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peachouji  asked:

for the music asks: 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 22, 23!

  • 3:A song that reminds you of summertime

Summertime by My Chemical Romance once again don’t @ my emo ass 

  • 5:A song that needs to be played LOUD

We Are Number One  :))))

  • 6:A song that makes you want to dance


  • 7:A song to drive to

,,,,,,,welcome to the black parade by MCR  r u guys noticing a pattern yet i’m just made up of emo and memes

  • 11:A song that you never get tired of

I’ve already answered using this songs but I can’t think of any other two but Smashmouth’s Allstar and MCR’s Welcome to the Black Parade

  • 13:One of your favorite 80’s songs

Take on Me by a-ha no this isn’t a meme related one I genuinely love this song but yea also cuz memes

  • 22:A song that moves you forward

The Joker by New Years Day this is more of a personally directed at someone specifically (an abusive ex) “moving me forward” petty kinda song than a generally positive moving forward song ahaha

  • 23:A song that you think everybody should listen to

Since that last song got me in a petty mood and I LOVE New Years Day I wanna recommend the song Bloody Mary by New Years Day :)))

(check this post out if anybody else wants to send music asks)

melissaknowsthings  asked:

Titus 3, 4, 7, 13, 20, 22 ♥♥

@aathenns asked the same :D


3: their greatest achievement

Would say not going crazy because of the dragon’s blood from becoming a Reaver. The warnings from Cassandra were enough to make him weary. Yet he was determined to not fall victim to it and he did.

4: their insecurities

Being used by someone he cared for, or so he thought cared for him. It came from some past lovers that either tried to kill him or used him for money and so on. It’s the reason why he didn’t trust anyone at the start of Inquisition.

7: how they like to dress

Titus doesn’t like to dress in anything fancy, something that’s comfortable. Like a plan shirt and leggings with his sash. (I headcanon that it’s longer then it is in the game) That was at the start of Inquisition, when he became Inquisitor

13: their embarrassing memory from years ago

There was this one time when he was younger  back home with his siblings. Valka, his twin was learning archery, her shot was way off from the target and it hitted Titus in the butt. The poor thing couldn’t sit down for a week! And to this day Valka has never let him live it down.

20: their reaction to a mystery love letter

Confused and wondering if his brother Alexander sent it him as a joke. He would walk around Skyhold asking everyone if they knew anything until to the point that it will keep him up at night trying to figure out who sent it him.

22: what they’re like on two hours of sleep

Oh dare. Don’t go near him when he’s only had that much sleep. He’ll be even more easily to anger yet he’ll deny that he needs more sleep. He’s a stubborn boy. So all in all… don’t go near him unless you want to lose your head. :o

Thanks for the asks! :D

bucketofkay  asked:

1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 13, 16, 22, 24

1. Tell me your version of the perfect fairy tale.
My favorite fairy tale was always Snow White in year 2 we had to retell a fairy tale in class and I spent so much time describing her beauty that I never got further into it. I think the perfect fairy tale would be one where the heroine finds her own beauty not some creepy man to woo her from her sleep

3. Brains, beauty or brawn? I don’t have any but would wish for brains over anything else

5. If you could have a song play whenever you enter a room full of people, what would it be? Can I like Pavlovs Dog that shit and play something that seems normal but Is actually a really pleasant form of mind control

7. Name (3) things you consider red flags in an interpersonal relationship.
-you have to try to hard to talk to them
-they aren’t excited to listen to you tell them about your day
-they want you to changeb

8. Saddle up: English or Western?
Is this about horses? I’m confused

13. Tell me (5) quirky facts about yourself
1- I find the word quirky annoying so these are just 4 more ‘facts’
2- I changed my alevel options a couple of days before I handed my application in from something I’m great at to something I love and I wonder if it’s the right decision
3- I just finished watching S3 of call the midwife and have cried almost every episode
4-I’m starting properly working on my final gcse drama performance tomorrow and I’m excited
5- I’m worried that because of me being not a size 6 costumes gonna be really hard to find and make me cry at least once if not more

16. Tell me one of your favorite quotes. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take

22. Adventure time! Where are you headed to first? To find a companion

24. Tell me about a bittersweet experience. So I got the year 10 drama award at the performing arts  evening thing last year and it felt really odd because I was happy but felt like I didn’t deserve it and yeah that evening made me write this

Thanks for asking!

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nickname: Blondie 

height: 174

 Last thing I googled: cancer daily horoscope

fave music artist: Super Junior, Troye Sivan, Geazy

song stuck in my head: Cruel Zayn and 

 last movie I watched: Nerve

Last tv show I watched: Idk none

What are you wearing right now: knee high black boots, jeans, back shirt and a black leather jacket bcs I am out with my friends x3

 When did you create your blog: Some months ago

 What kind of stuff do I post: Anything Max and Leon related

Do you have any other blogs: yes two, one where I post about Bayern and Super Junior and quotes lol and one about julshua

 Do you get asks regularly: nope

 why did you choose your url: idek

Gender: female

Hogwarts house: 

Pokemon team: -

 Fave color:  blue 

 Average hours of sleep: 7

Lucky number: 13, 22 

 Fave character: ? idk

How many blankets do you sleep with: 3

 Dream job: journaist

 Following: 130

I tag …well none of my tumblr friends know i have this side blog so I will tag people who are active on this blog 

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lilliacboobear  asked:

1, 7, 13, 22, 31, 48, 54, 60, 75 kek, 80 kek kek, 90, 99, 101, 102, AND 104


1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say? Oh hi baby!

7. What does your last received text say? “Lol I got a 6 inch veggie with mayo and jalapeno chips”

13. Do you think relationships are hard? If it feels forced then yeah, but a good relationship should never have to feel forced, if you truly love and care for the person, then everything mostly comes easily :) Just love and let love.

22. Is the last person you kissed gay? I would sure hope so, we are dating :3

31. What type of day are you having? Kind of a jumbled one but very good for the most part :3

48. What color shirt are you wearing? Black… as always xD

54. Do you care if your boyfriend/girlfriend drinks? I do care but I also don’t want to seem like a or a party pooper :)

60. What do you carry with you at all times? Lip balm, my phone, and my vape :)

75. Are you 16 or older? Last time I checked yes xD

80. Are you from the south? Southern Washington-ish? xD

90. Have you ever snuck out of your house? Only hundreds of times.

99. Have you ever passed out from drinking? Nope, never have been able to drink very much in a sitting because of my blood thinners.

101. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Every day of my life, to this day :( Still haven’t gotten my period!

102. Name your favorite Kesha song: Tik tok because I’m basic ass bitchhhhhh

104. Would you ever wear cowboy boots with shorts? Probably I wear shorts with just about anything. Never thought about cowboy boots every though.