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Lie to Me [Part 8]

Summary: You couldn’t imagine that your short stay in Stockholm would eventually lead to meeting three boys which are definitely keeping some big secrets. - Now, getting more and more involved with them, you slowly find out about their past and what happened to them to become like this.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Gang AU

Who: BTS, Jimin x Reader , Jungkook x Reader

Word count: 3,4 K

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anonymous asked:

7/13/22/24/32/44/44/55/58 wow oops those are a lot im sorry good luck hah

haha it’s okay!! i like them! let’s go!

7. what was your life like last year? very stressed tbh, i was right in the middle of my finals

13. how do you feel right now? sad and a bit scared bc i just saw a huge ass spider in my room

22. description of crush. he’s the sweetest little angel tbh

24. height? hahahaha 5′1 hahahahah

32. are your friends mainly girls or guys? i think i have a good balance between them

44. age you get mistaken for? somewhere in the 20

55. tumblr friends? @wijnfestijn @raadzaam @ueberdosis-realitaet @pvnkxprincess @thr8sher and oh so much more lovely people 💞

58. description of my best friend she is the loveliest weirdo i know and i love her so so much. she always sees the good in people and is ready to give it all for the ones she love. am i right? @mahbo0b

thank you so much sweet anon!! 💞

marxten  asked:

5, 7, 13, 17, 22, 30, 44

aaaahh thank you for the ask that I only just now saw!! (sorry!)

5. Coke or Pepsi? I actually don’t really like either, but I’m currently obsessed with orange soda 

7. Best Friends? The ones that have a tumblr are @mymotherisworsetganyours @delta-7, @loverofsquares, @thematticus, and @get-dunkd-on!

13. Height? I’m 5′1 and a half >:)

17. What do you love? Hugs, having friends that are kind and understanding (bless you all for putting up with me), success in what I do, fiercely beautiful things, Lord Henry Wotton, being told about myself, adventure and adrenaline, death, dying, and being dead

22. Nicknames people call you? I have a pseudonym but no nicknames anymore

30. Watch the movie or read the book? Read?? the book??? ????? (unless it’s one of those shitty viral YA novels, in which case the movie might be better) 

44. Selfie? for some godforsaken reason I can’t make this photo smaller so here’s a giant blown-up photo of my face when my technology has the audacity to do anything other than exactly what I want it to

Where to start reading Victoria Hand?

Her first appearance was in The Invincible Iron Man #8

  • Dark Reign arc
  • New Avengers v1 #49-50, 59-60
  • Dark Avengers #1-16
  • Captain America Reborn #4, 6
  • Siege arc (esp Siege: The Cabal #1, Siege #1-4)
  • New Avengers vol. 2 (esp #1, 7, 12-13, 19, 22, 31-32, 34)
  • What If? Dark Reign #1

middida  asked:

6, 7,8, 13, 19, 22, 23, 25 :)

Would you be a antagonist or protagonist?: No idea actually, I’d like to think I’d be a protagonist, but I don’t really know.

If you could have any canon stand, which one would it be?: Either Killer Queen or The World, and I’d only really like KQ just because it means emptying the bins and cleaning stuff out would be way easier, and The World because I love the idea of freaking people out or getting out of dodgy situations easily.

Do you have a dream Jojo cosplay you wish you could make?: I’d like to cosplay Joseph or Josuke someday, but I’m absolutely down for doing Yukako with you, I don’t fit her physique or gender, but I’ve got the hair, so close enough.

Most heart crushing moment (besides part 6 ending)?: Josuke crying over Okuyasu’s “death”, the anime ramps up that moment really well.

Who’s your favorite sidekick/side character?: OKUYASU

Is there one character death that you refuse to accept?: Hot Pants died so fucking easily, like it wasn’t even a fight that killed her off, some part of me wants to believe she could’ve escaped, but nah, she dead.

Least favorite character(s)?: Fucking Joshu.

