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But you reblogged a post saying that nerds wanting combat in games was bad

I honestly can’t tell if these asks I get, wherein people boil nuanced ideas down to reductive caricatures, are the products of willful ignorance and misrepresentation, or of a genuine difficulty with nuance and reading comprehension. But I’ll try to break it down for you. 

Questioning the ubiquity and omnipresence of combat in games is not the same as questioning the very idea of combat itself. Saying, “Gee, is it really necessary for every game to be based entirely around conflict and violence” is not the same as saying “No combat should ever be allowed in games, because it’s bad and so is anyone who likes it!” Surely you see the difference there, right? 

But the post you’re talking about wasn’t even really questioning the universal reliance of games on conflict, but rather looking at the link between people who demand that combat always be included (and who shun anything else as “not real games”) and the toxic masculinity which infects so much of nerd culture. But if you want to turn all of that important discussion into a simple “combat is bad” strawman to beat up on, I suppose you’re welcome to do that, but that characterization has no basis in reality.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to playing Dark Souls, a game made up almost entirely of combat, and which - according to you - I’m not allowed to like because I think all combat is “bad.”

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ugh i know everybody headcanons damian growing up to be this giant man (and i guess that is technically canon in some verses??) but literally it would be so much better if damian just is like…. waiting his whole life to hit his big growth spurt.  and he has you know, a couple little ones, he grows a bit, hits tim’s height eventually, but just………… doesn’t…………… keep going.    he’d be so mad.  he’d never recover.  thats the kinda shit i live for.

Today in Strangereal History

Mission: Invasion of Gracemeria

Date: August 30th, 2015

Location: Gracemeria, Republic of Emmeria

Briefing:  Attention all pilots! Our capital city Gracemeria is under attack by unknown aircraft! Damage from the attacks is widespread throughout the city. All planes, scramble and intercept all threats immediately!

DebriefingOur military has escaped destruction because of your valiant efforts on the battlefield. But our capital Gracemeria has been temporarily occupied by Estovakian forces, and our central government has been usurped by them as well. The nation of Estovakia had declared war with our country as it simultaneously launched a surprise attack on Gracemeria. In response, the Republic of Emmeria’s political council unanimously adopted a resolution of open war against the Federal Republic of Estovakia. Our forces remaining on the Emmerian mainland are still fighting in desperation to protect our country. Once our intelligence has been sorted and confirmed, the Republic of Emmeria’s armed forces must immediately regroup and counterattack against the Federal Republic of Estovakia. The beautiful country of Emmeria belongs to us, and only us – the Emmerian people.