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Who are Danny's siblings?? You said he had some, didn't you??

Yes! He has two sisters. Zoe is roughly the same age as him and also has ghost powers & purple hair (they match in several ways) I draw her all the time nowadays. She is actually a more prominent character than Danny. And they also have a younger sister named Marisol, she’s around 7-9 years old, and doesn’t have powers, she’s a pretty normal kid. I don’t have any drawings of her though except for this one doodle of her as a teenager

Zoe and Danny had a bit of a rough childhood together to say the least (Marisol not so much because she’s younger, but they are both protective of her). They’re pretty close. Zoe and Mari are some of the only, if not THE only people he’s really very affectionate with

Watch Out Below (13)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12

The wait for Thorin’s arrival felt infinite. Between you and Thranduil, there were few words exchanged as you fumed and he preened. Your mind, underlined with anger, ran wild with ideas of what the elven king had planned for you and Thorin. Amidst you flurry of thoughts, you couldn’t help but pause and wonder if Thranduil had been right in his guess. Did you care for Thorin more deeply than you should?

The dwarven king had dragged you through sleet and across mountains with your hands and feet bound. It could be argued he had treated you as poorly as Thranduil did at that very moment and yet the experiences were wholly disparate. The elven king staring at you with his serpentine eyes was stone incarnate while Thorin was more; he was a river which flowed from a pool of tragedy and betrayal which had turned him to ice. The king of Mirkwood, however, stood unbending and unfeeling like a tree which grew leaves just to spite the sun.

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Brunch (Jumin x MC)

Mafia!AU: You join Jumin for brunch with his father.

Word Count: 1800

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a delightful day!

This is a branching storyline and I highly recommend you read previous prompts in order to understand:

Other Mafia!AU Prompts:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


The morning had gone by in seconds practically, Jumin’s voice having been the thing to wake you up.

“Come on, Driver Kim called to say they’re on their way to take us to my father. I’d hate to keep him waiting.”

The day sank into your head once again as your eyes fluttered open, a sudden scramble as you rushed to dress nicely.

You nearly tripped on your way towards the bathroom, thankfully being caught by Jumin before you crashed to the floor.

“Steady love, he just called. You have time.” He chuckled, helping you to your feet.

“How long do you think it’ll be until he’s here?” You asked, ruffling his hair playfully as you calmed.

“I’d say a half hour or less. You look fine as you are, though so it shouldn’t be much trouble.”

You began to brush through your tangled curling waves of hair, nearly snorting at his remark.

“I look fine?”

“Of course.” He replied. “I think you look lovely no matter what after all.”

Pink began to dust your cheeks as you got ready, finding that the day began much softer than those before.

It was odd seeing how it could so easily turn so sour.

Would it?

You decided not to continue with those thoughts, finding a sort of sinking feeling beginning to churn in your stomach.

“Do you think I look suitable?” He asked. “My father is very sensitive to these sort of things when it comes to my attire.”

He was wearing a simple polyester suit with a few messy strands of hair wandering about his face.

You pulled them behind his ears, nodding as you pressed a small kiss to his nose.

“You look like you could be on the red carpet.”

He grinned softly, dipping his head lightly.

“Thank you, darling, as do you.”

It hadn’t been long afterward that a small knocking began to bang against the hollow front door.

“That must be Driver Kim,” Jumin took your hand, running a gentle hand over your knuckles. “are you ready?”

You nodded, nearly forgetting in the peaceful moments why you were leaving. 


With Mr. Han.

You hung at the staircase as you both began to make your way to the front door. 

Everything could fall apart in moments.

It had seemed impossible just a few days ago.

But now it was as though you were about to step upon a razor-thin tightrope.

Jumin tipped his head curiously as the edge of your feet hovered over the first stairstep.


“What if…what if it all goes wrong?” You asked, your body feeling colder than ice.

He faltered, folding his lips. 

“There’s no reason for that to be happening. Everything has gone smoothly as of now. Even if something goes wrong, we’ll be able to get back on track. I can assure you.” 

“I-I’m sorry.” You laughed timidly, stepping out a foot as you walked down.

And you peered up, finding him still gently grinning as he lead you down.

And walking that tightrope didn’t seem quite so terrifying anymore.

Driver Kim waited patiently outside, giving a small wave as he brought you to the vehicle. 

