7 and a half months

Yuuri seeing Victor in the hot springs for the first time like:

Its really a shame to see idols with improper singing techniques not receive the training that they need before debut. Like Youngjae from GOT7 (who only trained for 7 months) or BTS’s Jimin (who trained for half of the time the rest of his members did), and that’s only to name a few. Yes they have good voices and yes they sound good, but they have pitch and tone issues, as well as techniques that could really damage their voices later in life.

Create your own effect? I guess,?? Originally I just wanted to make an effect that I would have, not necessarily any that the dreamers would have. This one in particular is the チョップド (Chopped) effect, and serves as a light to use in dark areas, as well as just being a cool cosmetic thing. Idk.

[dj] kira kira

Title: kira kira
Circle: dndism
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Characters: Kageyama/Hinata
Warnings: N/A
Language: English
Scanlator: A Little Memorria
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urgh…i still have two more to upload, but the internet is so slow right now…! i’ll upload them after work tonight & i think one of the pairings will be really surprising !! :0

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War (Sodapop Curtis/ Part 3)

She laid in her bed for most of the time with her lights off, unless she had to use the bathroom, she wanted to believe that he was alive but her mind kept telling her otherwise. It was only logical that he would be dead, it had been four months. The gang tried to cheer her up and get her out of the room but they all failed. They were worried about the baby and the girl who never moved and barely ate. She was small for 7 and a half months and all she did was cry. She was mad at herself for doing this, she was supposed to be the strong one but she couldn’t make herself get out of bed. The boys had mixed emotions, anger, worry, sadness and  so on. They could understand why she was so upset but they couldn’t understand how the emotionally and mentally strongest of the group could do that to themselves. Sometimes, it reminded them of Dally and how he died; he died in misery of every kind. She was miserable and it took them by surprise when 8 and a half months came because she was out of the room before the rest of them that morning. She had breakfast ready and it seemed that her stomach had grew two sizes since they last saw her in the light. She was glowing in her, used to be, oversized sweater and unbuttoned, jean cutoff shorts.

“Good morning boys,” she smiled lightly, handing out plates and drinks to each one. “I wondered what the house looked like, you guys have been fixing it up and such. I didn’t expect it to be that much though, you’ve got almost everything fixed.”

“We were working on it since we found out about the little guy in your tummy.” Steve replied as Ponyboy lightly trailed his fingers over the bump.

“He’s kicking, do you guys want to feel?” she smiled at Ponyboy, catching his wandering hand and putting it at the moving lump poking her insides. “I’ve decided on a name, I thought Soda would want it to be Dallas Jonathan Curtis. It’s not as smooth as I would like but I want it to be it. I saw Sodapop was added to-”

“The wall of the fallen?” Two-bit asked, stuffing his face with the eggs she made for him. He didn’t notice the others glaring at him or the frown and tears she had forming. “We thought it was time cause he ain’t coming home, we got the flag about a month ago but we didn’t want to bury an empty box yet-”

“Two-bit,” Darry said sternly as Ponyboy kicked his shin. Two-bit looked up, realizing what he said when he looked at the faces around him.

“I’m sorr-”

“No, it’s alright. I need to hear it. I wish I would have heard it sooner.” she tried to force a smile before making a beeline towards the door so she could go on a walk. The boys walked by Two-bit, hitting him in the back of the head as punishment. It wouldn’t be soon that she came back, she sat in the graveyard at Johnny and Dally’s headstones and the empty headstone that would soon hold Sodapop’s name. She felt a pain in her lower stomach and willed her to go home but it wouldn’t last long since as soon as she walked in, her water broke. “Guys,” she breathed, looking at the puddle as the boys dropped their tools.

“Get the stuff,” Darry shouted, grabbing the girl and helping her stand straight as she groaned in pain, holding her stomach.


