7 dragon balls


as you wish! must admit this request is my favorite at the moment i’m so HOOKED, LEMME TELL YA 


Anyway. here some story:

Son Gokú is a young captain who along with his crew (Bulma, Krillin, yamcha, Oolong, 18 etc) live and cross the ocean looking for an artifact… A jewel. That can be use as a pendulum along with the 7 letters (one for each ocean), guide the owner to the greatest treasure: the dragon oracles. 7 balls that together bring the sea dragon to the mundane world and granted a wish.

So this jewel, is in hands (better say neck) of Chichi Mao,  better know as the “ox princess” her father know as the Ox king, who in his younger days was a Lord Pirate of China who along with his Lady committed different crimes, but in one assault she died and Ox changed himself, conquered an Island and became King. A nice morning Gokú arrived to the island along with his people, by the orb of the sea witch Uranai baba, he get to know the princess and get her favor.
One day after his arrived the Ice- jin Trade Company guided it by Lord Freezer himself, and in his company was Vegeta an old enemy of Gokú, they arrived looking for the same as Gokú, the jewel. He (Freezer) have 4 letters while Gokú have 2, the king knows the island could not resist the attack and so Gokú’s crew and himself, they wanted to flee taking with them the owner of the gem.

Having encounter with another old enemy, sea monsters, and some little misadventures in the way to get the last letter before the company, not having a clear wish in mind but knowing that if Freezer get them first it be the end of the world as how they know them.

shout out to @chichis0boobs ! here you have no excuse now lol

enjoy fella shippers! <3


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