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Day Without Immigrants protest inspires restaurants across the country to halt service Thursday

  • As more restaurateurs and chefs speak out against the Trump White House, the culture and privilege of dining out has become inseparable with issues regarding immigration reform.
  • Following suit, a planned Thursday protest, entitled A Day Without Immigrants, will leave plenty of food service establishments and hospitality businesses unstaffed by the immigrants who help these institutions run on a day-to-day basis.
  • Many D.C. restaurants are planning to close or curtail service. Read more (2/15/17 7:13 PM)
Just because things end doesn’t mean they aren’t the most beautiful thing while they’re happening.
—  Taylor Swift before Wildest Dreams 7/13/15 

Favorite ANTM Relationships: [7/?] → Tyra/Nigel.

I never told you this, but the first time I met you in person — I was like: [opens mouth in disbelief]. “I’m gonna shoot with this fine ass man?” [Laughs]. And I was like: “and I’m gonna be naked?!” Ughhhhhhhh! And he (Nigel) was like: [Imitates Nigel in a British accent]: “Alright, Tyra, stand right there.” And I was like: [touches the side of her boobs flirtatiously]. “Okay, baby.” [Laughing again]. And now he’s like, Nigel: my brother.


@fruitbird15 requested for this

PTA!Sans AU where they have PTA meetings at the parents’ homes, so when it comes to San’s turn, the parents come over and Flowerpot!Flowey is present.

[12/7/15, 3:30:27 PM] An angry slice of pie: imagine
[12/7/15, 3:30:37 PM] An angry slice of pie: the pta has meetings at parents houses and its sans turn
[12/7/15, 3:30:42 PM] An angry slice of pie: and hes dreading it
[12/7/15, 3:30:54 PM] An angry slice of pie: and they arrive and linda notices flowey in his little pot
[12/7/15, 3:31:02 PM] An angry slice of pie: and goes “oh what an…interesting houseplant”
[12/7/15, 3:31:13 PM] An angry slice of pie: and flowey whips his head around and screams “HAIL SATAN!”


Organic Chemistry Notes, Lecture 4, MCAT Prep (7/13/15)

Not much to say again…MCAT prep over, so now I may start rationing my notes until I get more LOL. On the bright side, I’m probably getting the biology tutoring job if I want it. On the downside, not too sure I want it. Trying to figure out how much biology I really want to stare at until I start my master’s. 

anonymous asked:

[FFXV SPOILERS AHEAD] I saw the final fantasy xv cutscenes on youtube luna dies very early on the game and she gave up her life when noctis was dieing by healing him. You were sooo right about her being useless,damsel in distress and being a white mage healer,


I so knew this was going to happen.

Actually I was asked several times about this game and why it was a failure in my opinion and everything I said turned out to be true [1 2 3 4].

And it’s not like that I’m a an ~Oracle~ (I’m actually a magical girl) (and if I was, I can tell you I’d totally be a better one than Lunafreya given her role in the game LMAO). It’s just I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan since forever and I’ve been expecting and keeping up with Final Fantasy XV since day one when it was first conceived as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

As you all already know by now, the game started to go downhill when former director Tetsuya Nomura left the project to work on FFVII Remake; then Hajime Tabata took over and finished the game as we know it today (yuck!).

Once Tabata took over, with every new trailer showing off the game there was always new backlash because of how different (and shittier) the story was getting and, of course, because of the never ending technical issues (ffs a brand new PS4 broke down trying to run a beta version of the game in a main event).

So now that the game is out I can officially say now why Final Fantasy XV is a failure (actually I’m one of those who attended the full gameplay with ending included of that sis whom streamed the whole game one week before release date but I wanted to wait once the game was out to reclaim my throne say it).

💥 Bugs, glitches and technical issues.

The game was getting messier and messier with each new demo. 

The last demo ~Judgment Disc~ was so full of this crap that players decided to go find the issues and post them on the internet rather than actually playing and enjoying the demo lol.

