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Headcanon: one time on Will's birthday, all of the campers he's helped out in the past, whether it be in the infirmary or with LGBT stuff, all teamed up with Nico, hoping to make this the best birthday ever for the guy who helped them so much.

okay so this is my favorite thing in the entire world.


will is a total hermit, rarely ever comes out of the infirmary and doesnt hang out NEARLY as much as he used to, so when cecil and lou ellen start pulling him in any sort of direction outside he immediately assumes someone is injured. he kind of resigns himself to stitching someones ears back on, figures the day could be much worse, at least things are interesting at camp, but then cecil pulls him into a seemingly secluded place near the strawberry fields and will is like ? okay wheres the yellin and bleedin

but SURPRISE LOSER, its actually a huge party. people jump out, yelling surprise, throwing golden glitter and pink and white and blue and yellow streamers everywhere, a few people have noisemakers. will is surprised - this looks like just about everyone he knows, which is weird because most campers should be gone for school right now - didnt august start up a while ago? will blinks rapidly as he realized that the Mist is fading around them, bending his perception of reality, no longer hiding these big ol’ wrapped gifts and silly banners and a table with cake. he can barely focus on any of it, it all shows up so quickly. suddenly hazel is there, smiling at him the way she does, and she runs to hug him, says her hello. nico is right behind her, hugs him too for a little bit longer. that, to will, seems the most surprising thing of all; pda? from nico? with this many people? if it werent such a big party, will wouldve assumed someone had died. nico pulls away and will sees that chiron is there (because will is like his son, having been at camp for so long and having been taught healing by chiron himself, of course horse dad wont miss this) and pats will on the shoulder, giving his congratulations.

and wills just like “congratulations for what?” and everybody kinda freezes and looks at each other

“will,” nico laughs. “its august 13th. you know…. your birthday”

and wills eyes go so wide they might just pop right out of his head. “wait…. its my birthday?”

and then everyone is laughing and everyone enjoys pointing out the silly banners they made; “billy the bday boy” (“rude!” says will, causing more laughter) and “one year closer to death” and, of course, “celebration in progress, no terfs allowed”. they all make will grin and laugh. kayla and austin are sure to get will the first slice of cake, because thats the best part of having a birthday, and then they serenade him with a terrifying mash up of never gonna give you up and careless whisper. it is arguably the best song will has ever heard.

other birthday gifts include: a fanny pack, entirely white with a red ‘plus’/cross, its purpose not unlike leo’s toolbelt as it has the capability to give just about any general medical supply he’d ever need (the first thing he pulls out is a small card that says simply “Love, Dad”), as well as at least 4 new binders (one with weed leaf print that makes him laugh for like 10 minutes) and a comfortable sports bra that starts a chanting of “LET THE BOY BREATHE! LET THE BOY BREATHE!” that has him absolutely snorting with laughter, then some sweet collectable star trek trading cards as well as a special autograph of long-dead actor deforest kelley aka ‘bones’, wills favorite character (a gift from nico, cecil, and lou ellen - the thing that made him happiest was knowing they got on well enough to collaborate). there were other things, odds and ends, some stim toys that will was excited for, a collection of trek and xmen comic books, some magic the gathering and mythomagic cards. the promise, from chiron, that they would start working on his 'light bending’ as will had called it now that he was old enough. hes so intensely grateful and excited and he thanks everyone a million times, lets people play around with his new cards and stims and, though hes wearing it, the fanny pack.

that is, until nico gestures to speak to him alone for a while. everyone goes back to cake, some poking at austin and kayla to give an encore. while his siblings play The Best Of Memes, vol. 420, nico leads will away and takes both his hands in his own.

nico is very quiet at first, very reserved, but he carefully explains the importance of his skull ring, then even more carefully, the importance of will to him in his heart. “and, because of this,” he whispers. “because of my caring for you, and your importance in my life, i want you to wear it from now on. this ring started my descent into a kind of darkness i thought i was meant to be in, i was meant to become. and you sparked the light that ended that part of my life. im happier now. because of you, and because of that struggling, i am happier now. i want you to wear the ring.” and will does. he wears it on his left hand, his middle finger, and he knows he’ll probably have to take it off aaaaall the time in the infirmary but right now that doesnt matter, because the ring is one finger away from a promise. it was odd to have such a romantic moment happening while boney m’s rasputin played in the background, but it was oddly suited to the moment and to their relationship.

all in all, it is easily wills best birthday ever.

- mod will

Apollo Cabin Headcannons

These guys don’t get enough love, so.