Lovers From The Past (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 9

Part nine is now here and the drama continues! ^^ This also happens to be the longest chapter in the series so far. Hope you’ll like it and enjoy~

Summary: Couldn’t things just have stayed nice and happy…?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21]

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The top is me now, at 7 and a half long months of #HRT. The bottom is a picture of me from way back in March before I started hormones, an entire lifetime ago. It’s absolutely dizzying to me to see how much has changed in the past year, to look back with satisfaction on how far I’ve come and then to look ahead with excitement at how far I have left to go. Despite the fact that this process has been, hands down, no questions asked, the hardest, most grueling, most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, all I can say is that it feels good to feel good.

Can I say something?

So I’ve been here in the Markiplier community for 7 months now in the JSE community for half a year already. And I just wanted to say that at this point, when I was in a different “fanbase” for a different “idol” I already forgotten about them or my idol and move to another one or wait for a few days before moving on.

Let me tell you, for the past 3 fanbases that I’ve been part of, it’s very very different from this community. Before, people there would compete who would get a tweet from them first or who will get to meet them the most. People there would subtweet each other and some would send that certain person hate once they get noticed by their idol too much. Also, everyone’s comparing who has the most followers and when they reach their follower goal, they’ll say: “I just reached (insert follower goal)! Any congrats?” Um, no? you’re not popular and you’re not a celebrity.

I know there are more than that, I just can’t think of it anymore. My point from all of this though, is that this community isn’t competing who’ll get noticed first (actually there are people who are like that but I wont say any names) but the majority of it, we’re not like that. Also when they meet Mark or Jack, we are actually happy for the, and of course, a little jealous and not like: “stop bragging about it” I mean, let them be, they’re happy and it’s probably the best day of their lives. But when someone is boasting about it because they have met them more than anyone else, that’s what you can call bragging. Also, this community is very nice. Some people can be creepy sometimes, but the majority, everyone else is nice and very sweet. I have never seen anyone send hate (except those anons) and backstab each other and that really makes me happy. Sometimes I see anons sending this particular person hate because they get noticed by Jack/Mark a lot (I got hate because of that) for me, I don’t mind because it’s not my fault they got to notice me. Like, I’ll stop if you want me to just for you to get noticed too. And lastly about the followers, yes, we kind of celebrate when he reach a certain amount of followers and that’s very nice. I also do that. But when I do that, I don’t think of you guys as numbers but as individuals. I would never take you guys for granted, I don’t care how many followers I have. I wouldn’t even care if I have 0 followers because I am here to support Mark and Jack and not to be popular.

This is an insanely long post but I had to say it. From the past fanbases that I’ve been part of, I can say that I’m going to be here for as long as I’m able. Like I said: at this point, I may be leaving the fanbase, but it looks like I’m never leaving this community. I may not be destined to meet them, but I think that’s just how it goes. Maybe I can just meet them in the other life. I may not also be here from the start of Mark’s channel or Jack’s channel, but I can say now that I don’t regret clicking that subscribe button and I also don’t regret about a single thing joining this community because I will be here supporting them until their very last video on Youtube or maybe until their very last days on earth. And that’s a promise.

Ran 5k this afternoon in my new Oiselle distance shorts and lemme just say I’m in love 😍 the color and the fit (it felt like I was running naked!!) :) 7 months is a long time between now and my half marathon but I’m ready for this new journey in the sport that I’ve loved for more than half of my life.


WARNINGS: smut scene ahead

12 and a half months without him, 387 days spent trying to build yourself up from the ashes, 9.288 hours fighting to move on, to forget, to push him out of your head and heart. All in vain.

The moment he smiles at you all your work crumbles down and you realize how deep your feelings run, how hopelessly in love you are with him; how impossible it is for you to truly forget him. He’s the essence of your life, he’s the blood that pumps inside your veins, he’s the beat to your heart, he’s the perfect half of your soul and it does not matter how much you want to deny it or to run away from it: you can’t change it.

