I’m in college, so for spring break I went to see my family. While away, I continued to text my close friends (three other girls), and we all went through the same thing. Each of our families (especially our mothers) commented multiple times on our weight. We all were being told that we had gained weight, were “too fat,” that our clothes were too tight, that we shouldn’t wear certain clothes, that we better not gain more weight and should be on a diet, etc.
To my family, I wish I told them that my weight isn’t their concern. I wish I told that I am healthy, so that is the only thing that matters.
To friends’ families, I wish I could tell them their daughters are perfect the way they are. That they can wear what they want to wear, that they are beautiful, that their health matters (not the weight), that they aren’t fat (and even if they were, that has no bearing on how beautiful they are).
- 18, woman, USA

South Viet Nam: Gathering Intensity

uncredited writer, Time, 24 March 1967

The ground war in Viet Nam is intensifying, with mounting casualties on both sides. Aided by a sudden infusion of mortars and fresh weapons, and often impelled by a growing sense of desperation, the Viet Cong have turned more aggressive in the hope of scoring some badly needed victories. With the increase in the U.S. troop levels—which last week reached 427,000—more Americans are ranging through the countryside than ever before, spoiling for a fight. The war’s vicious turn was reflected last week in two sets of statistics.

Saigon reported that in the week ending March 18, casualties for both Communist and U.S. troops reached new highs for the war. A weekly record of 2,675 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers were killed; there is no sure way to count Communist wounded, but they must have been proportionately large. The U.S. lost 211 dead, and suffered 1,874 wounded and seven missing or captured, bringing total U.S. casualties to more than 2,000 in one week for the first time. So far this year, American deaths are averaging 150 per week v. 96 a week during 1966.

Sad as those figures are, they are dwarfed by the enormous bloodletting that has been inflicted on the Communists. The Pentagon announced that since Jan. 1, Allied forces have killed some 19,500 of the enemy, a rate of 1,770 weekly as compared with last year’s average of 1,100. Even so, the Communists keep coming. U.S. intelligence last week put Red fighting strength up by 4,000 men to a total of 286,000, an increase that just matched last week’s U.S. increase of 4,000 new men. When last week’s totals are released this week in Saigon, Communist dead are likely to reach another new high.

Kiiiiiinda super mad that Mon-el “””””sacrificed himself””””” only when Kara was targeted by bounty hunters and left on the edge of death and like… not for the sake of rebuilding Daxam into a place built on the lessons he learned from Kara. He had this exact opportunity last episode (and no deep ties to Earth; at that point, Kara broke up with him because of his latest lie to her) and he didn’t take it.

And his rambling about him wanting to rebuild Daxam ethically? Total bullshit since as soon as his dad let him go back to Earth, Mon-el IMMEDIATELY disowns his parents AND any plans to go back and fix Daxam into a society that doesn’t involve intergalactic slavery. Considering Kara’s situation and how much she values family, I’m amazed that she’s not upset that he said that to his parents.

Mon-el’s probably the most selfish character I’ve watched in recent memory, and it’s so infuriating.

Quand mes joueurs veulent faire des parties de trois heures alors qu’on ne joue qu’une fois par mois.