Lee Fletcher-

-Harry Potter nerd
-Sounds like a freaking angel on the acoustic guitar
-Can play a variety of instruments
-transgendered (birth name was Leah)
-Usually listens to audio books instead of reading them
-Half Korean
-Loved teasing Michael about being short
-Was about six feet tall
-wrote poetry
-His freckles glow when he’s embarrassed and his hair glows when he’s scared
-He’s the mother hen of cabin 7
-Wavy blonde hair
-Total Disney geek
-Favorite movie was Tangled and favorite band was LemonadeMouth
-Went blind on a quest with Michael and another camper while fighting a drakon
-A Hephaestus kid made him a cane that turned into a bow
-after he died, Michael kept the cane propped up next to his bed.
-sometimes he used it for archery practice and when he did, he sometimes heard Lee whispering encouragement in his ear

Michael Yew-

-Lord of the Ring dork
-Nicknamed Lee, “Legolas”
-Made puns about everything
-Teased Lee a lot
-Cheeks glows when he’s really embarrassed
-Very protective over his siblings
-When Lee was blinded, Michael fussed over him every chance he got
-Very impatient and short temper
-Used to date Lou Ellen
-Got in fights with Clarisse a lot
-had a stash of ice cream for when they needed it
-after Lee died, Michael, Kayla, Will and Austin would sit on Lee’s old bunk, eating ice cream and talking about memories of him while listening to LemonadeMouth
-After the Titan war, Will, Kayla and Austin went searching for Michael for two weeks until Chiron finally told them not to.
-Lee’s cane/bow and Michael’s bow hang on a hook in the back of the cabin

Will Solace-

-He’s the best at healing
-He held Kayla and Austin together when Michael died
-He suffers from depression but tries his best to smile everyday for his siblings
-He often cries himself to sleep
-He doesn’t want to be head counselor
-his hair glows when he’s surprised
-he can bend light
-Cecil and Lou Ellen are his best friends
-He has a journal of every patient that comes into the infirmary and whether or not they survive
-Lee has a page in there and the pen is smudged and there’s tear stains all over it


-Dirty blonde hair that reaches her elbows
-Only a few months younger than Will
-hair glows when she’s extremely happy
-she isn’t the best at healing but she sings very well
-She’s very good at debating
-She doesn’t take any shit from her brothers
-she has a death glare


-mother died when he was five, aunt took him to camp because she couldn’t afford to keep him
-lived in the South, still has the accent
-Dyes his hair pink. At first, it was a practical joke that Lee pulled, Kayla was going to dye Austin’s hair red but Lee switched the bottles. Once Lee died, Austin kept his hair pink as a memoir of Lee
-lost two fingers in the battle of the Labyrinth
-has an undercut
-has severe depression
-is going through his “punk phase”
-has two pairs of glasses, silver rimmed with black sides and hipster glasses
-is obsessed with all things Disney (especially punk Disney and Big Hero 6)

You’re Welcome - Apollo

Ok, ok, I see what’s happening here

You’re face to face with greatness, and it’s strange

You don’t even know how you feel

It’s adorable!

Well, it’s nice to see that humans never change

Open your eyes, let’s begin

Yes, it’s really me, it’s Apollo: breathe it in!

I know it’s a lot: the hair, the bod!

When you’re staring at a freakin god

What can I say except you’re welcome

For haikus, the sun, healing

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay

You’re welcome

I’m just an ordinary godly-guy


What has two thumbs and killed the python

Saved delphi before the day was done

So fun!

When the future’s bleak

Who’s prophets answer what you seek?

Just a part of my week.

Oh, also I chariot the sun

You’re welcome!

To stretch the days and bring you fun

Also invented music

You’re welcome!

To fill your work with joyful ease

So what can I say except you’re welcome

Just need to learn to let nymphs be

There’s no need to pray, it’s okay

You’re welcome!

Ha, I guess it’s just my way of being me

You’re welcome!

You’re welcome!

Well, come to think of it

Kid, honestly I can go on and on

I can explain every natural phenomenon

The sun, the divine sound oh

That’s Apollo just messing around

Marsyas (mar-C-as) challenged

But it was a bust

Became a stream ‘cause he had hubris.

What’s the lesson

What is the take-away

Don’t mess with Apollo when he’s on the break-away

And the tapestry in all greek homes

Was a map of the victories I win

Look where I’ve been

I make everything happen

Look at me through history just tippity-tappin’

Well, anyway let me say

you’re welcome

For the wonderful world you know

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay

You’re welcome!