You can’t even look away from him: his perfectly styled hair, his evidently thrilled eyes, his smiling lips, the slightly nervousness palpable in his posture as he tries to keep the conversation going, fighting against your deep silence. You, on the other end, are at a loss for words. What could you possibly say when you were so sure you had left him behind you and yet all it took him was a tiny little second inside your life to turn it all around, to bring you back to square one and erase all of your beliefs, all of your hard work?

You want to run, to hide in the furthest corner of the earth and just remain there until there’s not a single trace of him inside of you anymore. You don’t want him to have this power over you, over your all life. Because tonight, in this very moment, if he’d ask you to stay, you would. Oh God, you would.

You haven’t really said anything, leaving him unsure on what to do, yet he still keeps trying, he talks about the past year with the boys, the places he has been, the things he did, and he’s so passionate about all of this you can’t help the smile that eventually finds a place on your lips.

You had said ‘one drink’ and that’s it. But after that one there was another, and another, and another. Soon enough everything else disappear and you find back the chemistry you always had with him. Talking becomes easy again; in a matter of minutes you’re laughing together, reminiscing together all the up and downs of your friendship, all the crazy and stupid moments you lived together. You don’t know how much you drank, you started to lose count when your mind started to feel dizzy and your thoughts foggy and nonsensical. But you don’t care. Not if he’s there: the sun in your universe, shining so bright it’s impossible not to notice him when he blinds everything else, whitening all there is to see that it’s not him.

You’re drawn to him just like a magnet and when you once tried to pull back now you couldn’t even put up a fight anymore: you were falling, fast, gravitating inside his orbit with no intention of pulling away. You’re lost and the alcohol running in your blood doesn’t help your cause in the slightest.

You don’t recall leaving the bar, you don’t recall your walk back to your place, you don’t even recall him joking about you two getting drunk like two inexperienced teenagers would have. All you remember is the moment the door closes behind you and you find yourself attacking his lips, the passion burning inside your stomach, the need to feel your body pressed against his so intoxicating you lose all your inhibitions, all rational thoughts.

The way he touches you, pulls you closer, moaning inside the heated kiss as his tongue encircles yours has you begging for more, all that he can possibly give to you: you want it.

The dress falls off from your figure and he stops touching you, kissing you, just to look at your body, his expression one of complete awe, almost as if this was the very first time he got to see you like this: half naked, waiting for him to claim you as his one and only.

When his lips attack your neck, the passion radiating from his body so intense it makes your head spin, you find yourself granting him more access, sighing as you close your eyes, surrendering all of you to him.

Your hands get lost inside his hair, pulling closer, closer, until you can’t tell the boundaries of your bodies anymore. You wish you could stay like this forever: attached to him, not sure of where you end and he begins, not even caring about being two different bodies, two different entities. You just want all of him, for you, egoistically so, but you don’t care, not when he seems to share your same feelings, not when he presses himself against you so hard you can feel him breathe against your chest, his arousal brushing against yours, his lips firmly attached to your own into a breathtaking kiss.

His tongue ran on your neck, your breasts, your belly, the fabric of your underwear, sending shivers up and down your spine, eliciting moans from your mouth with every little attention he gives you.

You don’t remember the moment you fell on the sheets, you don’t remember the moment he got undressed as well, you can’t pinpoint anything except the pleasure and the love that vibrates in every fiber of your being calling for his name over and over again.

You don’t know if it’s the alcohol talking but it feels like your skin is going to catch on fire, like your bones are going to melt under his touch, like your very core is going to implode if he keeps loving you like this, kissing you like this, owning you like this.

The moment he enters inside of you, successfully erasing any distance that was left between your bodies, you completely lose yourself. You forget your name, your past with him, all the pain and the hurt: everything erased by the perfect moment of him, claiming you as his once more.