Any JJBA merchandise you wish you could have?: I’d love to have the JoJonium’s, and maybe ASB and EOH too.

raynbow-shimmer  asked:

2, 7, 11, 13, 18, 22, 24, 25, and 29

Thank you!! :D <3

2: A song you like with a number in the title 
20 Dollar Nosebleed - Fall Out Boy

7: A song to drive to:
 This is a terrible idea (no it isn’t) Wonder Woman’s Wrath - Rupert Gregson-Williams 
11: A song that you never get tired of 
Currently any song from the GOTG movies tbh buuut will go with this one to be specific….Mr. Blue Sky - ELO 

A L S O 

13: One of your favorite 80’s songs
      HMMMM…kay I’ma go with this one: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) - Eurythmics
18: A song from the year that you were born 
Wonderwall - Oasis

22: A song that moves you forward 
I don’t fully understand this one buuuut this…If You Could - Kongos

24: A song by a band you wish were still together 
The Kids From Yesterday - MCR

25: A song by an artist no longer living
     Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie

29: A song that you remember from your childhood:
     Dreamer - Supertramp 

Music Ask!!

danieljohns  asked:

4 7 13 22 26 33 41 43 45 47 74 81 89 HEY ASH hope thts not too much but i wanna know!!

HEY!!! Girl, too much is never enough!! YOU’RE GOOD!!! ^^

(4) Last song you listened to. No Way // Toni Braxton

(7) What is the temperature right now? Over here, 63F

(13) Do you sing in the shower? I do, but rarely haha!

(22) Do you watch the olympics? Not really, but I watched the figure skating segment during the ‘14 Winter Olympics, and that was the only time I ever watched the olympics. 

(26) Favorite Tumblr blog? I have so many favorites, don’t make me list them haha. (I’m following like 350 blogs and they’re all my favorite, including you ;))

(33) PlayStation or Xbox. Playstation!

(41) Have you ever caught a butterfly? … I think once when I was like 3 or 4 yrs old.

(43) Do you have strange dreams? Lmfao, all the time!!!

(45) Name one movie that made you cry. Big Hero 6 

(47) If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want the performer to be? Silverchair, but that will most likely never happen :/ I’d like to see Deftones again!! (They’re actually supposed to be playing near where I live this month, but I don’t have tickets for that :/)

(74) What eye color do you find sexiest? Ahhh, I don’t knooow!! I find all colors sexy!!

(81) Do you like meeting new people? Yeah!!! I’m just more worried if anyone likes meeting me lol!

(89) Tell me about a dream that you had and when it happened. Okay, so I had a dream I was back in college (except I was attending a college in my hometown, not the one I went to irl), and I was having like the worst day ever in my 3D class and I stopped at a Waffle House near a motel to get some food and when I walked back to my car, I was held at gunpoint by Seth Gecko, and he basically kidnapped me and carjacked me (and I was freaking out about the car ‘cause it was my dad’s expensive Jaguar that he didn’t even know I took, but irl, my dad doesn’t own a car so that was weird lol). His brother was somewhere while this was happening ‘cause he told me he had other hostages too, but he only wanted my car, but since I’m a witness, I became one of the hostages. Anyway, (can’t remember if it was in the car or in a motel room when this happened) I told him I liked him and he was surprised, and even more surprised when I kissed him, and he said he should keep me around ‘cause he liked me and my surprises. So I ended up being in a relationship with him, and I wanted to run away with him ‘cause not only was I having a bad day, but I was just sick and tired of my boring life lol, so I like, “fuck it, let’s go! Let’s leave the states!” and we were heading to Mexico. Then my mom called me up, panicking and asking me if I was okay, and I told her I was fine and not to call the police ‘cause Seth was taking care of me. Then we (me, Seth, Richie, and the other hostages) ended up ghost hunting in some ancient temple, and my mom called me again and told me to put Seth on the phone, and I heard her yelling at him and cutting him off every time he tried to get a sentence lmao!! I had that dream somewhere around March or April, I can’t remember, but that dream was so weird XD  

Thanks sweetie!!! ^^

isisthesphinx  asked:

-cracks her knuckles- Fanfic Trope Meme: 2, 4, 7, 12, 13, 21, 22 (SNORT), 24, 26. Feel better soon, dearie.