“Good morning you two!” He greeted, beaming. “Mr. Han is very excited to see you! I hear you two have been quite the business pair?” 

You noticed the hint of bother that rustled in his gaze as he glanced in your direction.


“Oh yes, MC is already having a rather large influence. If they keep up the pace my father may make them the heir instead.” He chuckled, leaning back into the seat. 

“Well you are a journalist aren’t you?” Kim asked, the car sputtering to live as it rounded about to the street. 

“Yes, I am.” 

“Those tend to be a very clever bunch in my opinion. Kind of makes sense doesn’t it?” 

“I suppose…” 


It began to plague you all, a peculiar tension entangling you, as the only sound being that of the running engine.

You usually liked silence.

But not now.

The ride felt endless.

Occasionally Jumin would attempt to point out small things here and there in an attempt to offer some content.

“You know there’s a beautiful set of meadows out here, I’ll have to show you sometime.”

“You know Luciel used to always say this was a nice area for camping. I wouldn’t know, though. I’ve never been camping actually.” 

There’d usually be a small response, but as if someone clamped your mouths shut forcefully, there wasn’t much.

It had felt like hours until the ride ended, the pleasant, quiet home Jumin had on the edge of town, now replaced by a bustling lively city.

Where towering even above that, was Mr. Han’s building. 

You both stepped out, Jumin giving a tip of his hat as Driver Kim said goodbye. 

“Have a good morning, both of you. And, stay safe.” 

His words had trailed sadly. 

You couldn’t even respond, your brow furrowing as he became hidden amongst the countless others. 

“Do you think he knows…?” 

“Probably not. But he is always weary when it comes to private meetings like these. He tries to be a fatherly figure of sorts considering the one I have may not be the best.” 

“That’s nice of him…” 

Jumin nodded promptly, showing you to the elevators.

People were about every corner just about.

So nothing would happen.

Or, nothing should happen.

“My father is on the top floor. Like many, he enjoys the view.” 

He held you close as people poured in, the majority of them eventually slipping out as the elevator climbed higher and higher. 

Until it was just the two of you, staring towards the hall leading to Mr. Han.

The secretary gave a bright smile, waving to your fiance.

“Hello, Jumin! Your father is waiting for you right in his office. There’s coffee and tea in there too. He wanted to see what the newest member of the family would want before getting food.”

“Thank you.” 

Mr. Han’s officer was enormous, decorations lining the walls and opulent furniture accompanying the floor.

Opposite of you, where Mr. Han’s desk lay was a window, the sun shining so brightly it reached you.

Just barely. 

Jumin’s father stared out beyond the glass, a long wistful sigh escaping him before he noticed you both.

“Jumin! MC!” 

He beamed from ear to ear, rushing to you, gripping you both in a tight, tender hug.

“Come, sit sit!” 

He gestured to the ornate seats just before his desk, steaming cups of tea and coffee sitting in front of it.

“I’ve been very excited to hear of all the plans you’ve been thinking of MC. I was afraid you’d be reluctant to the family, or even disdainful!” He narrowed his eyes.

 “That would’ve been a shame.” 

A chill ran down your spine.

“But you seem to be fitting in wonderfully! A prodigy even if I say so!” 

“O-Oh thank you…” You said, taking the coffee in your hands and raising it to take a small sip.

“So what were these plans exactly? I’d like to hear it from the designer themselves.”

Your heart stopped, unable to meet his stare as you sputtered up bits and pieces of what you remembered. 

“W-Well I just thought, t-that since you were worried about lowering prices that you could many multiple places to get it. I-It could be organized by roles beneath you and they could arrange more, so that if law enforcement found them the source wouldn’t lead t-to you. T-That way the prices c-could be lowered without much worry.” 

You shifted back, tapping your feet awkwardly against the wooden floor as no one spoke.

Why was it so quiet?

As much as you wanted to know, you didn’t dare look up.

“Genius!” Mr. Han cheered, a small applause from him following. “Jumin I think we just about found the perfect match for you!” 

“I would say so as well.” 

And even with Jumin’s tense demeanor, you noticed the adoration laced with his words.

“T-Thank you.” 

“I’ll begin the plans immediately, this will be just swell!” He let out a small gasp. “You know what I should also star planning? To bring in brunch!” 

