Undertale Cut-Out Sticker Sheets
✿ Sheets approx 6x4.5″
✿ Individual stickers approx 1.3x1.5″
✿ Printed on thick glossy sticker paper

These will be for sale at Northern Fancon but if you aren’t attending and are interested in a sticker sheet they are 6$ USD + 5$ shipping.  If you have paypal, just message me.

I will only sell the sheets online, individual stickers will be for cons only.

(Policies on UT fanmerch have been changed so please don’t yell at me)


If you could travel to any fictional intergalactic location, where would you go? And to whom would you send postcards once you’d arrived? Los Angeles-based creative production company Iam8Bit is currently hosting a group art exhibition entitled Postcards from Space. Over 40 artists and animators created “Wish you were here!”-style postcards for famous fictional sci-fi destinations from movies, TV, books, comics, and video games.

Click here to view all the postcards from the show, all of which are also available as 6x4″ postcards for $5/each.

Artist and illustration Edison Yan created the Space Worlds Map which depicts over 70 popular planetary destinations and 50+ vessels/characters on one awesome map:

[via GeekTyrant and Fast Company]

anonymous asked:

It's not 120mm, just 120

You’re not 120mm.

Actually, though. I looked into this and it seems like nobody knows precisely what 120 means. I always assumed since it’s 60mm x 60mm, and 60+60 = 120, and that was why. But then I thought it would make more sense for it to be 3600mm, as that would correspond to the area (60x60). So, anonymous peeps being pretentious aside, this is interesting food for thought. Either way, I shoot 6x4.5, and that doesn’t correspond to 120 or 220, or anything else.

But nobody searches #6x4.5, and after, we’re all just trying to use the right hastags to get discovered and eventually never have to work in an office and actually do something we’re passionate about. So what’s a few letters between friends?