You can feel the love in his eyes and in the way his lips seek for yours. Hell, you can feel it in the way he pushes inside of you, never failing to hit that special place he knows will get you up on cloud nine. He knows you, everything about you, including your body. It doesn’t take him long for you to start begging, moan and scream for him to give you more. More. More. And then, you come undone under his touch.

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complete series:  [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7]  [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11]     

This is probably full of typos and such because it is not edited, at all. As always I wait for the last moment of the entire day to write things down and then I don’t have the practical time to actually read it all and make sure things make sense and all, LMAO. I’m just going with the flow, hoping the autocorrector played its part in this XD
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Hello world!

Wow, it’s been more than three years since I’ve last seen the Tumblr dashboard. Well anyway, in case anyone out there who still knows who I am (I once used to be known as a certain “tarch-7″) is wondering what the hell am I doing here well… you’ll find out very soon when things get ready. :P 

I first need to catch up on how this thing called Tumblr works, because I properly forgot most of the stuff. 

I sort of have been in the HTTYD fandom since the January release of RTTE this year (on Grapevine), and I’ve been doing some stuff you could occasionally see posted on @graphrofberk (hello buddy, and thanks for posting the art! :D).

Right, I’m bad at introductions. Anyway, let’s get this started!

i know from past experience that meeting a youtuber you’ve watched for any extended period of time is so fucking weird because they’re actually fucking real and you can hug them and talk to them and they look slightly different when not on a screen but a good different and you have this weird fluttering sensation in your stomach and it’s such a nice feeling that you can only really understand once you’ve experienced it yourself and i hope that each and every one of you will one day know this feeling.

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Between these two are 7 kilograms (15lbs) in two and a half months, maybe there’s not that much difference showing off but I already have noticed the change in my body. Just being a lot more positive, eating the right foods and exercise five times per week, taking spinning and cycling classes. And I am going for more changes; just stay positive and motivated.🌷

One night stand gone wrong- Jack Gilinsky ft. Sammy Wilkinson Pt. 7

It’s been about 4 and a half months since I first found out I was pregnant, and I was finally starting to show a little bit more. Jack was trying to be as involved as he could be, but with his and Johnson’s career on the rise, it was harder due to him being in the road. Sammy and I have been together, but we haven’t made anything official yet. I was nervous to make things official; what if Sammy decided he suddenly wanted out?

I was getting ready for another ultrasound today; Jack and I were going to find out the sex of our child. Jack had mentioned that he wants a boy, but I think he secretly wants a little girl that he can spoil. I pulled my V-neck on, noticing how it started to stretch slightly uncomfortably over my stomach. I sighed and brushed my hair, throwing on some lip gloss and going downstairs. I was greeted first by Sammy with a light kiss on my lips, then by Jack, Johnson, Nate, and Swazz. They all wanted to come with and find out the news with us. I gave them all a smile and stepped off the stairs.

“You guys ready?” I asked, grabbing the car keys for my SUV.

“Hell yeah, lil mama” Nate said, jumping up and rubbing his hands together. “Let’s find out if we got a little Jack 2.0 on our hands” he said, causing me to laugh. I walked outside, my fingers interlaced with Sammy’s. The boys got into the back of my car, and Sammy stopped me before I could walk over to the driver’s side.

“You know I’m here for you no matter what, right Y/N?” he said, almost reading my mind of the insecurities I had. I smiled and him and pecked his lips.

“Of course” I said before walking over to the driver’s side and sliding in. Sammy got into the passenger seat and turned on the radio after I started the car. “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon came on.

“Oh, this is my Jam!” Johnson said from the backseat, belting out the words. I laughed and joined in, and soon my car turned into a karaoke session. It was like old times, before things got complicated. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw Jack singing along, the biggest smile on his face. It was a beautiful sight, seeing him happy for the first time in months.

