7 14mm


Eyes for sale!

1 - 18/9mm Zoukeimura GE-03, Light Brown A (glass) - $50 [SOLD]

2 - 16mm Hitomiya light purple (glass) - $35 [EDIT] these are closer in size to 17mm, though the iris is still around 9mm - the equivalent to a regular 16mm eye. sorry I forgot to label them that way in the picture!

3 - 16mm Zoukeimura GE-01, Kite Purple (glass) - $70 [SOLD]

4 - 16mm Enchanted Doll blue [came w/ my Switch Waseon oneoff] (urethane) - $50

5 - 16mm Oscar Doll purple w/ flower petals (urethane) - $35 [SOLD]

6 - 14mm Oscar Doll blue w/ blue stars (urethane) - $30

7 - 14mm Oscar Doll red w/ gold stars (urethane) - $30 [SOLD]

Ask me (via messages or non-anon ask!) for shipping rates. PayPal only, ships from Miami, FL. I’ll probably list these on DoA soon if there aren’t any takers here.

Looking at Phil Norton’s incredible Llyn Ogwen Falls shot, it’s easy to understand why ancient legend links the area to King Arthur, and the belief that the lake is the final resting place for his sword Excalibur. 

Captured by Phil Norton with an OM-D E-M1 Mark II and a M.ZUIKO 7-14mm f2.8 PRO lens.