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She. | Double Exposure by Wowo Banderas
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Kodak Tmax 100 - 6min in Rodinal 1:25 @ 20°C


On A Journey by shuji hiramatsu


Prague 2016 XXXVI by __Daniele__


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Yashica Mat 124 Ilford HP5 pushed to 3200 Negative digitized with Canon 5dmkii


Loved Ones Gris-Gris

This bag is used as a more subtle (or softer) means of communication with the departed – through dreams. Its purpose to to build the bridge between sides and allow for easier contact both in and outside of sleep/dreams. The process is as follows:


  • Mullein (dried)
  • Wisteria Blossoms (dried)
  • Mugwort (dried)
  • Lavender (dried)
  • Graveyard Dirt

Optional Ingredients:

  • Bradford Pear Blossoms (fresh)
  • Peach Skin (desiccated) *
  • Blushing Bracket (Daedaleopsis confragosa, dried; powdered/shredded)


  • Blue Fabric (6x6, 8x8 – square)
  • Cord – white or a light blue/lilac
  • Paper
  • Blue Ink (w/ quill or pen) – if blue is not available, black will work just fine


  • Begin foremost by drawing the above seal of a slip of paper. On the reverse, right the name of the one you seek to contact above the eye and your own name below it. Burn the paper and collect this ashes – this will be the foundation of your mix. If you so choose, you could add some Van Van oil to the slip of paper before burning. 
  • Add to the ashes all ingredients mark (dried) above. Give them a blend with your fingers. In the center of your cloth, make a bed of the herbs. If you elected to use the desiccated peach skin, place it first atop the herbs. If not already shaped (I used a natural clump – pictured above), roll the Graveyard Dirt as best you can into a ball shape. Don’t wet it. If it is very dry and doesn’t hold, simply sprinkle it over the herbs. Decorate the exterior with your fresh blossoms before gathering the corners and cinching the bag around the neck.
  • To use, place under your pillow for the 7 nights leading up to the full moon. On the day or night of the moon, remove it and go to the grave of he/she you wish to connect and leave the bag upon their headstone – with flowers if you can.
  • If the person you seek’s grave is unreachable, bury the bag in the graveyard on unclaimed soil along with their name or photo.

* – to make desiccated peach skin, gently peel the peaches with a sharp knife into chunks or ribbons, depending on your peeling skills/technique. Place the peelings into a jar or bag filled with 1:3 mixture of brown sugar and salt to cover, I also add in some fragrant cinnamon powder. Let these dry in a dark, warm, dry place until the skins begin to curl and they are no longer soft (or, rather: gelatinous) to the touch. To expedite drying, using a jar, follow the same process but place the jar (filled with the skins and salt/sugar/cinnamon mixture) into an oven set to ~200F and allow them to “cook” for ~4 - 6 hours, or until they are completely dry. When they are finished, they look reminiscent of mummified flesh – hence why they’re one of my favorite Craft ingredients!

Happy Home Designer secret room layouts unlock guide

There are a lot of people who don’t know there are more room layouts in HHD and no one made a guide yet. I mean now someone made! Hope it helps!


If you haven’t done it yet, unlock room layout change in handbook for 5 play coins. Now go to the mainstreet and find the animal whose house you want to design. Agree and go inside talk to Lottie, as always. Choose the outside area of the house. Go over to the room layout. What you choose now decides what secret room you will be able to chose later.

6x6 square room: nothing will happen; you can’t unlock secret layouts choosing the regular 6x6

6x9 rectangle room

8x7 rectangle room:

12x4 rectangle room:

(red paper means upstairs included)

(green paper means downstairs included)


After choosing one of the standard layouts go and design the house. I recommend just unboxing the must-be items and finish, however anything you place wouldn’t disappear later. Skip (or watch) the presentation of the house. You can upload it to HHN, but it doesn’t make sense. Go back to your office, write your report and begin the new day


On the new day don’t go to the mainstreet, but click the little, red book icon on the bottom of lower screen. Now find the animal whose house you just designed. Tap the ‘visit’ button and you will go visit that animal. It will be waiting inside, so enter the house. Talk to it and choose the ‘new house’ option. You will be transported to your office. Click the big house option. Choose the area (if you choose the same as earlier any items won’t disappear, if you change the area they will) aaand go over to layouts


Now boom! You can choose between layouts that haven’t been on the list earlier! Just have fun designing new, better houses! After you finish you can upload (or update if you uploaded earlier) it to HHN. 

Hope my guide is helpful, have fun designing! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