7 corners

A couple of points to observe from here.

1. Victor is the one getting drunk this time; He can’t believe his beautiful fiancé accomplished so much!

2. Let Yurio have some food for god’s sake

3. Yuuri is in for one hell of a ride this time.

4. Otabek silently observes Yurio; don’t tell me there aren’t chances of Otayuri dropping by.

5. Phichit is so damn glad he could make it to the grand prix final this time; he can take all the drool worthy pictures too.

6. JJ and his beautiful fiancée are probably discussing wedding plans looking all hot and majestic in that corner.

7. I am Chris. Chris is me.

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So I started playing Fire Emblem 7, starting right off with Lyn/Eliwood hard mode…and I have found myself being blessed with the best tank in the game. Merlinus has blocked and distracted enemy AI into attacking him (and missing) to protect the weak units in my army. I will probably abuse this in Hector Hard mode too ffffft

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Here’s your tutorial to make handmade notebooks in the easy and lazy way


This tutorial shows how I make them, since you asked me about it. I’ve just started so I’m sure this method is not the best one. But it works pretty fine for me! You’ll be the judge.

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Ruff & Tumble

[read on ao3]

genre: smut, fluff

word count: 6.5k

warnings: swearing

extra tags: blowjob, handjob, dogs


Dan moves into his new apartment for the dog park downstairs – little does he know that the town comes with more than just fluffy tails.  

AU where Phil has a dog and Dan almost doesn’t know if he likes the dog or the boy more.


The guy looks up from his kneeling position in the grass, and seeing Dan, smiles. The dog next to him, with her fluffy golden curl of a tail, wiggles her butt at him. Dan doesn’t think he’s ever seen a better sight.

That is, until he actually looks up into the owners face.

Oh no, he thinks, Oh, no, no.

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Coffee taste (m)

Characters: Min Yoongi & You

Genre: fluff, smut (just a prolonged foreplay though)

Summary:  As in what happens when you disturb your boyfriend late at night in his studio uninvited and try to lure him home.

Warnings: mild dirty talk and light sexual content

Words: 2963

I blame my late night conversation with @taetaeby about sweets, coffee and Yoongi.

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Favourite Albums - From Under The Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy (2005) (Part 1)

(Part 2) 

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Lay loves you 😙

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Braven; I made a mistake with falling in love with you in the apocalypse. And my punishment is seeing you turned into a pale man eating monster.- The same anon that requests sad stuff.

fuvk i had this almost doen and then my computer crashed so i had to re-write it

1. Bellamy sees the end before it comes. He packs a duffel bag with a handgun, a butcher’s knife, and a few changes of clothes, just starts driving. He remembers his ex-girlfriend told him he was a selfish ass, screamed it at him like an insult, but maybe his selfish streak would save him.

Bellamy goes east towards the mountains. He’ll be okay if everything goes to plan.

2. It’s been two days and a pretty girl shoved Bellamy against the wall of a gas station, her small body pressing against him, a knife angled against his jugular. “take me with you,” she says, and Bellamy lets her. 

3. Her name is Raven and doesn’t speak, just stares out the window at the empty farmhouses and miles of colorless farmland. Every once in a while Bellamy will glance over at her, noticing the loose strands of hair that frame her face, noticing the edge of a tattoo peeking out from beneath her shorts. 

4. They get out of the car to raid a grocery store. They think the town is abandoned, until the doors are blocked by half a dozen walkers and he sees Raven’s eyes go flat. She hefts Bellamy’s butcher knife in her hand and she lunges at them, slashing quickly and efficiently, gore splattering across her shirt. 

Raven saves them. 

5. On the eighth day they’re parked on top of a hill overlooking a valley and there’s something in Raven’s eyes that he can’t place. Something between hunger and adoration. Bellamy isn’t suprised when Raven reaches over and puts her hands around his neck, pulling him down to kiss her. 

They fuck in the backseat of his car. Raven is warm and soft and stronger than he thought. She says she wants to feel something, she leaves long red scratches down his bare back. Bellamy can’t bring himself to be anything but gentle.

6. It’s been a month and Raven leaves a trail of hickeys down his neck, like she’s marking him as hers. There’s no one to hide them from. Bellamy wonders if she’d still love him if the world was intact.

7. They’re cornered again, in the parking lot of an old Wal-Mart, and they fight their way out of it, Raven with her knives and snarling mouth, Bellamy with his handgun. 

Bellamy doesn’t notice the bite mark until it’s too late – Raven writhes on the ground, and he cradles her head in his lap, tells her it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. 

But it isn’t, and she knows that.

“Hey Bellamy?” she said, a trail of blood trickling from the corner of her mouth, “I think I love you.”

“I love you too.” 

 She smiles, once. 

  He puts the barrel of the gun to Raven’s head. Click, boom, and she’s gone. 


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