Goddamn, you went for it XD Thanks! Let’s see:

2–Bodyswap: This can be fun, although to me that depends very much on the swapped characters showing respect for each others’ bodies–Your Name was largely a well written and emotionally powerful film, but I could’ve done with 200% fewer scenes of Taki groping Mitsuha’s boobs whenever he’s in her body. It’s very easy to make this trope creepy. I’ve never written it, but I might someday.

4–Huddling together for warmth: I LOVE IT. I love it romantically, I love it platonically, I LOVE IT. I’m not a big fan of it in smut because I can’t get past the thought that if it’s that cold, you’re not gonna want to strip down and get to sexy times, but CUDDLES <3 I think I’ve written Saylee huddling with her fire-types for warmth a couple times… Especially if the characters fall asleep cuddling (so long as, y’know, it’s been established that it’s not too cold for them to safely fall asleep), that’s just the cutest. I need to write huddling for warmth in a non-life-threatening scenario sometime.

7–Pretending to be married: *cackles* I LOVE this. I love it between mutually pining characters who really need to hurry up and kiss, and I love it between characters who aren’t romantically involved but are using it as part of a con or disguise and get a kick out of pretending to be totally in squishy cheesy romantic love. That shit is HILARIOUS. I’m actually kinda surprised to realize that I haven’t written this yet, although I do have a fic in the pipeline that could probably use it since the main characters spend much of the fic going through various disguises. 

12–Mind Control: Good drama, I think, and I’m always a sucker for the victim fighting against mind control to try to protect their loved ones. I think you’re on morally very shaky ground if you make a good guy do it, but a good guy having that power and struggling with when or if it’s okay to use it is the good shit for personal drama. Have I written it…? I don’t think “possessed by ghosts” is quite the same thing as “mind control”. Seems like more of a psychic thing than a spiritual one. I might write it sometime. 

13–Handcuffed: Kinky. I don’t write smut, so I wouldn’t write it… I mean, I’ve written about characters getting arrested, but I strongly suspect that that is not so much of a Fanfic Trope.

21–Hurt/Comfort fic: I love this more than several of my relatives. The thing that interests me about hurt/comfort is that it doesn’t seem to be much of a mainstream genre at all? Like, the defining aspect is that a character suffers a trauma and the majority of the story is about how they recover from it–I can think of plenty of shows and movies where that’s an aspect of the story, but the genre is something else entirely, most commonly romance where obviously the cure for the trauma is getting your new romance sorted (blech). But it’s a big deal in fanfic, and I think that’s at least partly because it’s often written by people dealing with their own traumas, sometimes working through them by writing their favourite characters getting love, comfort and support from the people around them that the writer isn’t getting. For people who’ve suffered trauma, I think these can be immensely helpful to write and read, and the well-written ones will get me crying every. Goddamn. Time. I think the mainstream perception is that recovery and happiness aren’t “interesting” developments, which is bullshit. I’ll admit that I haven’t written anything myself that’s 100% hurt/comfort, but I will read it forever.

22–Apocalypse fic: Gosh, I just don’t know how to feel about this one, not sure it’s really me, you know…? Who am I kidding I love this shit even more than hurt/comfort. This is PEAK for me. It’s part of why I love zombies so damn much. I love working out how to strip characters and settings right down to the nuts and bolts and then watch them rebuild from the ground up. That said, I’m not a fan of apocalyptic settings like The Walking Dead where everything is relentlessly grim and nobody can ever be trusted because in desperation people will all turn on each other and blah, yawn, please go have your petulant tantrum somewhere else because it’s boring as fuck. Yeah, in an apocalypse, some people are gonna be shitty. Plenty of people are shitty now. But they’re not the ones who are gonna survive for the long term because guess how humans got from falling out of trees to being the dominant species of the planet? It ain’t by being a species of solitary backstabbers. We’re pack animals, and effective packs are what will last when shit goes to hell. And those effective packs, those last-surviving-relatives and friends-become-family who pull together and build, that’s what I love in apocalypses. I love the hero stories in World War Z (the amazing book, not the shitty movie). I love the whole War Rig family in Mad Max: Fury Road. I loved coming up with different kinds of communities for the post-ruin Kanto in After Armageddon. Oh, shit, can’t forget that one of my favourite nuzlocke comics of all time ever is Apocalypse Johto. Go ahead and guess what it’s about. Go on. Also, going off the last trope, I love the EXTREME hurt/comfort: characters who lose everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, and then find something worth living for will crush and restore my heart every. Single. Time. 100/10, will read and write forever, you can’t stop me, nothing can, I have at least two fics for different fandoms in the pipeline featuring apocalyptic futures and probably ten million more to come

24–Telepathic Soulbonding: Already done!