The 25 minute drive to the OBGYN was filled with many songs and laughs, and I couldn’t help but feel giddy about everything. We walked into the doctor’s office, and I could immediately feel all the stares from everyone around us. I knew how strange it looked right now, 5 guys, 1 girl who’s pregnant; but they could at least be a little less obvious about it. I walked up to the receptionist and checked in as the boys went and sat down. The receptionist told me it would be about 15 minutes until I got called back, so I went and sat down with the guys.

“Yo, Y/N, did you know you could give birth in a bathtub?” Swazz said, showing me a picture out of the brochure he was reading. I glanced at the picture and made a face.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’ll be happening” I commented, causing Swazz to laugh and set the brochure down. I grabbed Sammy’s hand instinctively, and he looked down at me and smiled. I glanced around at everyone else in the waiting room. It was filled with happy, stable couples, and I was suddenly envious of all of them. They all knew what they were doing with their life, and here I was, knocked up by one of my best friends and dating another.

“Y/N Y/L/N” the nurse called from the doorway. I stood up, along with the rest of the boys. The nurse gave us all a questioning look before stepping aside and letting us through.

“Alright Ms. Y/L/N, we’re going to check your weight first, so if you’ll just step onto the scale to your right” She gestured to the machine and I stepped on.

“147. That’s about a 19 pound gain. That’s slightly above normal for being 4 and a half months along. But nothing to be worried about” She said giving me a reassuring smile. I stepped off the scale and walked into the room, followed by the rest of the boys.

“Alright, now you’re here to find out the sex of the baby, correct?” The nurse asked me as I sat up on the examination table, the boys taking various seats around the room. I nodded my head in response to her question. She pulled out a tape measure and asked me to lie down on my back and pull my shirt up, revealing my stomach.

“Well you stomach is measuring about 4 weeks ahead. So while you’re only 18 weeks along, you’re measuring like you’re 22 weeks. Again, it’s above normal, especially for someone of your original height and weight. But the doctor will address all of that when she comes in” The nurse gave me another smile, and I glanced at Sammy and Jack, who both had worried expressions on their faces.

“Does that mean something’s wrong with the baby?” Jack asked, sitting up.

“Typically, no. But we won’t know for sure until we look at the ultrasound” The nurse answered his question. She took the cold gel and squirted it on my stomach, giving me shivers. I looked at the monitor anxiously; I couldn’t wait to find out if we were having a boy or girl. The nurse moved the probe around my stomach, trying to find the lower half of my child.

“Well they’re a stubborn one” She muttered under her breath after 10 minutes of searching and not finding anything.

“Must take after the father then” I laughed, winking at Jack. He blushed and looked down.

“Wait, I think I may have found it” The nurse said, looking closer at the screen. The boys all stood up and crowded around my head, wanting to see for themselves.

“Well, Y/N, congratulations. Looks like you’re having a baby boy” She said, turning to me and smiling. Tears welled up in my eyes as I heard the boys congratulating Jack and I. I felt Sammy kiss my forehead and whisper his own congratulations in my ear. I looked up at him and gave him a soft smile.

“Hmm, that’s strange” I heard the nurse say, causing me to look at her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, suddenly very worried. I grabbed both Sammy and Jack’s hand, needing their support.

“Give me just one second” she said, and she went back to looking at my stomach at the monitor. She stopped the probe around the top of my stomach. She pressed some buttons on her computer, and suddenly our baby boy’s heartbeat filled the room. Except it sounded different from the last time; it was twice as loud, and it sounded like it had an echo.

“Why does it sound like that?” Sammy asked before I could.

“That is a second heartbeat. It’s very rare to have missed the second child this late in the pregnancy, but it’s possible. We can try and find out the other sex today if you’d like, however, it seems as though he or she likes to play hide and seek” the nurse explained to us.

“Wait, what? Second child?” I questioned, at a loss for words.

“Yes, Ms. Y/L/N, you’re pregnant with twins”

; baby drama! oh jeeez. Hope you guys like this part, and as always, please give me feedback! and requests are open. Enjoy your Saturday! ;