Not only that but also the game itself it’s so flawed (technically wise) that they had to release a day 1 patch (size: 7 GBs) to fix it.

All this comes from they don’t really knowing which direction to take.

They held several events showing the game progress so far and to get feedback from fans, they changed the mechanics so much because of this I think this really backfired and confused the staff even more (also they ignored the fans’ most important petitions so why even bother?).

💥 Lies, fairytales and fallacies.

(Rare picture of Tabata in drag).

Now that they game is out we can say that we’ve been lied to the face several times. Just to expose a few lies:

#1 On August 15 Tabata announced that the game would be delayed (again) setting the new release date two months later than the already set release date because they wanted to perfectly finish the game to avoid day 1 patches. Now the game is out and there is a HUGE 7 Gbs day one patch.

#2 The eternal Stella VS Luna issue / having strong female characters in the game. Although we’ll get to that in the next point, I just wanted to call out Tabata for saying how strong and powerful Luna is in the game and how a big important part of the story she is yet she barely gets 6 minutes of screen time and of course, miserably dies when you first meet her.

💥 The different and messy story, the flat characters and more.

(This false advertisement right here, there’s no female lead characters in this game #misogyny).

As we all already know, when Tetsuya left the project they shat all over his ideas and completely altered the story.

We went from the epic story of two houses / kingdoms at war and their respective heir and heiress (Noctis and Stella) who have to fight each other despite of obviously being ~in love~ to some ~bros before hoes~ nonsense.

Stella was back then the female lead and antagonist (?), basically Noctis’ female counterpart who also had the same gift as Noctis (she also could summon weapons out of thin air).

Then they altered the main plot (along with Stella and many more elements) because of lies (saying they wanted FFXV to stay a one installment game yet we got a movie, an anime series, some android games, and a long etc) and Stella was removed and instead they gave us Lunafreya (Luna for short) a different character whom was given Stella’s design. Your average damsel in distress / white mage healer (Kingsglaive already foreshadowed that) whom is the worst at it as well because I’ve never seen a worse written and powerless damsel in distress / white mage healer kind of character.

They made us believe she was still a big part of the story and the poor sis basically dies when you first meet her and barely gets 6 minutes of screen time. Basically a plot device as I guessed since she was revealed.

She’s basically a reason for Noctis to get a new weapon LOL.

Also her death is random, sudden and not even sad, I feel like they tried to make the next generation Aerith out of her but they failed miserably. Also, Noctis gets over his fiancée’s death pretty soon and neat so I guess everything is ok lmao (remember that he gets to own her trident once she dies so everything is cool amirite).

So long sis, we barely knew you.

So there are no powerful/empowering female characters in the game as Tabata said, actually there aren’t female characters in this game at all.

But who needs women in a game that’s all about male bonding?. As Tabata himself said, men don’t act naturally around women so they ditched having women in the party because you know he wanted to show a true and genuine male friendship which apparently can’t happen if women are around. You know, just emo frat boys that are all about ~BROS BEFORE HOES~ *FIST PUMP* that drive around hunting for beasts in a open world.

An open world that is not so ~open~, you spend the first half of the game randomly driving around wherever you desire to and then the game gets linear as fuck and you’re placed in one direction corridor hurrying to finish the events.


First of all:

And second, that game is flawless, the characters are flawless, the story is flawless and the OST is epicly flawless.

Unlike FFXV where every character is flat and shallow and you don’t even bother when someone dies because you barely get to know them, not even your ~bros~ (the hunk, the average utterly annoying and childish one and the one with the accent).

And yes, everyone dies

Tabata pulled a Final Fantasy Type-0 ending (which he also directed) and kills off everyone at the end.

If the story is crap the ending is even crappier.

I have a lot more to say but since this rant thesis has gone too long now (I think you get my point by now) I’ll just end up saying that this game is a disappointment, a failure and didn’t live up to FF Versus XIII or fans’ expectations.

Of course some people will love it because it has the important stuff!11!!!.

Over 100 recipes for you and your bros!11!

And fishing!11!!.

