coming and partly because he was proud of his recent victory with you. “All ya have'ta do is a few math problems I think of within the time limit. Get three right, and you~ GET A PRIZE!” Your ears hurt now because he yelled while he was right next to you. There wasn’t really time to focus on that though, because he continued on with his thought. “Get the answer wrong, and~” the collar gladly reminded you that it was still there before Lucas went on, “I’ll up the voltage each time.” You met his playful look with a angry one. He was banking in the fact that you, like many other people with dyslexia, also had dyscalculia, and he’d be right. He just laughed, “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” and went on with his game.

“Alrighty, first one. 3•4.” He said very quickly, not able to wait on his game anymore. Did he really think you were that stupid? “It’s 12.” You say flatly. “Good, work. That’s point number one for you.” Lucas announced like a game show host. “Next! xy=(23-52)+45. Easy, right?” He continued. Alright. He was an engineer, his and you definition of easy math were two totally different things! Granted, this probably isn’t considered too difficult in the vast world of algebra, but you were under pressure and it was difficult to think. The collar shocked you a little bit later. “Times up!” He said as he let go of the button. This went on for a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity because of how strong the currents through the collar were getting. “Okay, next one!” Lucas started again. “Lucas, please…No more…” you whimpered out. You were extremely taxed both physically and mentally, and wanted nothing more than this whole thing to be over. “Well, now! What did I just hear? Did you just beg?” Lucas asked in a very pandering tone. You wished you could fight him more, but you just didn’t have the energy. You didn’t even have the energy to hold up your head anymore, opting to let it slump into Lucas’s shoulder. “Please… no more, Lucas.” You noticed that his breathing caught when you said his name, but you were too exhausted to feel anything about it. “Look at this! I think this stubborn little thing is broken! That don’t mean nothin’, tho. You still gotta get one more question right before you get that reward.” You felt like you were about to cry. That was one of the only things that you were never going to do in front of him though, so you held the tears back. “Okay, 6+7-3.” Lucas asked and your heart stopped. There was no way that he just switched back to simple math after all those complicated equations he had given you. You weren’t about to spend the time limit contemplating it, and answered as soon as you could. “10… it’s 10.” You said hoarsely.

The next thing you knew, Lucas gave a little hum, and the collar popped off and his hand released yours allowing much need blood flow to reach your fingers. Soon you felt his fingers travel up your shoulder and to the spot where the collar had shocked you. You winced when his fingers brushed over the spot, and he gave a dry laugh. “Suppose we should get some medicine on that.” He mumbled as he inspected the area. “W-what?” You questioned, your voice sounding raspier than you thought it would. “Gotta take care of ya if I wanna keep playin’. You’re one of'tha best playthings I ever had.” He laughed as he moved your face and placed his lips onto yours while you were helpless to do anything about it.