“T-That’s fine really-” 

“Nonsense, this a celebration.” 

His tone darkened as it ended, becoming more of a command than an offer. 

“Now what sort of food do you like dear?” 

The food had been marvelous as always, the coffee as well leaving a warmth trickling down your throat. 

Peculiar small talk had taken place throughout, as if one was waiting for the other to make a move.

To play their card. 

Yet you still kept your sight glued to the ground, or aimlessly about the room.

Something inside of you just told you not to.

“Now, that was good wasn’t it? I’m sure you don’t regret eating now right?”

“It was very nice, thank you.” 

“Anything for our newest genius.”,

“Yes, well we best be on our way father. I have to inform the others of our most recent situation.” 


Mr. Han thought he was dead.

Didn’t he?

You shot up, taking the arm Jumin outstretched towards you invitingly. 

You both practically rushed to the door, an odd desperation like there was a bomb ticking between the very walls. 

A low grunt emanated from Mr. Han as he stood from his seat.

“Yes, speaking of the current situation, you did handle it didn’t you?” 

His voice reminded you of venom, daggers of his gaze piercing you.

You had to look up now.

First, you looked to Jumin, the slightest hint of hesitance dashing his expression before he glanced to you, and softened. 

“Yes, I’ve handled it.” 

Then you finally met Mr. Han’s face.

And you were horrified at what you found.

It had contorted to a steely glower, a doubtful brow raising as he nodded.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.”

And in that moment, Mr. Han dealt his card.

“After all, we wouldn’t want any ‘incidents’ like this occurring now would we?”

And Jumin dealt his, holding onto you as though the rest of the world fought to drag you away.

“No, we wouldn’t.” 

Love and Manuscripts (14)

This is it guys! I really loved doing this fic and I’m so grateful to everyone who’s stayed to read it all. Thank you for being patient with me <3 Previous chapters are here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


Simon fixed his tie nervously. Penny, for whatever cruel reason, had decided to tell them who was hired for the position together. Baz looked calm as ever except for the jittery tapping of his fingers on his leg. Penny stood before them with her lips pursed and her arms crossed over her chest. She regarded them shrewdly for a moment in silence.
“Something has changed between you two.” She said.
Simon felt his heart rate spike and then level out as he realized she had not been about to reveal who go the job.
“I’m sorry?” Simon asked.
“You two haven’t been fighting as much lately. And…I don’t know there’s just something there.”
“We’re dating,” Baz said, point blank.
Simon swung around and stared at him in disbelief. Baz rolled his eyes at Simon’s distress.
“What? It’s not like it matters. It won’t be considered interoffice dating now will it?”
Simon gulped. Baz was right, no matter what happened next, only one of them would be employed at this office. Simon supposed, given the circumstances, that Penny knowing about their relationship was the least of his worries.
Penny smirked.
“As it turns out, we don’t have a policy against office dating. As long as you keep things professional at work, we don’t mind.”
Simon nodded, barely paying attention.
“I say this because you two will need to keep that in mind going forward.”
Baz raised his eyebrow quizzically.
“We will?”
This time she broke out into a huge smile.
“Yes! Everyone who’s worked with you two has said it’s impossible to choose between the two of you. We want you both on for our editing team. I just couldn’t say anything until I got everything approved.”
Simon rubbed a palm against his face warily.
“Oh thank god,” He whispered.
Baz laughed and rubbed his back gently.
“How are you not more excited?” Baz asked.
“I am excited,” Simon explained, “I’m also just…very, very relieved.”
“You two start on Monday. For now, get some rest and celebrate. I’m very excited to work with you both.”
After shaking hands and dealing with some formalities they walked out of the building. As soon as they were at their cars Simon started laughing.
“What?” Baz asked.
“It’s just,” Simon said, “We put off being together…for so long…because we were competing for this job.”
Baz stared at him for a second and then he was laughing too, the afternoon sun glinting off his tan skin. He pushed his hair back and regarded Simon warmly.
“Simon Snow, what am I going to do with you?”
Simon strode forward and wrapped his arms around Baz.
“Buy me alcohol and food. I deserve to be pampered.”
Baz kissed him lightly and then laughed.
“So do I you prat, you wining and dining me as well?”
Simon pouted jokingly.
“But you have all that rich kid trust fund money lying around and I only just got my first real job…”
Baz rolled his eyes.
“Is this the kind of person I’ll be forced to deal with now?”
This time Simon was the one to kiss Baz, pushing his fingers greedily into Baz’s hair and enjoying the warm huff of his breath in his mouth.
“Yes. Get used to it.”
Baz nudged his nose.
“And why is that?”
“Because I’m going to annoy you for the rest of your life.”
“Hm…I like that idea…”
With that they separated and went to their cars, watching each other the whole time. Simon knew it was going to be a fun night, filled with too expensive champagne and over the top meals. And he loved it. Baz gave him a smirk as he pulled out his parking spot and indicated for Simon to roll his window down.
“Oh by the way,” Baz’s smiled slyly, “I plan to be the best editor at this company and I don’t play nice.”
Simon grinned back.
“Then we have another thing in common.”
With that Simon rolled up his window and followed Baz, knowing that no matter how many times they competed, the only prize they really cared about was each other.  