And before you call me a huge hater bitch negative, I’m gonna list the actual good things about Final Fantasy XV.

#1 The OST.

#2 Hot Daddy Noctis.

That’s it.

However, these two (equally important) reasons are not enough for me to spend money on this flawed as fuck game.

I’ll just wait for the FFVII Remake (which, again, is being directed by the original Final Fantasy XV director) and count the days until I can see the best moment of that game in full HD 4K which we are all waiting for: Cloud in drag.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do 4, 7, 13, and 15 for Monoma? He's great and you're great too D: so I hope you're doing well.

Oh you are a sweetheart. Thank you and thanks for the lovely req

4. Best places to kiss on their body

Sneak up behind him and kiss him right by his ear and he’s yours. Bonus points for whispering sweet nothings and 50 points for Hufflepuff if it get’s impure.

7. Their tickle spots

Armors himself in thick coats to avoid people finding that point around the dip in his waist that makes him jump when touched.

13. What gets them flustered

Going along with his bullshit and stroking his ego in front of other people. He’s not used to being backed up properly but he’s not sure how to act afterwards. Does he say thank you? Does he kiss you? Did you really mean all those nice things you said back there???

15. What it takes to make them cry 

Feeling inadequate. There’s times where he can’t sleep because he feels like the outsider in a group of friends. They tolerate him, they don’t want him there, he forced himself into the group and they secretly all hate him. The thoughts get so heavy and all he can do is cry into his pillow and hope nobody hears him. 

ellasims  asked:

6, 7, 13, and 15 for the simblr questionnaire

6. describe your dream expansion pack?

hmmm no loading screens, seasons, being able to go to school with your sims, toddler hairs, color wheel, ummm CARS, cats, generations 

7. describe your dream stuff pack?

matching furniture 

13. if you were brought on to develop the sims 5, what ideas would you come up with/what would you add or change?


15. who are your favorite simblrs/simblrs who inspire you the most?


You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 19)

It was finally after school and Will was pretty excited to get home, do his homework, and then watch the new episode of Ghost King. As always, the school was incredibly hyped about it. Will was sure he was more excited since he would be watching his sorta-boyfriend on TV! Like, how cool was that?

After he had had dinner and had done his homework, Lee, Michael and him all sat down in the living just in time for Ghost King to start. Will was giggling through the new intro since the producers and editing department tweaked Lou’s video a bit, and had Nico talking about what he did.

It was cool but a little dorky now that Will knew that behind the voice modifier and the sweater was Nico.

All around though the intro was interesting and pretty damn cool. It started off with a grainy image of Nico, well Ghost King in his first episode when he had his back to the camera and was looking to his right at a chair that had fallen over during the episode. And the sound of a heartbeat, a steady heartbeat continued to play as images of his old episodes were flashing over the screen. Then Will heard him speak. “ I am the Ghost King. ” ,now it started to show small snippets from his old episodes, “ for as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to communicate and see the dead,” The heartbeat started to get louder as the images stopped on a new one, it was Ghost King standing in the old cemetery on Poe Drive. The heartbeat started to get faster and eerie music began to play softly as the camera zoomed in slowly on Ghost King. “At first, it was enough that only I knew about the existence of spirits, but as time went on, I felt the need to show others the proof as well. To show them that there are indeed spirits among us. Many of you watching might already be fans, or maybe you’re simply watching it because you were curious. Well whatever your reasoning, just know that what you see is real. I take many precautions in order to show you the truth. So without further ado, you are watching Ghost King.” The camera is now straight on Ghost Kings, skeletal looking head. Then the heartbeat and eerie music stopped in favor of a woman screaming and a spirit seemingly swallowing the image of Ghost King till the screen went black and all the introductions were gone. Then there was Lou being interviewed and some of the staff as well, before they headed into the building.

