As long as your shimmering lights shine upon SHINee World, we will always be there with hands and hearts outstretched. Your music will continue to be our sanctuary, your voices will guide us to happiness, and your very existence will continue to be an inspiration to us all. Never have you doubted the love that shawols, everywhere, have for you. And never will we doubt the love you have shown and gave us. Thank you for an amazing 6 years SHINee, thank you for showing us that angels do exist. 

Time flies, and SHINee is now in its 6 years! 

My life would be very different from what it is now without SHINee. 

Thank you for staying together, thank you for performing on stage, thank you for being such an inspiration, thank you for everything.

May five of you always be “those who receive the light”.

Happy 6th anniversary, my boys.