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Kaidan. What are you doing? Why won’t you talk to me? Does this board really need this amount of groping? Was it purposefully put on such a height that makes you bend over constantly like that? When will be THE time for personal debriefings? Kaidan. You won’t answer me.  I’ll just stand here I guess. Watching.

Also I’m writing your butt up for commendation.


                                                             Enemies to the east,
                                                             Enemies to the west,
                                                             Enemies to the south,
                                                             Enemies to the north.


Spencer Reid + #someone please tell him that life isn’t a photoshoot


Sun Praying NEETs’ Big Strategy circular icons, because they’re really adorable and i love them ! 

here’s a square variant; sizes are 160x160px!


For @overwatchers


└ Caster’s dorkiness + DoS’ adoring glances

Cr: JAL CM Making of 13.05.2017