7 circles of hell

i saw nct. living breathing nct in the same room as me. twice. jaehyun looked into my soul for 0.5 sec and u know what it was enough. you are enough jaehyun. i love my sons winwin mark and haechan. i love my daddy johnny. i love my snake bitch yuta. i love taeil and doyoung who invented vocals and singing. i love lee taeyong i love his stupid big eyes and his scar and his delicious strawberry shortcake ice cream cake smoothie cotton candy hair and his little no lip ass smile and his bony hands and his veiny arms and his skinny twig legs and his no ass ass and his awkwardness and his weird outbursts. i love nct i would die for them, i would kill for them, i would sell the souls of my entire family for them, i would eat unseasoned white people food everyday for the rest of my life for them. i would rip my heart out of my chest for them. i would go through the 7 circles of hell just to breathe the same air as them. i fucking love neo culture technology, i love every one of you fucks. you know that. i fucking love you, never forget that.

okaytryagainlater  asked:

It was stated by Mashima that 12 held some kinda important meaning for this arc. Do you think there's been any? Also based on event's this arc do you think it was meant to be longer but Mashima Editor's forced him to end it now?

Mashima has always had a numbering thing with villain groups being a reference: Element 4 reference to the 4 elements, Oracion Seis a reference to the 6 legs of Nirvana, 7 kin of purgatory reference to the 7 deadly sins, 9 demon gates reference to the 9 circles of hell.

I’ve thought about this and what the 12 is a reference to. Thinking back, on how much “time” has been a key in this arc: Chronos, eclipse gate, space between time, Neo eclipse, time magic, are all things consistently present. So my guess is the 12 is a reference to the 12 hours found on a clock face.