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“Poor Nate…” Wendy sighed. “Should we tell Tobias now? He seems so upset because he thinks Nate doesn’t need him.”

“I feel sorry for Tobias, but we really shouldn’t,” Dain said. “He’s a teenager, and tends to exaggerate. He’ll rush to tell Nate and Nate will tell Linda… and you know what happens next. And Tobias will blame himself forever. It’s for his safety, Wendy. But I’ll do everything to stop them. I’ve already got ideas.”

“Dain…” Wendy looked into his eyes. “Are you sure? What if they do harm to you? Think about me and our son… Silver loves you so much. I love you more than anything.”

“I have to, dear. I promise I’ll be safe, I’ll work everything out to the smallest details. But these witches should be stopped, and the only way is to neutralize Linda and Karen’s magic. Once they become weaker all the consequences of their magic will be gone.”

“Please be careful,” Wendy begged him. “Of course I believe in you, but… No one could beat them before and you hope to…?”

“I’m determined to do this. I’m so sure, because my fairy kind is the most powerful one, and they have no idea we still exist, we’re thought to be extinct. They can’t see my wings, only you can as you know. No one can stop them if I don’t do that. I’m experienced enough.”

HOWDY! I FINISHED COOL LEG!! And I passed!! Now summer vacation!! SO EXCITED!! *u*

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Inspired by the fic Clair de Lune on AO3.
i really wanna hear Adrien playing the piano.
To me, it’s one of the clearest and most inspirating instruments, and i’m easily entranced by the sound…. so yeah, i’m looking forward to it :)
i’ll color this pawperly at some point ^ 7 ^

Achilles Heel

Pairing: Eobard Thawne (Harribard/Eowells) x Reader

Word Count: 7,055 (Oops..)

Request: I had a few people asking for an expansion or a part two for an Eobard Imagine (which I have linked below) and I started playing with the idea… Anyway, this happened. :)

A/N: I surprisingly enjoyed writing this… I didn’t think I would when I first started because you know, I have a love/hate relationship with Eobard because he’s a total psycho but… I really love reading/writing redeeming story arcs about villains and this gave me such a thrill.

Business as usual… Please let me know if you find mistakes so that I may fix them for you :) Feedback is always appreciated/encouraging.

Warnings/Tags: Manipulation and Blackmail, Dysfunctional Relationship, Light Stockholm Syndrome, Eobard is a Dick… Until He’s Not, Eobard Arc Redeemed, Optimistic Reader, Cautious Reader, Gratuitous Fluff, Sweet Talk, Cute Moments, Obnoxious Amounts of Romantic-Tension, Slightly Heated Kisses… If that needs to be a warning.

Song Rec(s): Force of Nature by Bea Miller

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Based on This Imagine

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“You tried to tell him… “ Came Eobard’s low growl as he wheeled his chair toward your workspace and slapped a vibrating hand on the desk, causing your eyes to immediately land on the blur of his digits; the whirring sound of his speed filling your ears as he rattled your drink cup, pencils, and computer monitor… His voice was thicker than usual - darker. “You tried to warn Barry, didn’t you?”

With your teeth pinching against the inside of your cheek, you took a deep breath and closed your eyes… You were so stupid. Thawne had been watching you like a hawk for weeks and suddenly you had the bright idea to try and slip Barry a note, detailing everything he needed to know about the man he thought was Harrison Wells… But you barely had the damn thing stuffed in your pocket before Eobard rolled up and phased a hand through your jeans to snatch that condemning piece of paper.

Forcing your eyes open and dropping your stare back to his hand, you saw that very note crumpling beneath his palm as he continued jolting your desk… It didn’t matter if it had been written in code because Eobard Thawne was smarter than anyone in both your time and his and he’d probably been able to decipher most of it within minutes… Which was undoubtedly the reason he was currently rattling your desk with the threat of shaking it right off its legs.

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