7 commandoz


I kinda wanna be in this kind of stuff.

7 commandoz vs. La smala.

its when Bboy smiles from La Smala asked Skim for a battle, but he was wounded. So he asked Dyzee. Dyzee said he was asleep(?) and then bboy smiles said something like “if your a true bboy, you should be accepting challenges bitch” and then Dyzee said that if they want to battle. they have to go outside.

and moments later. it turned into this! :D theres part 2. lol

all members from 7 commandoz are my fave bboys! :D specially Dyzee, Ronnie, and Hong 10 .!!! :D and 7 commandoz are like the justice league. they came from diff countries/regions. but the members are only Pinoys and Koreans. lol

and yeah. 7 commandoz!! :D