Throughout the whole episode the three brothers would jump, maybe occasionally scream, and laugh at the combined snark of Ghost King and Lou Ellen. The episode was great. But Will felt his heart drop when he saw Nico get injured by those scissors that were thrown at him by the poltergeist. He knew he gasped as his brothers winced. It was like he was more aware of everything Ghost King did, he thought he was already before finding out the identity of Ghost King, but oh how wrong he was. Every episode was replaying itself in his head, which one’s Nico got hurt in and how bad, and just exactly how he had lied about how he got his injuries.

It was….it was a bit overwhelming, and very worrying. Will was more aware of just how dangerous Nico’s job was. And it scared him. It scared him more than the ghosts themselves.

He gulped as he continued to watch the episode clutching the couch’s pillow to his chest.


“So he knows.” Reyna stated more than questioned.

Nico nodded as he plopped back on his bed and sighed. “Yup.” He responded making the ‘p’ pop. Jason sat beside him and patted his head.

“Well at least you know you don’t have to keep secrets from one another.” Jason supplied as he laid beside Nico and smiled at him.

Nico returned the smile and nodded before he sighed. “I almost ruined it though…”

Reyna now laid on the other side of Nico and raised one perfect brow at him. “What do you mean?” She asked as she started to play with his unruly mane.

“I….when he told me he knew…I…I almost shut down…I was really close to doing it. I just. I don’t know. I felt betrayed in a way. Like….like maybe he only liked me because he knew, you know?”

The other two nodded.

The dark haired teen inhaled slowly and exhaled a shaky breath.

“I could have ruined it so fast. But Will, he, he managed to calm me down and he managed to convince me that he really liked me….like me, me. If that makes sense.”

“It does.” Reyna reassured.

Their peaceful moment was ruined when Nico’s phone began to buzz continually on the night stand. Jason grabbed it for him and smirked teasingly.

“Well speak of the devil.”

“Seriously?” Nico asked as he scrambled to sit up and snatched his phone from Jason. Once he saw Will’s contact picture, it was him about to be attacked by a goose and screaming. He took it when they went to the zoo, for some odd reason they had geese running around. Anyways, once he saw the picture he immediately blushed.

He continued to stare until Reyna nudged him and laughed. “Well answer it.”

He nodded, still blushing and hurried to answer the phone. “Yes? I mean hello! Hey. Hi.”

Jason snickered at him which he and Reyna retaliated by hitting him with pillows.

Nico could hear Will laugh on the other end softly. “Well hey there. Whatcha up to, Angel?”

Now Nico was strong, in a lot of senses, but he was finding out he was absolutely weak to pet names.

He squeaked but regained his composure rather fast. “Uh, not much just hanging out at my house with Reyna and Jason.”

“Oh nice. I just finished watching Ghost King.” Nico could practically feel Will’s tension. He was obviously in front of others, that or he didn’t like the episode.

“Oh. Yeah? How’d….how’d you like it?” It felt weird to ask how someone liked his show since he knew they knew who he was. He chewed on his bottom lip as Reyna and Jason scooted closer to listen in.

“It was great! Very suspenseful. Worrying though.”


“Yeah. Since you know, Ghost King was sliced by, probably rusty scissors and could have gotten tetanus. And didn’t get medical attention right away.”

Oh. He was getting lectured. He was getting lectured by his boyfriend? Kinda-boyfriend? Yeah kinda-boyfriend. Nico rolled his eyes and smiled.

“I can practically hear you rolling your eyes at me.” Will remarked. Which made Nico laugh.

“Maybe because I was. I’m fine Will. Really.”

“Mmm probably. Hey is it okay if I come over?”

Nico felt a breath get caught in his throat and felt himself blush again. “Uh, sure.” He mumbled.

“Cool I’ll be there in 10 minutes. See ya then.”

After that Nico hung up and just sat there before he laughed. Reyna and Jason watched him, both clearly amused at his behavior.

“He just lectured me.”

“He what?” Jason asked with a small chuckle.

“He lectured me about getting hurt during the episode, practically. Oh, he’s also coming over.”

Reyna shook her head and chuckled softly. “Good. You need to be more careful.”