26–Language Barrier: Depends on how it’s being used, really. It falls as a style of miscommunication which always frustrates me when it’s used for drama, especially romantic drama. Comedy can be GREAT, though. And sometimes it’s just an aspect of the setting–a character learning about a language and culture can be really interesting. I do enjoy two characters who speak a language that character C doesn’t using it to talk shit about C to their face or behind their back, or in particular characters using a language barrier to talk shit to a bigot’s face. I still giggle when I think about the scene in Jingo where the Klatchin commander repeatedly insults Lord Rust to his face under the guise of quoting Klatchian poetry. I also really love the scene in the play Dunsinane where Gruach tries to explain to Siward that the differences in how Gaelic and English function as languages are representative of how the English forces cannot understand how the Scottish people think and how their attempts to “fix” the political problems in Scotland in the wake of MacBeth’s death are doomed to fail because of it (the whole play was an allegory for the war in Iraq, and how outsiders to a culture cannot simply walk in and “fix” it to their standards because they do not truly understand what the members of that culture want or need, and ignoring their voices and insisting that the invaders “know better” is doomed to end horribly). I haven’t written a lot of it, although again, upcoming fic–I have one scene that is SO far off but I keep working on it because I like it. A, B and C are in a room together; A speaks languages D and E, B speaks languages E and F, C speaks languages D and F. Because of this, whenever A and B speak in E, C cannot understand them, etc. Three entirely different conversations are going on simultaneously in that room, with all of them trying to deceive each other and presenting different motives for doing so. It’s complicated, but a hell of a lot of fun. Not to mention that the fact that Fairlans can speak to Pokemon but most people outside of the Fairlands can’t is going to be a lot more relevant from the Unova fics onwards.

Goddamn, there’s your essay, thanks for the asks! <3

Fanfic trope meme

heartofthewoodland  asked:

7, 13, 22 x

7. are you a morning time gay or night time gay?

100% night time gay. Catch me up until the early hours of the morning and hating myself for doing it every. damn. night.

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one?

Well this is difficult because i’ve kind of always known, at least since i was 8 years old, so i’ve never NOT realised i was gay. In the years before i came out though, I was pretty internally homophobic. I figured being camp was an act or a cry for attention and it definitely influenced how i perceived the entire lgbt community.

22. have you ever unknowingly asked out a straight person?

lmao i don’t have the balls to ask out anyone, but i have on occassion, drunkenly given a straight guy my number or drunkenly gone for a kiss, or drunkenly flirted with a straight guy. Sense a pattern here.

lizzozzil  asked:

For the OC Ask meme~! W and questions 3, 7, 13, 22!

3: Does your OC behave differently around different people, if so with whom and how?
When he’s alone, he usually is quieter. He will get into a sick debate with you if he thinks you’re smart enough, and he ignores ignorant people because he doesn’t think they are even worth the fight.

7: Does your OC have any irrational phobias?
Nah, that’s the thing about him. He’s pretty much the embodiment of all things rational. Though, he does have some anxiety about the future of the human race, the earth, all that jazz. 

13: What kind of situations does your OC avoid the most?
He does not want to get into a debate with someone who doesn’t have a full comprehension of how to properly debate. He dreads conversations with people who cannot be reasoned with. He also likes to avoid people who judge him for the way he thinks and rationalizes. 

22: How does your OC usually show affection? Are they openly romantic or more restricted with their affectionate emotions?
He’s usually more restricted with his feelings and emotions unless he is extremely close to you, and even then there aren’t a whole lot of emotions. He is very romantic, however, and understands the importance of romance. The more he likes you, the more likely he is to trust you with some of his deeper thoughts and lines of logic. Even if they sound crazy to anyone else. However, if you reject those thoughts or feelings, he will become very distance and have a hard time trusting you in the future.