The Labyrinth Chapter 40

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 4.8k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

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Hello friends and followers! As I’ve hit over 1,000 followers, I’m going to host another giveaway to show my appreciation for you guys!

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Snake Eyes | Mafia AU (10)

Pairing: reader x jimin | Mafia/Gang AU

Genre: angst x some occasional fluff

Summary: You were assigned to protect, watch over, and defend him. Falling in love with him was just an inevitable side effect.

Word Count: 5,040

A/N: Things are finally picking up. There’s about five more parts left & then this story is officially completed!

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

“Rise and shine, sunshine!” You exclaimed as you pulled the curtains in Jimin’s room open, allowing the sunlight to glare through.

Jimin’s face scrunched up at the light hitting him and dug his head further into his pillow, pulling the covers over his head. You walked toward his bed and yanked the covers off and he groaned. “It’s Saturday.

“I didn’t ask what day it is today.” You mused as you crossed your arms against your chest.

“Saturdays are for sleeping in.” Jimin insisted.

“There is no such thing as sleeping in when you are wanted by a powerful gang.”

“That’s why you’re here.”

“True.” You nodded your head. “But still.”

After much more persuading, you managed to get Jimin to get up and walked him to the living room. You had moved the couch and his coffee table to make enough space for the two of you to move around. Jimin wasn’t too excited when you told him you’d be teaching him some defensive moves but you emphasized just how important it was.

You didn’t want him to be completely hopeless, especially since you planned on taking him along with you to meet up with him. You doubted he’d need it. It was a precautionary measure you had to take just in case.

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✨ + 🌷 + 💕 i think that's enough BSKSJ :') <3

ra✨ blograte

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🌷 💕 favorite blogs/tumblr friends (im gonna put favorite blogs and tumblr friend together because everyone's my friend♥) 

@rvvenclaws @lilyevane @jillys @nviles @pctter @demeantors @pcteparker @siruisblack @ohmargaery @njmphadora @aurrorpotter @yigrittes @ravencalws @slyttherin @biharry @gothicmalfoy @ginnnywecsley @lunlvegood @percyweascly @crvdvnce @ginervamollly that’s a lot so i’ll probably make a blogroll soon if im not lazy lol :) 

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I think the ciel having DID is interesting, but as somebody who had it, Ciel couldn't have it as you need repeated trauma in your life before the ages of 6-9, and usually the parents have to be the abusers or at least neglectful so that the child has no real support, thus a identity is formed to get through truama.

oh really! i’ll take your word for it as i’m very uninformed on this subject, that’s very interesting but also so sad D: then i am glad he couldn’t have that. i can’t say i like the theories that suggest vincent and rachel were bad parents, i’m sure they tried their best.

anonymous asked:

thanks a million for introducing me to heathers im obsessed w it now

You’re welcome my dude, enjoy the candy store ✌️✌️✌️

h0nks  asked:

6, 9, 4, 20

6. Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?

right now, probably Claire and Cecilia whos names i didnt even mean to start with the same letters 

4. A character you rarely talk about? 

i mean, a lot  FDSISFHMS but uh, Bea is one, shes an older OC that I don’t talk about as much anymore but wanna bring her back cuz she was one of my favorite OCs

9. Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?

nope, not til i die tbr IFDMSH

20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?

Tiana definitely sings, not as a career but just one of those little things she does. She has a tendency to start going all out musical when shes by herself and getting caught by her husband and family. Her voice claim is Alice Francis

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cute stickers :)

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Another Tagged Thing!

I was tagged by the darling @sylvaetria (thank you for thinking of me!).

Rules: answer thirty (30) questions then tag twenty (20) blogs that you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames?
Roe, Red, Roebear, Little Red.

2. Gender?

3. Star Sign?

4. Height?
5ft 1"

5. Time?

6. Birthday?
18th of May.

7. Favourite bands?
Nine Inch Nails, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Purity Ring, The Prodigy, The Cure, Pendulum, Amon Amarth, Pantera, Two Steps From Hell, Ghost B.C., Tartalo Music.

8. Favourite solo artists?
Oh, hm! I’m at a bit of a loss right now,… I tend to listen to bands or orchestras over solo artists.

9. Song stuck in my head?
Less Than - Nine Inch Nails.

10. Last movie watched?
Crimson Peak.

11. Last show watched?
“Alien Sharks: Stranger Fins.”

12. When did I create my blog?
July 2015.

13. What do I post?
Witchcraft stuff (spells, sigils, rituals, correspondences, tips, aesthetics), and paganism information.

14. Last thing I googled?
“US to UK measurement conversion chart”.

15. Do you have other blogs?
I have one (1) other. It’s a Dragon Age blog because I just really fucking love DA, but I haven’t used it in a long time and have been meaning to delete it.

16. Do you get asks?
I don’t get absolutely inundated with them on a regular basis but I do get them.

17. Why did you choose your url?
I chose it because “mori” holds two meanings in two different languages. It means “forest/woodland” in Japanese and “death” in Latin, and I feel a connection to both of those things.

18. Following?


20. Favourite colour(s)?
Black, silver, deep green.

21. Average hours of sleep?
It’s really difficult to average it as some nights I don’t sleep at all, and other nights I can sleep for 20 hours.

22. Lucky number?
18, 10, 7.

23. Instruments?
I used to play the guitar and violin, but I haven’t touched either in a long time and am no doubt more than a little rusty. I can and do sing though.

