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I'd say your reputation is the real life mabel and I want to give you hugs and glitter and see you conquer the world in some sketchers light up style combat boots

asdfasdfasfd oh my gosh this is so sweet this made me smile, haha!! thank you bless you friend ;u; <3 <3


what’s my reputation in the fandom?

This soldier is ready for combat! With large muscles to strike, massive legs for running and kicking, a large, monstrous mouth capable of biting and crushing anything, and an intelligent battle plan at all times, the fusion of Jasper, Bismuth and Peridot is prepared to fight! This fusion will devastate any battlefield. As unstable as you might think, Peridot’s aggressiveness combined with Jasper’s warrior theme and Bismuth’s idea to shatter any enemy creates a fusion whom is not only stable as any, but ready to fight, and nothing else. They are so focused on who to fight, possible entrances for an opponent to enter, where to exit if need be, and so many other precautions that they can’t even remember they are fused, let alone have the idea to defuse! Though as tough as they look, this fusion is really cuddly on the inside! wait a second, no.. Noo.. Just kidding, the fusion will shatter any Gem on sight, friend or foe. They cannot be tricked nor convinced into defusing or to stop fighting, and can be beaten only if the opponent is MUCH stronger than themselves. I warn these three to not fuse into such a monster anywhere near any Gem!

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I don’t have the same amount of Hobbit-style birthday sass as Bilbo Baggins but…here you guys go. Here’s the update. One more chapter to go, then the epilogue, and we’re done.

Thanks for sticking with me, I love you guys :)

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don’t get me wrong I am SO ENAMOURED with the increase in LGBTQA+ characters that I’ve seen over the past few years (bury your gays trope notwithstanding…).

BUT I am still waiting on a show that is brave enough to have, for example, a male protagonist who is not shown to be gay/bi/queer from the start - but who is not described as straight, either. I want this protagonist to have a close relationship with another male character, whose sexuality is similarly unexplored. both of them are assumed to be straight by the majority of viewers, and only “those crazy shippers” will look at the relationship and see another dimension.

and then one day, they kiss. one of them asks the other on a date. they hold hands. in some undeniable way, the relationship goes canon.

I love the LGBTQA+ relationships that we have, but it seems to me that all the characters are very clearly demarcated as queer early on, usually through an established relationship. I want a show where sexuality doesn’t come up, until suddenly it does. I want a character in the danger zone of assumed straightness to be proven queer.

and damn it, I want “those crazy shippers” to be proven right, for once in our goddamn lives.

No, but seriously, Scotty and Keenser are going to be such proud uncles to Jaylah as she rips her way through the Engineering track at Starfleet Academy