BTS Suga Angst - My Substitute Part 9

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: None here I believe:0

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I do not own the gif.

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I was tagged by literally everyone tbh: @jazzywbb @boookemdanno @escapingreality51 @evak-malec @andyoumattertome and @twatcitytrick, thank you so much everyone! <3

Tag 15 people that you would like to get to know better:
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Name: Saara
Nickname: I don’t really have any :(((
Gender: female
Star sign: aries
Height: 1,67m
Sexual orientation: not quite straight….
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw if I must have one
Fav colour: turquoise, purple
Fav animal: gibbons
Average hours of sleep: 5-7 hours, 9-10 when i don’t need to get up early
Cat or dog person: both are great (but I have dogs)
Favorite fictional person: of all time Chandler Bing, but lately Aaron Dingle
# of blankets I sleep with: one duvet
Fav singer/band: Sunrise Avenue, Green Day, 1D
Dream trip: Iceland, France, Ireland, Switzerland… basically I just want to travel across all of Europe (and right now I really want to do a road trip around Finland in the summer)
Dream job: something to do with tv/film production
When was your blog created: December 2011
Current # of followers: 613
What made you create a tumblr: Some of my uni mates had blogs and it looked cool so I joined and I have yet to escape

The Experiment

So! Here is who I selected for the experiment! I will be going in order of this list, and it may take me quite a bit to get through, but I am determined to get it done. It’s a personal goal for myself.

1. @sinfulxaela
2. @ceruleaniris
3. @sera-xiv
4. @luli-xiv
5. @snowdrop-xiv (wont tag you for some reason, but we already spoke!)
6. @yenh-xiv
7. @fillees
8. @willigrowde
9. @kiaeracian-brigh
10. @allhailhypelord
11. @etro-ascalon
12. @zohie-juari (wont let me tag you either, but I will message you!)
13. @fancy-hat-cat
14. @fireofthedesert-xiv
15. @drystanaislinn

If I haven’t messaged you, go ahead and message me, I’ll be giving you detail on WHAT the experiment is and what I’ll need from you specifically ^^ I’m excited to be working with some of you and hopefully it doesn’t take TOO terribly long to get to you all! <3 <3

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sorry. i didn't realize. could i have a link to them?

sure, HERE you go :)

the meme is not finished yet, so atm it doesn’t contain all the outfits, but it will

also we have a bunch of gifsets with her outfits, in case you want to check them out: [1] ; [2] ; [3] ; [4] ; [5] ; [6] ; [7] ; [8] ; [9] ; [10] ; [11] ; [12]


Save the last dance for me darling, I want to be the last person you hold tonight

pose referenced from this wonderful shot i always see on tumblr

finally, an ACCURATE list of all the types of Star Wars fans on Tumblr
  1. update blogs that reblog nothing but news updates and generic gifsets
  2. skysolo/obikin
  3. OT stans that pretend the prequel trilogy doesn’t exist
  4. stormpilot/reyva
  5. reylo shippers™
  7. anakin is my precious garbage son
  8. anidala/clone wars trash
  9. i hate sand
  10. TFA ot3 stans
  11. that one weird end of the fandom that does roleplay and vine edits
  12. obsessed with all the minor characters
  13. Millicent The Cat™ (kylux fandom)
  14. luke is trans