24. What am I wearing?
Currently? Nothing. I am lay down in my birthday suit after having a bath.

25. How many blankets do I sleep with?
I have one double duvet and a tartan throw.

26. Dream job?
To own a small witch’s shop, or to be a history teacher.

27. Dream trip?
Ireland, Germany, Norway, Isle of Skye.

28. Favourite food?
P o t a t o e s.

29. Nationality?
British with Irish and German heritage.

30. Favourite song now?
Ringfinger - Nine Inch Nails.

Tags: @mothmaam @the-seedling-witch @greysorcery @cosmic-witch @tetra-tumbles @little-witchy-mess @spiritscraft (I couldn’t think of twenty (20) off the top of my head).

soul1800  asked:

FT ASKS 1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 9, 14. ENJOY THE RANDOM NUMBERS!

Thanks Martin!! ♥

1) What made you watch fairy tail?

Gray’s Death  lmao. I remember that they were all crazy because of it and I enter the curiosity, so I started to investigate and it was love at first sight with Gray and with the style of mashima, also I am a dork by histories in fantastic worlds so I gave it a chance. Good decision, never thought I would love it so much ♥

2) What do you prefer: Manga or anime?

Definitely manga

4) How much do you love Ichiya?


5) Your brotp?

Ahhhhhhh so many! But especially Team B , Gajeel/Juvia, Gray/Natsu, Gray/Lyon and Cana/Everyone

6) Your otp?

♥ G R U V I  A ♥

9) What do you love about fairy tail?

The style of mashima because his art is very beautiful and easy to work and he is not afraid to create strong women and give them the role they deserve

14) Who is your favourite character?

Juvia and very close is Gray ♥

Honorable mention: Cana, Minerva, Lyon  and Jellal

                                      Give me a Fairy Tail Ask

raakxhyr  asked:

5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 17, 23 (so many, sowie xD)

5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

Oh yeah for sure. Not necessarily with Star Trek (because I’m not a huge fan of pairings in ST anyway) but it has happened.

6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?

Also yes. But not often.

8. Have you received anon hate? What about?

Not on this blog and not from anyone in this fandom, but yes, I absolutely have. I’ve received death threats, demands to finish fanfiction or else it “wasn’t even f*cking worth the read”, etc. People can get nasty.

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

Anyone who hurts Jim Kirk can fight me. (I, myself, am exempted from said list… artistic liberty and what not).

11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

Oh yes. I am preparing for the anon hate for this answer alone, honestly. I love Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan. I love Ricardo Montalban’s Khan as well. I found BC’s Khan to be cold, calculating and ruthless, and to fit in well with the overall theme of the AOS movies: different, but the same. The same possibilities but with very different backgrounds.

13. Unpopular opinion about a character?

I find Sulu pretty boring, overall. And I find TOS Chekov annoying as hell.

17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…

Instead of Carol Marcus in AOS (because honestly, what was the point of her??) I would have found a way to introduce Bones’ daughter. I NEED SOME JOANNA BONDING WITH UNCLE JIM, OK?

Also, I would have let Pike live.

23. Unpopular character you love?

I guess we’re back to Khan? idk.

ok. deep breath so - 

job @ startup from 9 to 5, every day except weekends

coding/job bootcamp from 6 to 8 or 9, every day except weekends

research, research, research!

oh yeah and getting my driver’s license


anonymous asked:

Kahit na iniwan nya na ako, di ko pa rin kayang mag-move on. Kahit na nakalimutan na niya (yata) ako, di ko pa rin kayang kalimutan sya. Bakit ba ganon? Sa kanya, parang ang dali dali ng lahat. Paano ba kalimutan ang isang taong akala mo makakasama mo na habangbuhay? Paano ba kalimutan ang isang tao na dumamay sayo sa lahat ng problema? Paano ba kalimutan ang isang tao na kasama na sa lahat ng future plans ko sa buhay? Paano ba? Kasi napapagod na akong masaktan. Sobrang sakit na.

Nasabi ko na to dati at sasabihin ko ulit ngayon. Wala pong nakakalimot sa isang tao. Nasasanay lang tayo sa sakit na nararamdaman natin kaya tayo nakaka recover islash move-on. Napapagod lang tayong umiyak kaya tayo nakakausad. Walang nakakalimot. 6 years or probably 9 years from now, pag tinanong ka ng friends mo, anong araw at oras mo siya sinagot, ipupusta kong alam na alam mo parin yan. Bakit? Parte yan ng buhay mo eh. Hindi yun basta nawawala.

Kung napapagod ka nang masaktan, edi wag kang masaktan. Ano bang ibig kong sabihin? Nasasaktan ka ngayon kase pinipili mong masaktan ngayon araw. Pinipilit mong magbabad sa kalungkutan na meron ka imbes na umusad ka paunti unti. Kapag nadapa ka sa putikan, tatayo ka or maglulupasay ka? It’s up to you diba? Choice mo kung nasaan ka ngayon.

Hindi mo kasalanan kung nabroken hearted ka or iniwan ka sa ere. Pero kasalanan mo kung hindi ka magiging responsable sa pag handle ng sitwasyon kung saan nahihirapan ka na. 

“Kasi napapagod na akong masaktan. Sobrang sakit na.” Feel ko na yung desperation mo sa pagmomove-on eh. Ramdam na ramdam kong gusto mo nang umalis sa kinauupuan mo pero ANONG PUMIPIGIL SAYO? What’s stopping you? What’s pulling you back? Na babalik siya? Kung babalik siya matagal niya ng ginawa eh.

Wag mo nang kwestyunin kung “Bakit ang dali dali lang para sakanila na kalimutan ang lahat?” No. Gusto mo ng real talk? Kapag hindi ka na mahal ng isang tao, balewala nalang ang pinagdaanan niyo pareho. Ganoon lang kadali yun para sakanila kase wala na silang feelings eh. 

Masasanay ka din sa sakit hanggang sa isang araw mawawala nalang yan basta. Trust me.