Well, come to think of it, I gotta go

Hey, it’s your day to say you’re welcome

‘Cause I’m gonna need your help

I’m blessing your day, your day

You’re welcome!

'Cause I can’t do anything by myself.

You’re welcome!

You’re welcome!

And thank you!

Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle. Review Part 3. SPOILERS.

Part 1 Part 2

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My previous posts were about a specific character or characters, but on this one I’ll talk about more general stuff or characters (It might include Apollo, Will and Nico again if I forgot to mention something)

  • We get to know a lot of characters last names that a lot of people use on their fanfics:
    - Cecil Markowitz, Kayla Knowles, Nyssa Barrera, Austin Lake, Malcolm Pace.
  • Kayla’s main ability is archery, it is implied she wants to compete at the Olympics; and Austin is music, he plays the sax and he’s rather famous on Youtube. And they all are healers, Will being the best at it. So you can imply all Apollo children posses some degree of their father abilities but excelling at one.
  • Malcolm not wearing pants! XD
  • List of Demigods at camp:  
    - Will Solace, Kayla Knowles, Austin Lake.
    - Malcolm Pace.
    - Connor Stoll, Julia Feingold and Alice Miyazawa. (the last two are the new pranksters of the camp)
    - Paolo Montes son of Hebe.
    - Nyssa Barrera and Harley.
    - Sherman Yang.
    - Valentina Diaz daughter of Aphrodite.
    - Billie Ng daughter of Demeter.
    - Holly and Laurel Victor twin daughters of Nike.
    - Nico di Angelo.
    - Chiara Benvenuti daughter of Tyche (Another Italian, YAY! I headcanon Nico and her gossiping or bitching about other campers in Italian)
    - Damien White son of Nemesis.
  • Missing demigods: Cecil, Miranda Gardiner , Ellis Wakefield (Son of Ares).
  • Something that keeps running on my mind, if Nero is Meg’s stepfather, does that means he was in a relationship with Meg’s father? 
  • This point is specifically about Meg: I think she really has cool powers, and amazing fighting skills, and her relationship with Apollo was great until the backstabbing, not literally (it was pretty obvious she was the mole), BUT, at least for me she was a bit annoying.
  • Aztec deities are real! (as other deities). I know that in Riordan’s Universe deities existence is based on people believing in them, like the Greek/Roman gods and we know also about Nordic and Egyptian gods, and Apollo mention some others, so does that mean that angels and demons exist too? And based on how many people believe in them, are Hindu gods even more powerful than the Olympians? (Maybe I’ll write a bigger post about the near future). 
  • Wtf is wrong with Chiron and this camp? Aren’t they supposed to keep these kids safe? If you know you’re being cut off from the world, all your communication ways are compromised or not useful at all, and you have 3 missing demigod, and you still allow the kids you’re supposed to pretect, to go into a f*** maze that runs through the whole world with previous prove that you can end up in another country??? Like, seriously… 
  • Rhea being the hippie feminist grandmother, she acted like she had too many joints. XD
  • Percy understanding the meaning of a prophecy, he’s not as dumb as you’d like to think people! Even though I liked Percy at the beginning of the book, I feel his presence was a little bit forced at the battle.
  • Nico organizing the punching welcome of Leo. XD

This is what I’m hoping to see on the next books:

  • Even more development of Apollo and his kids’ relationship.
  • Will Solace background and POV. I’d really like to understand his character and this line: “He looked down at his own hands with distaste. “Unfortunately, I’m just a healer.” Like why? :(
  • Second characters development.
  • Hazel and Nico and Will.
  • The seven’s opinion on Solangelo.
  • Basically SOLANGELO. XD

If you’d like to discuss something about this or the previous posts, or the book in general, sharing some headcanon or anything at all, feel free to send me an ask :D.

#31 - play off of #1

When Triton and Percy get kidnapped and held hostage for the other gods to find, the monsters didn’t expect percy to be able to sing.

He sang a lot of disney.


Like this boy sings nothing but Disney.

“We Know the way” from Moana, “Turn up the Music” From Lemonade mouth, “Part of your world” from the little mermaid.

Triton eventually sings along with Percy and the monsters ended up going insane from the charmspeak Percy accidentally laced into his voice.

Thanks to that charmspeak, the other 7 found the demigod and minor god in Mount Rainier and they escaped (without blowing the lid off of the volcano)

BTS as Demigods 7/7

Jeon Jeongguk, Son of Zeus - God of the sky, destiny, and strength

“Effort makes you. It may take time, but there is nothing that gets worse due to practicing.”