“Not you too.” Nico whined. “Anyways, how’s Connor and Travis doing? Didn’t they just win some game last week?” Nico asked Reyna.

“They’re doing good. Scared the living daylights out of our Mom though when they came home. They were cheering as loudly as they could when they walked through the door after the game. They did win by the way.”

“Yeah I got that.”

Jason laughed and sighed. “Sometimes I have a hard time believing that you’re actually related to those two.”

“Trust me, so does a lot of people.” Reyna remarked with a laugh. “They only believe me when I explain that I was adopted.”

“Which is stupid.” Nico concluded as he turned on his TV and began to flip through the channels.

Reyna hummed in agreement. “Hey put it on Chopped.” She recommended and Nico was all too happy to oblige as Jason groaned and rolled his eyes. “We watch that all the time though!”

“Yeah because it’s a good show, now shush!” Nico insisted as he put on the food network.

________10 minutes later_______

“You are such a nerd. You got here exactly ten minutes later.” Nico teased as he walked with Will up to his room. They stopped to say high to Hazel, Bianca, and Persephone who invited Will to stay for dinner, which Will said he’d stay for but he had already eaten. Persephone was a bit upset but told him next time that he would have to come over and try her famous pasta. He accepted and made their way into his room.

Jason and Reyna teased the two a bit which made them both blush something fierce but stopped so they could hang out. Will made sure Nico was actually okay and then they were all watching The Monster Squad, an old 80’s movie while they waited for dinner to be ready.

They made small talk and Will made the mistake of mentioning the party that was coming up.

“So are you going to Connor and Travis’s party?” Will had casually asked Jason, and then immediately slapped a hand over his mouth and looked at Reyna.

“Oh I already knew about it.” She simply commented with a shrug.

Will was totally confused. “Wait you knew?”

“Of course I did. They invited Rachel who then accidentally told me. You know she’s not very good at keeping a secret, she told me in a riddle. I think she didn’t think I would figure it out. But I love riddles so it was pretty easy to find out.”

“And you’re not mad?” Will asked as he wrapped an arm around Nico and brought the Italian boy closer. He could see Nico blush but also smile. Which made Jason smile.

Reyna shrugged again. “I was at first but then I found out that they are throwing the party because they won last week’s home lacrosse game.”

“Which is weird since they only throw parties for like…the end of finals or something like that.” Nico mumbled as he leaned more on Will.

The dark haired female nodded. “Yeah, but if my hunch is correct, Connor convinced Travis to help him throw a party so Mitchell would go.”

“Wait, Mitchell? Don’t they hang out anyways? Why would he need to throw a party?” Jason asked.

“God you’re so slow.” Nico sighed. “Connor likes Mitchell. He has for a while now.”

Again Reyna nodded. “Yup.”

“Seriously? Okay but why throw a party?” Will asked.

“I think he’s doing it to impress him.” Reyna commented off handedly.

“Wow….how did you figure all this out?” Will asked as Jason nodded and asked, “And how are you so sure that Connor likes Mitchell?”

“Oh please. I’m his older sister, I know him. Plus, Travis may have let it slip. Well he more so hinted at it than anything.”

Will and Jason nodded slowly in understanding as Nico laughed at them.

Okay so maybe the party wouldn’t be all that bad. Will thought. “Well then, in that case. Wanna go to the party with me?” He asked Nico who flushed.

“Party’s aren’t really my thing.”

“They’re not mine either but I know for a fact that Lou is going to drag me there one way or another. It’d be better if I had a date.” He said with a wink.

“I guess that makes sense. Misery loves company.” Nico responded with a teasing smirk.

“That’s the spirit!” Will encouraged.

It was nice. This was nice. Thought Nico.

“Dinner’s ready!” Persephone yelled from downstairs.

Aaaannnnnnnnnd nice moment over.

Reyna and Jason groaned and looked at Nico pleasingly, as though he could get them out of it. He stood up and helped Will up before slapping Jason’s knee softly.

“Come on you big babies. Let’s go.”

(( Beta tested, Beta approved by @honestoafault ❤ ))